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  1. Tying these stays between the foremast and Main mast through the rings in the deck and around the mast and tie together a little bit up. Wow, that was tricky but with a lot of patience and right tools I managed to fix it. I will repeat the same procedure between the Main mast ant the Mizzen mast but I can remove the main mast so that will be easier. My Good, this is fun I wish you all a nice day, and please feel free to comment and make suggestions and advices. I need it
  2. And one more (stupid) question I read in Ship Modelling Simplified than one should never run rigging lines on the forward side of the yards. Correct me if I am wrong but that must mean that one has to be more careful than me when gluing the blocks to the yards? Obviously I must have done something wrong here but in this case I will run the lines on the forward side because this is going to be too ugly. I must concider this ship as a learning object only, and try to make it as good as possible. But I will remeber everything when I build the next ship and be much more careful and plan ahead and all. Puh 😂 😬
  3. Hi again :) Wow Denis, that was much intersting to read. To start from the end: I allso had to replace a number teeth a while ago so I have five implants. Works perfect, you don't feel the difference This ship has really challenged my patience. It must be the first time a ship has been renovated I don't know how many times even before it has been built And as you say, there has been thousands of questions. I guess it is a bit easier if you have been working on ships so you allredy know the functions of everything but as you know, I have no experience. For instance my friend from this forum, Puckotred, used to work on a ship. He has given me a lot of good advices. I have studied the instructions and compared with pictures, especially Cyril Hume's model. He has totally different sollutions than Sergal and I guess mine will be somewhere in between. I think I have a quite good understanding of all the halyards and lifts and stays now and their function. Anyway, I'm on my way. The last change I had to do was the lower shroud. I had thread them wrong through the crosstree and assembled the deadeyes so I had tu cut out the platform in order to thread them right. Well well, I can almost say I built this ship twice. I think next model will be easier since I have learned a lot from this, especially about planning the work ahead. How do you prepare your masts and yards? Do you assemble all the halyards and lifts before you assemble the the mast to the ship? I started with that on my foremast but I was afraid that the lines would be entangled. But it's a bit tighter when the mast is in place, isn't it? We talked about jig for the deadeyes before. But i kept my jig and I think it works fine. You can see it in the picture. Have a nice day and weekend. I will continue updating this post when the foremast is finished
  4. Hi Denis! Thanks for the tips. I didn't think of cementing the stock so I will do that. I thimk I have to cement the yard in the hook but isn't it a strange construction? But when it is assembled noone will notice so I guess it.s going to be good. How are you doing with your Thermopylae?
  5. Hi Forum Friends. It's been a while since I popped in here but I have been struggling with my Thermopylae The top shrouds are finished and I have started to prepare the booms. (Tying ratlines can be a little bit boring ). I have a question as usual. One boom is supposed to be hanging on a hook according to the instruction. My dilemma is: When I lift the boom with the inner halyards the boom will, of course, come off the hook. On the other hand I can start with the outer halyards (is halyard the right word?) to keep it down. How would you solve this? I also recieved the new smaller anchors and they look much better then those who came with the model. Denis, they are 20mm and i bought them from Cornwall. Maybe a bit too small actually but I will keep them.
  6. Brave or maybe stupid This model is way out of my league. Last week I added Pride of Baltimore to my wishlist. Do you have a log on that one?
