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  1. Hello from florida

    Again Awsome and thank you.i will
  2. Hello from florida

    Awsome and thank you.i will post soon
  3. Hello from florida

    Ok while i tryto choose a good kit to start with my better half put me on the spot.she challenged me to design a boat my way and i have no choice but to show her now so if it would be ok i would like to post my progress. Where would i do that? Auggie
  4. Hello from florida

    Hey philbert that does sound like a really good idea! I love seafood Auggie
  5. So when i set up my account here it defaulted to my e-mail as the (i will call it ) Viewable name.is there a way to change that or do i have to live with it?
  6. Hello from florida

    Hi philbert and thank you although i am on the other coast so i may need to find something a little closer.
  7. Hello from florida

    Thank you and the more research i do the more i am leaning that way despite my experience with wood and metal work.I'm thinking of a small row boat for a scratch build though, but not sure if that would be as simple as i think
  8. Hello from florida

    Hey! So i guess it would be a good idea to close with my name in the future.thank you all for the warm reception.i am auggie by the way
  9. Hello from florida

    Nice! I have carport or what used to be lol i made it my shop wich the wife loves on rainy days haha.
  10. Hello from florida

    Nice! I have carport or what used to be lol i made it my shop wich the wife loves on rainy days haha
  11. Hello from florida

    I wont rub it in about the weather and ivlook foward to getting started and making posts.i am having issues finding the spec area here on the site if anyone can direct me i would appreciate it
  12. Not sure if you are set on the b.b's or not but could you use ball bearings? They would be easier i think since you could just use an etching solution or salt water and elecric current (wich i fimd to work well when etching steel). Auggie
  13. Hello from florida

    Hi im auggie and i am in venice.fort Myers is not to far from me and thanks.

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