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It’s a point which weighs against us, and a fact to be deplored – 
That we chased the goodly merchant-men and laid their ships aboard.

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  1. Aren’t we lucky we’ve got the worlds best hobby? I feel sorry for other people that don’t build ship models!
  2. Post script on the barque Peeking: at the time of this build log the Peeking was in the collection of the South Street Seaport Museum in New York City. Two years ago, in 2016, the city of Hamburg in Germany, Peekings home port, took over the ship and brought her across the Atlantic one last time. She is now undergoing a THOROUGH restoration and getting the attention she needs. It’s exciting to watch the updates on social media!
  3. JerseyCity Frankie

    Them Old Jokes

  4. JerseyCity Frankie

    Them Old Jokes

  5. “Without turning it into a hedgehog or something..”. Lol!
  6. JerseyCity Frankie

    Them Old Jokes

  7. I’ve got three formats of AOS books. Some are hardcover with Silver background on dust jacket and these solver dust jacket editions conceal a large format ship schematic on its inner jacket surface! So cool! Imagine my surprise then, when I purchased some other AOSbooks, these with white backgrounds on their dust jackets and these jackets had NO hidden drawings on their reverse side. Then I purchased a softcover HMS Victory AOS edition and these had gatefold covers, covers on front and back are folded in half and reveal larger hull drawings. So my advice is to try to get a silver background AOS book. My silver ones are from the year 2001 and, REMARKABLY, I could find no publication date on my two white background AOS books.
  8. JerseyCity Frankie

    Top Rope Pendents

    Pretend the lower Mast is 100’ to the cap. With the Topmast fidded and in place the TOPROPE is fixed to the starboard side of the cap, runs through the sheave at the Topmast heel, back up to the lead block on the port side of the cap, then 100’ down to the deck. Paint the TOPROPE red at the point it’s belayed on deck to mark that portion of the rope. Now lower away. The Topmast has descended to deck. In order to get there, 200’ feet of TOPROPE had to run through the leadblock at the cap, with 100’ more feet to still get back to belay on deck. The TOPROPE had to be AT LEAST 300’ long to appear as it does in the second drawing. The red painted portion of the Toprope would have passed through the leadblock when exactly 50’ of the Topmast had descended need to the deck. If there was a block at that point on the line, the Mast could not descend any farther. Theres a chance a rig that includes tackle on the Toprope isn’t INTENDED to lower the Topmast all the way to the deck. A Toprope with tackle on it could be intended for use only in HOUSINGthe Topmast, that’s only INTENDED to get the Topmast halfway down. This was common enough and done in bad weather to reduce windage aloft in storms.
  9. JerseyCity Frankie

    Top Rope Pendents

    I’m a huge fan of Lees but I gotta say, In my view it isn’t possible to have tackle attached to the toprop if it’s used to lower the Mast to the deck. Any block and tackle that starts out at deck level won’t be long enough to allow the Mast to reach the deck as the toprope must be in length AT LEAST twice the distance from the crosstrees to the deck. Start with the Mast fidded aloft, the toprope can’t have a block on it’s hauling end since the block would hit the sheave in the heal of the Mast at a point precisely halfway to the deck.
  10. JerseyCity Frankie

    Top Rope Pendents

    Would love to see your build log.
  11. JerseyCity Frankie

    Hermione by MESSIS - Artesania Latina - 1/89

    Congratulations on your sails and their wind blown appearance! I know that the effort it takes to get the sails to appear full of wind adds a great deal of time and effort to the model, much more time than if you had simply hung cloth from the spars, but I feel it is worth it for the visual effect it gives to the model.
  12. JerseyCity Frankie

    Them Old Jokes

  13. JerseyCity Frankie

    All encompassing compass considerations

    Often the question, or variation on the question, “what are the most essential ship model tools” comes up. X-acto is the king, I think we all agree. But I’d say a decent compass is a close second on the list of Esential Tools. the discussion of available designs of compasses and dividers is valid and I hope others will put up photos of their favorite compasses and dividers. Maybe there’s a particularly good model we can discover that way? The point of expense is also valid, every one of us has a different amount of discretionary income. There are some tools that are simply too expensive for some of us. I do feel that the joy of life is in part made up of owning all the particular tools to pursue ones interests! The hunt for these tools is part of the fun. I’ve often said that if I ever discovered a single source for all the nautical books I’ve ever wanted or needed to own, in one location for a price so affordable I could instantly own them all, it would take a great deal of joy out of my life since there would then be no worlds left to conquer. No reason to enter another used book store? No thanks! I kinda feel the same way about tools.
  14. JerseyCity Frankie

    Hull filler.

    Dry wall sparkle certainly fills voids but there is an issue with gluing to cured drywall patching stuff: glue sticks to it just fine but the material itself is chalky and a plank glued to it is only attached as firmly as the chalky material is strong. You can pull the plank right back off and it tears out the tiny bit of patching material it was actually glued to. I discovered this on a recent planking job and I wound up having to saturate the drywall patch with thin supper glue to stabilize it enough to hold a plank glued with white glue. I switched to Dap brand Plastic Wood which behaved much better and I was happy enough with.
  15. JerseyCity Frankie

    Music to build ship models to ...

    An oddity from the 80’s and longtime favorite. I don’t know any other New Wave sailing songs, nor 80’s song that feature a mandolin solo:

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