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  1. Three days later. Is your son's condition still improving, Jeff? It's amazing how quickly an event like this can place things in their true order of importance.
  2. So far, three planks per side have been trimmed to half-width at the last bulkhead. I’m past the most acute area for warping of these planks. PVA glue has been used throughout, except for a dot of CA adjacent to the stern post. I know it’s not great, but I’m still chuffed by how she’s coming along.
  3. Thinking that I may end up needing a couple more balsa fillers near the bow, I’ve quickly glued and shaped them while I still have access.
  4. Oh, thanks, Jeff! I really like these planking clamps. I’ve used them on a few builds before. They’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but I like not having to press pins through the plank, if I can avoid it. I feel like I’m stumbling blindly through this build, but I’m also really enjoying it. I’ve been procrastinating about this stern planking and moving very slowly lately. Trying to achieve the quality of other builds on this forum is impossible, but inspiring. I may have found my way forward, but this phase will still take time.
  5. Why, thank you! Here’s the starboard side from a different angle. I really should have tried this method earlier.
  6. I’m having trouble trying to persuade the planks at the stern to bend two directions at once. So I’m going to start tapering the previous plank to half width at the last bulkhead, then return to full width by the stern post.
  7. Looking really good. I’d be quite chuffed if that were my build.
  8. Not much to report. I’m wetting the planks, gradually bending the bow contour, measuring where the new plank starts to naturally overlap the previous one and slice from that point, forward to half width. Not as neat as I’d like, but no real problems so far. She’ll look better after a sanding, but I’m really enjoying myself. Any tips would be most welcome.
  9. Very neat. Could you please explain in detail how you tree nailed the deck? Did you use wood filler? Ink? And what size drill? I'd like to learn from a master.
  10. Bugger. Well, I guess that was always going to happen. No biggie.
  11. I’m doing everything in this order because I want to place a plank across the ship at the forecastle break and quarterdeck break, and I can’t because the bulwark caps are still in the way. I’ll cut away the caps, line the inside of the bulwarks and paint them ochre red before I finish planking the decks. That way, I’ll avoid getting paint on the deck planking.
  12. The forward facia is the reverse. I’m sanding the foredeck 1st planking flush with the facia so it sits over its width.
  13. The quarterdeck hull planks are sanded level with the 8th bulkhead so the aft deck facia (part 57) sits flush. When I fix the facia in place, I’ll sand it’s outer edges to be flush with the width of the 1st layer planking. Eventually, the 2nd layer planking will terminate neatly with the forward wall of the facia.
  14. Once the bulwarks are slightly past the height of the bulkhead caps, I’m sanding them back down to neatly meet the caps.
  15. The treenailing was worth the effort. It looks great, I reckon.

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