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  1. CSS Virginia and USS Monitor combined kit from BlueJacket in 1/192 scale.
  2. So I am calling both the Virginia and Monitor finished! For being my first model ship builds I am extremely happy with them. For the case I ordered a case kit from BlueJacket and mounted the glass myself. For the ship mounts I used some 3/8” square basswood cut into 3” sections. I had to mount the monitor on a 1/2” inch pedestal though to keep the waterlines at the same height. These models were really a blast to put together.
  3. Installed cleats for the flagstaffs as well as for the cutter davits. I used brass cleats, used CA glue to mount them, and then painted the flat black. I aslo rigged the cutters. The blocks I painted brown and glued to the cutters with CA glue and then ran the line and terminating the line at the cleats on the deck. Furthermore, I darkened the color of the deck grates a bit. Overall it’s getting very close! Next up is a clear coat to cover the various little blemishes. I have ave also ordered a display case that will house both the USS Monitor and CSS Virginia together which should make for a nice display.
  4. I took @MrBlueJacket‘s advice about using CA glue to attach the covers for the cutters to great success. Up next is installing some cleats for the flag staffs and cutter davits. Getting close!
  5. Made a little bit of progress on the Virginia this weekend on the rigging and railings. I used the kit supplied thread and museum wax. I paid special attention to keep the direction of my threads consistent on both sides for the railing and am pretty satisfied with the result.
  6. Hi @MrBlueJacket, Thanks for the sugggestion - I’ll try that this weekend. The model is turning out great btw! Stanley
  7. So I mounted the anchors and their chains as well as the chains for the rudder assembly. I used thread covered in conservators wax and made a number of turns with it to tie the chain to the anchor. I also painted the cutters and cut the fabric tops for them. I tried utilizing my initial idea of ironing and sewing the edges but it wasn’t working out well. I would welcome any feedback people have on the best way to attach the fabric tops to the cutters.
  8. Mounted the forward bullwarks as well as touched up a few scuff marks on the paint. I know it’s a small update but I find that making a tiny bit of progress every night keeps me moving forwards.
  9. Mounted the various deck fittings after painting them. I also painted the screw a brass color. Furthermore, I painted and dry fit the bulwarks. It’s really coming together!
  10. sjanicki

    USS Monitor Cutters

    Does anyone have a historical engraving or historical mention of cutters on the USS Monitor? If so, how they were installed? I have seen a number of other models that include cutters in various configurations but I don’t want to add them to my model if they aren’t historically accurate.
  11. Cleaned up the remaining deck fittings and began priming them. I’ll paint the deck fittings black and the cutters white. On a more technical note: The kit comes with a bit of fabric that is meant as a tonneau cover for the cutters. What is the best method for securing this to the boats while maintaining a tight fit? I have some ideas but I wanted to solicit people’s thoughts. Also, the March 2006 National Geographic has a phenomenal article on the battle of Hampton Roads and is a great read for anyone interested. Of note is the nice cutaway diagram of both the Monitor and Virginia to scale. Though I suspect they may have taken some small artistic license.
  12. Thanks @Wallace! I applied another coat of paint and then took off the tape and no leaks! Now on to the bulwarks, cutters, and deck details. On another note, I repainted the Monitor at the same time and I am super happy with how well they match.
  13. @MrBlueJacket It's actually the one I worked on earlier in the year. Since I hand brushed it I decided to do some re-work and sand off a bit of paint and airbrush it so they two ships would have identical paint jobs. They will go together in a display case so I would like them to match as much as possible.
  14. Got the first coat of crimson paint on and it’s looking great! Will probably do another coat or two and then take the tape off and hope for no leaks!
  15. @MrBlueJacket Thanks for the suggestion! I'll ad another couple passes of tape to be sure I don't accidentally airbrush the casement of the Virginia red. I may pick up some wider blue tape as well.

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