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  1. Is Crown Timberyard still open for business?

    Chuck - Dave: Muchos Gracias to you both! Great timely follow-up. Chuck – when my order with Roman comes through (this was just a quickie web test post- conversation about supplier web sites), hopefully I'll then have a working phone number (and/or email) so I can ask some specific questions on a custom order. Dave — If I hit a dead end here, I'll head to Germany for my Birnbaum - many thanks for this additional contact! Fantastisch! Ron
  2. Is Crown Timberyard still open for business?

    I also hope that nothing serious has happened, my fellow MSWer's. I've tried recently to contact and place an order for various milled pear pieces from Jason (Crown Timberyard); after no reply for more than 2 weeks, I tried Project Wood Source and, unfortunately, also no reply. I even placed an online order with Project Wood Source using their online e-commerce "shopping basket" PayPal link. Nada. Zip. No workee. PayPal is even asking ME: What's Up (with this order)? Neither Jason nor Roman list a phone # (not even on business cards)... I'm now contemplating ordering from Arkowood in Deutschland. Pain in the you-know-what, but I speak German. The shipping will be the killer but the milled sheet prices are reasonable and I expect the wood quality and milling finish will be high. I'll give this curious situation another week or two, then I'm moving on... Are their others who are reading this that would like to become my new precision milled pear and box supplier? I have resisted purchasing a Byrnes saw for several years ($600ish - including relevant accessories - can buy a LOT of wood). However, this situation may eventually lead me to heed Lord Vader's admonition: Resistance Is Futile. Ron CMMS
  3. DIANA004

    Thank You. You are correct: I used boxwood for the upper hull and stern planking and for all the masts and spars. I did use the kit's walnut for the lower hull as well as the "tanganyika" for the deck planking. Most of the deck furniture was made from scratch. This is an excellent kit to upgrade; the kit's plans were good. Also upgraded all the rigging with genuine rope (SyrenShipModel) and high-quality blocks (Lloyd Warner's - unfortunately, no longer available). This is one of my favorite builds, completed in 2012.
  4. Revenge, low bow view

    Thank you. This model was fun to build. I bashed an excellent kit from Victory Models (Amati). Ron
  5. Revenge, quarterdeck

    Thanks! Ron
  6. Revenge, mid-deck view

    MikeB4 & Chasseur: Thanks! Much appreciated. This was a fun kit to bash; I especially liked doing the unique, decorative painting. Rigging was fun too since on this 4-master there were two (2) lateen-rigged sails!
  7. Trata 2

    This is a beautiful model. Congratulations. The detail is exquisite, the choice of colors is superb and the simple baseboard with acrylic pillars is just the right touch. What is the scale? I am assuming this was crafted from scratch and based on the B/W photo you included in your gallery.
  8. HMB Bounty A.L. 1:48

    Robin, Double-click the photo at the top of the column and then scroll downward. You'll see that the photo you've clicked will be enlarged by approximately 50%. This helps. Interesting build! Ron
  9. Carrianne model 11 Stb Bow

    Hey Jack, Nicccceeeee.....I saw this beauty at the club's meeting too! What a nice looking model. You took good photos too. For others here, Jack's model is a replica of his full-size boat he also built! He can be seen sailing the "Carianne" in the L. I. Sound during the sailing season. Ron
  10. DSC01046 2

    Cal, Just checking-in- sorry I didn't respond sooner but this summer has been chock-a-block! I'm happy that my build of Diana was some inspiration to you; that is such a nice compliment considering how beautiful your same build turned out. I too, spend little time here now since the "overhead" can be huge, especially if well-intentioned efforts simply disappear - that was my wake-up call too. I've recently posted my near-scratch build of HMS Ardent (64). I used the Caldercraft Agamemnon hull bulkheads and keelformer, but the balance of the model is mostly scratched from the excellent plans from the kit and from the NMM. I've written an extensive article for the NRG Journal with many photos. It is an interesting history as well as discussion of how I built the model- but not a "build log" per se. I anticipate that it will be published this Winter (Jan 15) or perhaps, Spring 2015. Thanks again for your kind comments. Good luck on the HMS Fly- this is an excellent kit too that lends itself to creative improvements! Ron
  11. sekibune

    Interesting. Is this a complete model or a work-in-process? Presumably this is a Japanese nautical model, yes? Warship? Commercial ship? Era? Thanks for more information. Ron
  12. 002

    Very nice build of this kit. I like your color choices for the decorative bits. The tendency with this model is to go over the top. Having seen the real Vasa last summer - and discussed with Fred Hocker the museum's "semi-official" conjectures on what the ship may actually have looked like with extensive painting of ornamentation - I think you've done very nicely with the natural colors in combination with the discreet painted ones. Did you use a published guide or reference for the finishing? The rigging looks quite good too - and the flags look nice as well. Ron
  13. HMSArdentRon006

    Thank you.