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  1. If you are in an a bad mood working with models is perfect. That keeps one's mind from everything else I'm looking forward to see your progress with the masts. Yours look better than mine so far, they are more ... clean, neat? I'm not sure what word to use but I think you know what I mean I got my new drill from Proxxon yesterday and managed to drill my finger this morning before work. Ouch! Not too bad though
  2. Ha ha, yes another model, but HMS Racehorse is now put away in a cupboard. I just opened the box for a quick glance. It looks like a model suitable for me at my level :). I couldn't try my bracket sollution yesterday I need to prepare some other stuff first otheerwise I think that yard will be in the way First thing first. But I am really curiuos so as soon as I can...........
  3. Hi Popeye! I have a helping hand too, a crocodile clip glued and pinned to a stand but I have the same problem as you. Last night I chased the stand all over the kitchen table πŸ˜‚ so I also need a heavier base. I haven't tried my sollution with the yard bracket yet but I am pretty sure it will work. Now when we speek of it I must try it tonight :). I will post a picture of the result. I spent at least an hour of my workday today looking at Cornwall's fittings and I saw lots of thing that I really "need" I ordered some eyepins last week and they arrived today and while I was ordering it just happened that one more model slipped through. HMS Racehorse by Sergl. I am not going to start building it though for at least a couple of months. I have allso spent a few hours doing as you recommended and locking through build logs in this forum. Here are so much knowledge and good pictures to be inspired by.
  4. First: Very nice build, this is what I am aiming for. I have a bit left before I can build like this. Mine don't look so clean yet but I'm working on it and it will come. I'm a member in swedish facebook-group for modellers and 90% of them build plastic models. They are extremely skilled but I prefer to stay with the wood. I think, as you say, it another feeling.
  5. This is how I make a loop on a block. Is there a better way? for me this works out fine. I tie the line around a 2mm brass pin and then wrap it around the block and glue. the sides with CA-glue. Then I seize the lines and pull out the brass pin. Done 😊 .
  6. Hi Robert! Yes the members here are very helpful. Patience was one of the things I had to work with and now I fully understand what it means Working with wood gets better and better so yes, experience will come. Amazing hobby I must say What ship did you build?
  7. Good Morning! Rise and shine I slept on the problem and eureka. This might work! Bracket numbering according to my last picture. . I start with flattening one and of a pin and insert it through bracket No. 2 that goes to the boom (is it boom or yard?) and glue it inside bracket No 1. I think that the end in bracket 2 wont come off and this way I can hopefully rotate the boom. The I push the parrel behind the pin that has allready been inserted through bracket 1 and glue and pin the parrel on the mast. The more I think of it this is the only way to do it?
  8. Problem solving day I can't figure out how to do this. The instruction says that the two brackets are to be joined with a 1mm pin, flattened so it wont fall out, but how?Should I start with attaching the parrel to the mast, then join the brackets and nail them to the yard and last try to fit the yard with brackets on to the mast with a pin through the parrel? That seems extremely tight 😬 I have glued the pin in the first parrel, maybe that was a mistake but I can remove it (I hope) So instead I'm thinking of making a new bracket to attach to the yard. That bracket fits inside the first bracket Any suggestions?
  9. Hello Popeye! I ordered the stanchions from Cornwall and I couldn't find any shorter. BUT, today when I looked they have pre-made railings, 5 mm high πŸ˜„. I want models that takes some effort to build, not too easy but not too hard even though I complained over Halifax πŸ˜‚. I am sure I will fix it in the end. I've seen your Nordkap and itΒ΄s so inspring to see how good it can look. I guess it comes with experience. What does FYI mean? I concider you and the others as me mentors and I am very thankful for all the help. And it's nice to have a chat with someone I am very glad I joined this forum, here I get all the help I need much quicker and better than the swedish forum I joined. It's easier to experess oneself in swedish I'm working with the masts right now but now it's time for bed, work tomorrow. Regards/ Tjalle
  10. Thanks for the encouragemnet from you guys. I will definitely keep on building, especially after this. I guess I'm stuck in the plastic models from the seventies when I was a kid. Everything fitted and one just had to follow the instructions. But somehow this is more challenging and the result is more beautiful so again: I will never stop this :). More pictures to come but my first priority is Thermopylae.
  11. Wow, looks very good. Yes I will keep building. I think it's a beautilful ship too and your picture inspires me to continue. Thanks for the encouragement πŸ‘
  12. Hi! I thought I work a bit with Halifax so I started to sand and dryfit the keel and the bow (the instruction calls it stern ) on the false keel. The fit is worse than terrible. They are prefabricated? well, the bow is but the keel is 16 cm. too long !! This is going to take a while but I have learned one thing. I will never again buy a model from Constructo. I've read about it before I ordered this so I was warned but I thought "how bad can it be?" Can it be worse? Well well, I'll have to take it like a man 😭 πŸ˜‚
  13. Hi again. My struggling continues. I have decided to remove the railing I made and buy stanchios with 2 holes, 6 mm high and change to that. It will lokk much better.I must do something about the helm as well, it has too big angle Work, work, work but it will be worth it.
  14. Hi Popeye and thanks. It's looking ok for a beginner so far. It's not going to happen but I would like to build this model again and correct all mistakes I have made. I think (hope) I've learned a lot from this ship. First of all: when I'm done planning and thinking and ready to assemle something, think and plan again . I have started to look around more on the logs in this forum, and other, and it's inspiring to see how good it can look when you know what you are doing. So give me two or three more models more (I allready have them ) and it will get better. Starting with this hobby is one of the best things I've ever done.

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