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It’s a point which weighs against us, and a fact to be deplored – 
That we chased the goodly merchant-men and laid their ships aboard.

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  1. JerseyCity Frankie

    odd lateen yard rigging

    I’m with Allan above, the complex series of spans with blocks on them are what I find familiar (if silly) on older ships with lateen yards. seized intersections like net? Never seen that before, except on net. it strikes me as very odd that the kit manufacturer could get this detail wrong but you have not identified the kit, the manufacturer or the scale. I can imagine a circumstance, if the model is smaller in size, where the kit manufacturer was unable to source blocks small enough to fulfill the need on this bit of gear on their kit, so instead opts for knots in place of blocks for their representation. Just a guess.
  2. JerseyCity Frankie

    How to tie a rope to handrail

    For better certainty maybe the specific lines in question should be identified? Knowing the task of the line in question will determine the best way to belay it.
  3. I saw a fantastic plank on frame model at Joint Clubs in Connecticut one year, jet black whales which I thought were mahogany but the builder told me it was black shoe polish. Looked better than paint. Absolutely convincing, a deep measureless black with no brushmarks.
  4. JerseyCity Frankie

    How to tie a rope to handrail

    Cleats maybe? More pins? The reason I’m not believing that running rigging is ever intended to be made off on a railing, a railing bare of any fitting to accommodate belaying, is because of the frequent adjusting the lines require. It’s POSSIBLE to make running rigging off on a railing, but it isn’t seamanlike or practical. my advice is to try to find ship models on the internet that match the time period of your ship and see if you can spot how the rigging on the railing is made off. Or, just tie the rigging to the rail and not worry about it or if it’s acurate or practical! It’s your model and sometimes annoying details detract from the overall fun of building.
  5. JerseyCity Frankie

    I need a set of sails for my Billings Lila Dan...

    This notion that you have to actually sew sails is false.in fact I usually advise against actual sewn seams due to the fact that the stitches are always grossly out of scale. If you think about the diameter of your running rigging-often represented by sewing thread on the model- then sail twine would have to be microscopic in order to be in scale with the running rigging. White Glue works fine on fabric.
  6. JerseyCity Frankie

    How to tie a rope to handrail

    What was said above is true: Nobody is belaying running rigging on a railing. That is simply not realistic. Any running rigging, any line that must get coiled due to its length, is never going to be “tied in the beight” to anything. Running rigging needs to be adjustable, handled under tension, and for that you need a proper belay utilizing a pin or a cleat or some other disigned-for-the-pourpos fixture like a staghorn or nighthead. Riggers would never provide a bare railing as a way to belay the line, they would provide a way to belay properly. If you have running rigging that has to come to the deck near the rail, I believe you will need a pin cleat or other belaying aperatus on or near the rail. Or failing that a Lead Block on or near the rail to take the line elsewear to be properly belayed.
  7. JerseyCity Frankie

    How to tie a rope to handrail

    The Clove Hitch and the Round Turn And Two Half Hitches are more like what an actual sailor on a real ship would use but are more bulky on a model.
  8. JerseyCity Frankie

    How to tie a rope to handrail

    The knot that is smallest is the Overhand Knot.
  9. Owning an actual sailing vessel has never appealed to me, until now! I’ve always fantasized about putting a square rig onto a run of the mill fiberglass daysailing sloop. These guys actually did it! Unfortunately I’ve only heard of them today as they posted their intent to dissolve their eduction not for profit and sell their two brigs. The Little Brig Sailing Trust.
  10. JerseyCity Frankie

    Lowering Yards

    Tagalents when lowered to the Topmast Cap are easier to reach for the crew when they lay aloft to furl tgalentsails. The tgalent shrouds don’t need to be rattled with ratlines if the crew never need to assend higher than the Topmast Cap. The weight of the crew furling out on the yards need not be supported by the Tgallant Mast itself now either, the wheight rests on the beefier Topmast. With yards lowered there is very little gear on the tagalant Mast.
  11. JerseyCity Frankie

    Them Old Jokes

  12. Good looking model, looks clean and intact. Almost unnaturally clean for a model without a case. I too suggest you get a case for it. As models age all kinds of subtle changes take place. You can defeat the dirt only with a case. Another possible issue is the rigging can shrink over time and a very common issue caused by the shrinking rigging is the Jibboom breaks off all by itself as the stay attached to it shrinks. The Jibboom is the thinnest spar all the way at the front of the model, it’s the most vulnerable part since it’s very thin and sticks out far enough that it frequently breaks from accidental handling. But if the stay attached to it shrinks far enough it can snap. Is your Jibboom still straight or is it bending upwards at the end? If it’s bending upwards I suggest you replace the stay that runs from its tip up to the top of the foremast.
  13. JerseyCity Frankie

    HMS Snake by drtrap - Caldercraft

    Breast backstays have always confused ship model builders and the reason why, I think, is that the most common way of diagraming the rigging is the side-view elevation drawing that depicts the ship as seen from the side. The disposition of the breast backstays assures that they are difficult or impossible to see since they are directly in line with the Mast on these drawings and the lines which represent them fall right over the lines in the drawing that represent the Mast. I’m certain that these very common pieces of standing rigging wind up being completely omitted from many rigging diagrams due to this issue- the people copying the diagrams don’t notice their presence and thus leave them out. From that point on, everyone examining these follow-on flawed drawings remain unaware of the omission.
  14. A group in France has started work on a full scale replica 74 gun ship! Significant larger and no doubt much more complex and expensive than the Le Hermione frigate project. http://www.tourville.asso.fr/

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