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  1. Shackleton's Endurance

    I went back and asked about how much it would cost to purchase the rights to the drawings from the UK National Maritime Museum. With their prices of the drawings just for personal use and Zvansom's comment, I was curious! I received the following response: "With regards to licensing the plans for a model kit - there would be a few factors that the price of this would depend on, including the number of units you were going to produce, countries distributed to, price of the kits, if they would be sold online. But to give you a rough idea of cost, for a commercial license for the plans, it would cost £300 + VAT. Any scanning fees for digitization would be separate to this price." I'm not sure if that would be per plan, but I suspect possibly so. I'm not sure what the margins are on model kits, but Zvansom might be correct (cost prohibitive). I also wrote the Smithsonian Museums, and while they do have ship plans, they don't have anything for Endurance. I also checked with the Mariner's Museum in Hampton, VA, but they didn't have any on file either. So, for anyone searching for the plans in the future, you can cross those two off of your list!
  2. Shackleton's Endurance

    I just heard back on pricing..... "Many thanks for your enquiry regarding ship plans we hold in the collection. As my colleague pointed out, the plans listed in black have not been digitized and will require scanning to provide them. In terms of costs, we charge £70 + VAT for the first plan and then £50 + VAT per subsequent plan requested in the same order. This process takes 3 weeks to complete and we then provide exact scale, 300 dpi JPEGs via an FTP link via email. Plans can be used for personal use only. If you would like to proceed with this please do let me know exactly which plans from the list, and I will email across an Order Form." I won't be buying the plans at this point, but wanted to post for anyone following this now or in the future. I've got another build I've got to finish before I even think about my next one!
  3. Shackleton's Endurance

    I heard back from the National Maritime Museum in the UK. They have a total of 8 drawings from the Endurance. They are all of Polaris before she was converted for the expedition. I've asked for pricing of those not availabe on the website; I'll repost when I get that back. Drawings in red are available on the site now: Endurance (1912) Line Plan Scale 1 Lines (Profile & half breadth) 14013 1:32 B 2 (J9265). Body Plan, March 1914. 14012 1:32 B 3 (J9266). Longitudinal Section, as Polaris. 14011 1:48 B 4 (J9267). Midships Sections, as Polaris. 14009 1:24 B 5 Rig, Profile & Decks. 13973 (part very faint) 1:96 B 6 Decks Plans. 14007 1:48 B 7 Prop. Convers. from steam to 'Bolinder' Motor.13960 1:24 B 10 Prop. Shaft & stern gear. 14010 1:24 B
  4. Shackleton's Endurance

    Sorry! Didn't realize that would be breaking any rules. My sincere apologizes! tsurfing, could you tell us which museum they were obtained from in Norway? I did see the National Maritime Museum in the UK has three drawings available as Mr. HMS Bellisle noted; Mid-ships section plan, Longitudinal section plan and Body plan all dated 1912. They can be found at the link below. I've got a request in to see if they have any others which have not been digitized and added to their online archives yet and am awaiting a response. For the three prints it's 94.38 British Pounds (plus shipping). You get a print from a high quality scan of the same size and scale of the original drawing. I also contacted bluejacket asking if they had ever considered the Endurance for a kit. They said they did a survey a few years ago of 3,000 modelers. Endurance was on the list, "but did not prove to be a popular choice". Perhaps if we all ask they will change their mind! I'll post again when I hear back from the National Maritime Museum. https://prints.rmg.co.uk/collections/ship-plans
  5. Shackleton's Endurance

    Would you be comfortable sharing the plans with others in the forum via e-mail for a scratch build if they can't be posted openly?
  6. I'm just getting into model building. I purchased the Bowdoin model from Blue Jacket about 15 years ago and am just now finding the time and inclination to work on it. I've got the original paints (Floquil), but am finding I need some more colors to spruce up the details. I was wondering what paints are everyone's favorite to use on wooden models and the britannia fittings? I understand Floquil is out of business. I don't mind spending money for quality paint! This will be applied with brushes. Thanks!

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