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  1. Cunk on Britain

    This video was making people in the pirate living history forums cringe. Thought I'd share the fun here. She goes over Francis Drake and Nelson. Also its in shore leave because its anything but accurate.
  2. 19.jpg

    Saw this on the home page and thought why did some one post a picture of a real ship I thought the gallery was just for models.....waaaaiiitt. Excellent work. Your model is perfect.
  3. Your Images for our Facebook Page :-)

    Some of my more artistic photos.
  4. Amati Hannah Ship in Bottle

    I haven't built that kit but it may be talking about the clew lines. At this scale its easier to glue them on rather than thread them. Ships I've built with cloth sails I'd cut the sails a tad big glue the clew lines down with white glue, then cut the sail down to the clue lines. This gets rid of the frayed edges and the glued lines keep them from fraying.
  5. ships in bottles

    We had a small issue in that our domain name didn't auto renew. Its been fixed and we're back up and going.
  6. Just got a new workshop. For those with limited space this is the best amd was only $150. Also helps that I build small models.
  7. Things are changing a lot in my workspace. For the last two years I had a whole room I coukd use. I recently added this fun little piece. Things are changing though since the admiral is bringing on another little officer in February so I'm losing my room. It has been agreed that all my modeling items are to fit in this cabinet and I'll be working at the kitchen table. So I'm sad to lose my room but I'm excited for the new officer and I'm very happy with this cabinet.
  8. One more that I've seen a a surprising amount of and they have a cool history. In the late 1920's a man by the name of Captain E Armitage McCann advertised ship modeling books in popular science magazine. This was during the depression and his books were written to appeal to the poorer working class that might want an inexpensive hobby that would add some decor to their house. This was also during a time some times referred to as the arts and crafts period. The industrial revolution automated and mechanized so many thing so peoplewere afraid they would lose touch with real craftsmanship. So they would hand build house decorations to keep rooted in manual hand built arts and crafts. Any way Captain McCann did several books with these types of models and I've run into three such models that were built from his books. Here's one I found on Etsy. It sold,for around $50. Goes to show some have an interesting history and are antiques but they still aren't worth much. Still I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a McCann model built in the 1930's one of these days.
  9. Great stuff. I've seen mystery models a lot on MSW as well as in my local club. I do enjoy the guessing game they can turn into but in general yeah they arent worth a fortune. There is some historical context that can be applied to a few of them. This one for example I found in a thrift store. I didnt purchase it because its worthless and I can build better. It is antique though as it comes from a ship in bottle kit from the fifties. A noticible aspect is the rope around the bottle. The kit came with a bittle precut that was glued together once the ship was inside. This was another aspect that makes it even more worthless. A true ship in bottle goes through the bottle neck. If the glass is cut a real collector will not give it a second glance.
  10. IMG_20170527_192119_008.jpg

    Thank you very much!
  11. "Submarine" in a bottle

    It was quiet difficult....yeah...lol.
  12. 11

    There's a lot of great things going on with this bottle. The wood working is great. The rigging lines are nice and tight and are more complex then just strings running from point a to point b. The wax seal looks great. I see so many ships in bottles with messy wax seals. I don't know why they don't trim the edges off. The stand is a beautiful as the bottle. Great work all around.
  13. DSCF3022

    Great work!

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