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  1. Hello Derek and Jack I thank you for your help, I went with Chrome as I do use it for searching all of the time and as you can see my Quote is working great again, ENJOY Regards Lawrence
  2. Hi Ship Mates I have just had to up date my Explorer 9 to 11 and have just found that my Quote along with my picture up dater does not work. Explorer 11 will not allow me to configure my page the way I want to, oh it will up date pictures but only the way that it wants to. I had to up date as almighty Microsoft decided not to support 9 or 10 Explorer any longer, can you offer any suggestions or help of just how this or these problems can be corrected, ENJOY. Regards Lawrence
  3. Hi Ship Mates I have ordered a set of Amati HMS Bounty build plans. I looking over the Amati build pictures on my PC I notice a housing over the rudder post that extends far over the rail. I am trying to understand why this should be as the HMS Bounty that just sunk did not have this building at all. Could it have been a stern toilet, it sure looks like an out house. Any information on this would be very much appreciated, ENJOY. Regards Lawrence
  4. Hi Augie I and my Admiral are very saddened at the loss of such a good friend over the years. Augie was always ready to help any one on the Great MSW Form. I will surely miss him a great deal , for his great ship building skills and also for his very fine sense of humor. We pass along our sadist condolences to his Diane and his family. We will miss you Augie, you will always be in our fondest memories, Rest in Peace. Regards Lawrence
  5. Hi David Great job you guys have done on your new display case, with the four side panels being completed framed you have created a very sturdy case and with the top attached it will be even stronger, Love your choice of stain, light wood has always been my favorite. I am a bit curious to just how you will attach your plastic panels. I guess that I will have to wait and see. Enjoy. Regards Lawrence
  6. Hi Frank She sure is looking great , very nice with a huge amount of detail that I really like. Enjoy. Regards Lawrence
  7. Hi Mike You have did a great job on your HMS Victory, I love the extra detail that you have added, it sure makes your ship stand out. Enjoy. Regards Lawrence
  8. Hi ModlerBob I will try to add a picture of the HMS Bounty that I took of her sailing out of Halifax Nova Scotia in July 2009, I hope this will answer some of your questions, she was a beautiful ship, I wish you the best of luck with your build. Regards Lawrence
  9. Hi Daryl Welcome aboard, you sure started out with a very interesting build, I will be fowling your build along to watch your Victory grow into the fantastic ship that it is. Regards Lawrence
  10. Hi Russ & Mark, thank you very much for your information on how to start a log, I will give it a try later on. Regards Lawrence
  11. Hi I am thinking of starting my build log on the HMS Victory but can not find the start page help. Regards Canoe21 Lawrence
  12. Very nice a great build