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  1. When Richard Griffith (Duff) and I visited the Science Museum in 2013, indeed there was no Longridge Victory model to see. However, there was an excellent Alan Turing exhibit (and a couple Enigma cipher machines). I still wanted to see the Victory; perhaps, some day. Richard and I later went to Stockholm and visited the Vasa. Thanks for the good photos Dziadeczek and dvm27 Ron
  2. Crown Timberyard - two thumbs up

    Thanks! Good News for all of us. Looks like he's got his business up n' running again.
  3. Crown Timberyard - two thumbs up

    Is Jason back in business? I've noted that his ad on the forum disappeared not long ago. His milled wood was quite good and he delivered within a reasonable time frame. Does he have a new web site? Thanks for any info. Ron
  4. Crown Timberyard - two thumbs up

    Cornwall is my "go-to" supplier for many of my modeling needs. Excellent service, reasonable prices.
  5. Silkspan

    Thanks Tasmanian! When I decided to build a Swan Class sloop I also decided to make realistic set sails and...convincing H2o. HMS Swan is now berthed in my dining room, having chased a few Yankee privateers away from the Maine coast. This a kit model, extensively modified; the basic POB lines of the skeleton (keelformer, bulkheads) were excellent. Ditto all of the plans (17 sheets I recall). The kit is the HMS Pegasus from Victory Models (Amati's "high end"). It comes with extensive photo etch components including tiered decorations. I initially thought I was going to paint all the frieze work (along the bulwarks), but later decided that it looked better to turn the P/E elements into "carved wood" in order to match the stern and stem. All hull planking and much of the scratched top hamper is Swiss Pear that replaced the kit's wood. This photo you can see how I started the water base in the background below (layered 1" solid insulation foam, carved "swells")
  6. Silkspan

    I used silkspan (actually the "modelspan" material from Bluejacket, Inc.) for my sails on my HMS Swan diorama model. It worked well but I did combine it with 20 lb. bond paper in an original lamination technique to make set sails look more realistic...
  7. Revenge, mid-deck view

    Thanks Angarfather - and dave teel, I am humbled that my model can provide some inspiration for you. Ron
  8. 1/350 IJN Yamato

    I like it! Superb work.
  9. Is Crown Timberyard still open for business?

    Chuck - Dave: Muchos Gracias to you both! Great timely follow-up. Chuck – when my order with Roman comes through (this was just a quickie web test post- conversation about supplier web sites), hopefully I'll then have a working phone number (and/or email) so I can ask some specific questions on a custom order. Dave — If I hit a dead end here, I'll head to Germany for my Birnbaum - many thanks for this additional contact! Fantastisch! Ron
  10. Is Crown Timberyard still open for business?

    I also hope that nothing serious has happened, my fellow MSWer's. I've tried recently to contact and place an order for various milled pear pieces from Jason (Crown Timberyard); after no reply for more than 2 weeks, I tried Project Wood Source and, unfortunately, also no reply. I even placed an online order with Project Wood Source using their online e-commerce "shopping basket" PayPal link. Nada. Zip. No workee. PayPal is even asking ME: What's Up (with this order)? Neither Jason nor Roman list a phone # (not even on business cards)... I'm now contemplating ordering from Arkowood in Deutschland. Pain in the you-know-what, but I speak German. The shipping will be the killer but the milled sheet prices are reasonable and I expect the wood quality and milling finish will be high. I'll give this curious situation another week or two, then I'm moving on... Are their others who are reading this that would like to become my new precision milled pear and box supplier? I have resisted purchasing a Byrnes saw for several years ($600ish - including relevant accessories - can buy a LOT of wood). However, this situation may eventually lead me to heed Lord Vader's admonition: Resistance Is Futile. Ron CMMS
  11. DIANA004

    Thank You. You are correct: I used boxwood for the upper hull and stern planking and for all the masts and spars. I did use the kit's walnut for the lower hull as well as the "tanganyika" for the deck planking. Most of the deck furniture was made from scratch. This is an excellent kit to upgrade; the kit's plans were good. Also upgraded all the rigging with genuine rope (SyrenShipModel) and high-quality blocks (Lloyd Warner's - unfortunately, no longer available). This is one of my favorite builds, completed in 2012.
  12. Revenge, low bow view

    Thank you. This model was fun to build. I bashed an excellent kit from Victory Models (Amati). Ron
  13. Revenge, quarterdeck

    Thanks! Ron
  14. Revenge, mid-deck view

    MikeB4 & Chasseur: Thanks! Much appreciated. This was a fun kit to bash; I especially liked doing the unique, decorative painting. Rigging was fun too since on this 4-master there were two (2) lateen-rigged sails!

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