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  1. I’m taking a break from the Victory and building the Prince de Neufchatel from plans in American Sailing Ships by Howard I. Chapelle. So far I’ve traced the hull lines and resized them to 1/72 scale.
  2. Note, this is being mostly built from posterboard.
  3. Next, I’m going to trace the deck lines, including camber from Wolfram Zu Mondfeld’s Historic Ship Models, apply it to the model and cut the deck plates before dry assembling the frame.
  4. 23 bulkheads, 1 transom and a keel-plate with built in rabbets. Note, they are all currently being flattened under a good part of my reference library.
  5. Hi, I'm Phil. I'm about ten months into my build. I've never done a ship of the line before, so this is a learning experience. I chose to build the HMS Victory because I wanted to do a ship of the line. I bought it off of E-Bay on an auction. The kit dates back from 1991. I've had a few difficulties due to the age of the wood and my relative inexperience (compared to most of you guys) in wooden ship modelling. I am very patient. I am very stubborn. I have lots of experience with other types of models to draw from. I have finished the rough work on the hull. Both layers of planking are on. The stern and quarter galleries are built and painted. I have the base color scheme painted on. I am going to be coppering the bottom of the hull. I have 3/16" copper tape, a pounce wheel and Gene Bodnar's article on making copper plates using self adhesive copper tape (thank you very much, Gene, for writing that, as well as the other articles that you have written), that I pulled off of this website. I plan on making very good use of all three . Here's where I'm at right now:
  6. The Victory is on temporary hold while I build the Prince de Neufchatel from Chapelle plans. I’ll be back shortly.
  7. I’m using Ab Hoving’s tutorial. I’ve never built from scratch before, so we’ll see how this goes. Here’s the first two bulkheads: Just as a side note, I’m doubling everything for more strength.
  8. Thank you! It’s starting to patina on its own, even under the sealant. I’m just going to let it age on its own.
  9. What’s the best way to do copper cladding on a card model? I've copper cladded a wood model before with copper tape. But, I'm not sure if that would be the best way for a card model. I am thinking about building the Prince de Neufchatel in card, from Chapelle plans (I've been systematically buying all of his books).
  10. Looking good! I’ll have to remember about the extra bulkheads for my next build!
  11. GrandpaPhil

    My top 4 most useful tools

    My top 4 are my X-Acto knife with a #11 blade, a pin-vise, a steel rule and a razor saw.
  12. Quick side project. I love the old P-61. It’s one of my favorite planes. I ran across this kit for a price that I couldn’t pass up.
  13. Still working on my carving. I’m having fun with it. I’ll get back to the Victory shortly.
  14. You did very well. I wouldn’t have know that it was card unless you had told us. Very nicely done!
  15. Personally, I just buy the minwax wood filler. I’ve never had a problem with it. I usually take a piece of whatever I’m matching into the hardware store with me. I can usually match the color well enough that once sealer is applied, no one will notice the filler.
  16. GrandpaPhil

    Hello all and already looking for help

    Welcome aboard! The Phantom is an excellent starter kit. I too, had borderline zero woodworking skills when I started in the hobby. You’ll pick them up as you go.
  17. GrandpaPhil

    cutting out the gunports

    This is my method, too. It works well. Just take your time and cut carefully.
  18. GrandpaPhil

    Black Pearl by Old Collingwood - 1/72 Scale

    Hope your admiral gets to feeling better. I’m sorry to hear that she is ill.

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