  7. The first jig I used was worthless. Thae dead eyes just fell out from it all the time, thats why I thought I try this one. So far it is quite okay since I can adjust the pins to fit in the deadeye. I looked at Popeye's Pier but I couldn't find the picture of your jig, I thought I saw it there. Must have been somewhere else or another log. Another very tricky part is to seize the shroud lines round the mast? I am going for a weeks vacation in an hour. I will miss my modelling but I will bring my computer so I can follow this blog and hopefully read some more tips about seizing Enjoy your week, I will do that in Barcelona. Sagrada Familia is allready booked
  8. The new dark brown trhread will look better than the old one so I have to change the topshroud that I allready made. But I think it's hard to get the deadyes in a a straight line so I modified Gary Brinkers jig from his youtube tutorial. I hop it will work. Tips and tricks are welcomed
  9. I am going to use the deadeyes and chainplates that came with the kit. At first I thought they where too short but they will do. The deadeyes are 4mm but it's a huge difference. I have done one side and managed to brake two stroprings that goes round the deadeyes. I hope I can fix them otherwise I must try to order new ones from Sergal. I ordered rigging thread from a shop in Germany, a swedish friend in this forum, Puckotred, recommended them so I will try it. This evening I tried the anchors on and I totally agree with what you say in Popeys Pier, they are too big. I have to order smaller. Cornwall has 20 mm Amati anchors that are quite like the ones included. Is it common that one need to replace parts with other? I had to order railing stanchions as well. Not that I'm complaining, just asking
  10. Hi Denis. Again many good tips as usual. Thank you. Funny you mentioned black thread for the standing rigging, I was about to ask of that. I read it somewhere but on many pictures they don't use it. but it looks better so I have ordered it from Cornwall. I have done the topshroud on the fore mast but I will cut that off and use black thread instead. In the beginning I wanted to finish the model as soon as possible but I have realized that the look is more important so it will take the time it needs. I cut loose the deadeyes on one channel yesterday and tried the smaller ones on and it looks much better. I don't need to change channels though since they are long enough for the smaller deadeyes. At least that is what I am hoping for
  11. Good morning! This morning I have been thinking of my too big deadeyes and tried one part of the shroud on. If it is tight in the channel it will even more tight 10 mm up. I s it possible to take off all the channels and make new ones a bit wider. How hard can it be? 😂. What would you have done and how? If it is not too hard to remove the old ones I will do that, change back to 4 mm deadeyes and buy the right chainplates. I know that this will be disturbing to mee if I don't do anything. . Please, give some advice here
  12. Hi all! It is going slow with my Thermopylae because I need to do some changes on some things I am not happy with. And then it's all this tiny parts that I am not used to handle so it as I said, it takes time. But it's going forward. If someone should see it now they would probably guess that it is a ship I would like an advice again. The three rigging threads to the left are included in the kit. The thick is obviously for the stay, but I am thinking it's too thick. The difference is huge. I know the stays are thicker than the rest of the rig but not that much, or?? The thread on the right are 0.8 mm. maybe I can use that instead. How big difference is usual? I guess the included threads are 1.0; 0.25 and 0.10 mm or close to it. The build continues But I shouldn't have changed the deadeyes from 4 to 5 mm because of a stupid reason. I should have waited and get the right stuff. Well well, lesson learned. It is too late to change it now. But I will change the railing and probably the lifeboat davits. I would appreciate an advice on the thread. I have to come up with a phrase to end all my posts with but for now I just say thanks for today
  13. If you are in an a bad mood working with models is perfect. That keeps one's mind from everything else I'm looking forward to see your progress with the masts. Yours look better than mine so far, they are more ... clean, neat? I'm not sure what word to use but I think you know what I mean I got my new drill from Proxxon yesterday and managed to drill my finger this morning before work. Ouch! Not too bad though
  14. Ha ha, yes another model, but HMS Racehorse is now put away in a cupboard. I just opened the box for a quick glance. It looks like a model suitable for me at my level :). I couldn't try my bracket sollution yesterday I need to prepare some other stuff first otheerwise I think that yard will be in the way First thing first. But I am really curiuos so as soon as I can...........
  15. Hi Popeye! I have a helping hand too, a crocodile clip glued and pinned to a stand but I have the same problem as you. Last night I chased the stand all over the kitchen table 😂 so I also need a heavier base. I haven't tried my sollution with the yard bracket yet but I am pretty sure it will work. Now when we speek of it I must try it tonight :). I will post a picture of the result. I spent at least an hour of my workday today looking at Cornwall's fittings and I saw lots of thing that I really "need" I ordered some eyepins last week and they arrived today and while I was ordering it just happened that one more model slipped through. HMS Racehorse by Sergl. I am not going to start building it though for at least a couple of months. I have allso spent a few hours doing as you recommended and locking through build logs in this forum. Here are so much knowledge and good pictures to be inspired by.

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