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  1. Hello Ship[ Mates While it may be a bit early yet I do believe that I have solved my problem with my Text disappearing 1/2 way through my update post. Believe it or not, all I did was to switch my Browser from Chrome to Yahoo, I do like using Chrome but since the switch and with a lot of tests runs along with a few updates to the Form I have not had one of these experiences return since. I do hope that this will continue as it was a real pain to have to write an update 3 or 4 times, ENJOY. Regards Lawrence
  2. Hello Lately, when I go to make a post on the MSW Form, quite often when I get around 1/2 way through my reply and I hit the Enter key on my kea board my message just disappears and I have to start all over again. This problem appears to be only on the MSW Form. Have you come across this in your vast travels on the MSW Form. Lately, I have been copying as to be able to post if this should happen, and this sure is a pain. This all started to happen late last summer on my old PC, I got a new PC and I figured that my troubles were over but they still persist. I have resorted to writing in Word or sometimes in my mail and then copy and past into the MSW form. Can you help me resolve this very annoying problem, ENJOY? Regards Lawrence
  3. Happy Birthday celebrate it with Gusto. :cheers:

  4. second pictures 024 (800x530)

    Hi Frank She sure is looking great , very nice with a huge amount of detail that I really like. Enjoy. Regards Lawrence
  5. stern3

    Hi Mike You have did a great job on your HMS Victory, I love the extra detail that you have added, it sure makes your ship stand out. Enjoy. Regards Lawrence
  6. 9 small

    Very nice a great build