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  1. Been debating to build the jig for the copper plates or not. This is the result of just using a pounce wheel I got from Walmart on the copper tape. It doesn't look all that bad. From a foot away they look great.
  2. You could always make a copy of the plans if the bulkheads with the reference lines are on the plans and glue to the bulkhead with rubber cement.
  3. That is coming along fantastic. What paint did you use for the inside of the boat ? It looks great, I have the back of my Syren that did not take the stain so well and may want to paint it that wood color.
  4. Deck was fine sanded and stained with golden oak, waterway has been added. It looks better in person than than the pictures show.
  5. Planking of the deck is complete and rough sanded. Still need to add the waterway.
  6. Planking of the deck continues. The nibbing of the planks on the starboard side improved over what I did on the port side. Doesn't look so bad 2 feet away. Heading up to Boston to see the kids, so won't be back at this until next week.
  7. Looking nice, that seems to be quite the project being so small.
  8. This is the first time I saw your build Quite impressive. I hope mine turns out half as good as yours. You are right about the number of articles and books to come up to speed on this build. If I studied this hard in college, I'd be retired by now. But this is so much more fun.
  9. Thanks, I'm learning as I go and having fun doing it.
  10. Cap rail installed and started on the margin plank.
  11. The cap rail for the bow was cut out from 1/16 sheet and rough sanded to shape. Still needs a little fine tuning. It's not glued in as of yet.
  12. The bulwarks have a coat of paint on them. If I had to do it over again, I think I would have stained them like Rich's Argus.
  13. The planking of the bulwarks is complete. Still need some filing and sanding of the ports.
  14. Thanks Rich, I'm quite enjoying this build. It's a refreshing break from building and flying rockets, not to mention the admiral does't mind this hobby as much as I'm not traveling around the country flying them.

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