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  1. Norden, Billing Boats

    Thank you for your comments on the paint job. It was hand painted I filled with milliput and used standard wood primer I think I used 3 coats of humbrol enamel. I know you are building one as I am following your build with interest.
  2. Norden, Billing Boats

    Hi Nils Thank you so much Cheers John
  3. Norden - Billing Boats 1:30

    This is my first build completed Yee ha . It was hand painted using standard wood primer and then Humbrol Enamels. I've learnt a lot, I've made mistakes but it's been a thoroughly pleasurable journey. No time to waste as my HMS Fly arrived today, bring it on. Feedback welcomed
  4. Hello from UK

    Hi James Thanks for your welcome. York is nice we visit often too. Cheers John
  5. Hello from UK

    Thanks for pointing that out Mark. I will use the updated version in future Cheers John
  6. Hello from UK

    Thanks for that Mark. I've saved the PDF doc so now will have it close to hand. Lots of Fly info now so really good news. Cheers John
  7. Hello from UK

    Hi Nigel. Thanks for the welcome. I used to go fishing on the Swale at Asenby quite a few years ago when river fishing was fashionable. In latter years I used to go fishing at Woodlands Lakes at Carlton Minniot. Not been for about 4 years now. Weather not good at the moment so rather stop in and whittle anyway. Cheers John
  8. Hello from UK

    Hi Derek. Thanks for the welcome. John
  9. Hello from UK

    Hi Mike Thanks for the welcome. There are some nice girls in Harrogate, I know I married one of em. John
  10. Hello from UK

    Hi Geoff. Thanks for the welcome. John
  11. Hello from UK

    Hi John Thanks for the welcome Cheers John
  12. Hello from UK

    Hi Jim Thanks for the welcome. It is a big jump I know but I just love the look of it. I found a good site that will hopefully help me here: http://hmsfly.com. There doesn't appear to be anything about this model here on MSW unless anyone knows better? John
  13. Hello from UK

    Hi Mark Thanks for the welcome. I will indeed post the finished Norden pics where you suggested. I will also attempt to post a build log as I did take pictures. It actually took me seven years to build: 2010 started building 2011 - 2016 collecting dust on shelf 2017/2018 now retired and weather not so good so completed Cheers John
  14. Hello from UK

    Hi Keith Thanks for the welcome. I have lived here for 60 years so can't imagine living anywhere else but that's an age thing. Your builds are amazing by the way. Cheers John