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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Not there as yet but will make a note of it
  2. MrBlueJacket, In a past life as an engineer I was required to write Operation/Maintenance manuals for machinery we designed. It was a daunting task. As the designer you knew your equipment inside and out however, to convey that in a manual for someone else was a real challenge. I would sometimes take my first draft and have it reviewed by different people. WOW, it was like the old story when you tell one person and then hear it again after it passed through several people.
  3. Skybolt, You’re flying through your build. You’re the hare and I’m the tortoise. Still working on my planking and probably will be for a while. Ron
  4. Bob, I'm certainly no expert especially since this is my first wooden ship build however, I believe the inner bulwarks have 1/16 plywood pieces fitted first then the forward portion of the hull above the sheer plank will be planked horizontally to a thickness of 1/8" and the curved portion of the transom is to be planked VERTICALLY. When I purchased the kit I also purchased the disk with about 150 pictures of the model. I only wish that more of the pictures showed the hull planking. I guess this is why they list this as an "Admirals" kit. I'm plowing ahead with mine as a "Seaman" Maybe MrBlueJacket will chime in Ron
  5. Skybolt, looks like you’re going to pass me up on the build. After laying the first two planks I didn’t like what I saw in the stern area so I’m taking a step back and removing them. I’ll be watching your progress hopefully to get some insight. Ron
  6. I agree 100%. I have just started planking mine and find the stern is difficult to get right. I'll be watching to see how yours turns out.
  7. Thankfully I have a nice selection of PermaGrit shapes and sanding bars Filler blocks sanded and most of the fairing is complete Now I need to build some "soaking" tubes for my planking. I have used wallpaper wetting trays in the past for planking aircraft however I need something a little smaller for these planks. Also they tend to float in the larger tray.
  8. Had to take a break from building and throw together a smaller building board which will allow me to get to both sides for fairing/planking without having to bend over to reach the other side of the hull. Directions call for the bulkhead extensions to be adhered (glued) to the building board then sawed off after planking. My method is to use magnets instead of glue. Never have been accused of taking the easy way out. 🙃 Filler blocks roughed in and glued in place All mounted and ready for the "fun" to begin
  9. rtibbs2018

    Spring clamps

    Thanks for the link chj. I just ordered several sets from Amazon. Can't beat that "One click"
  10. I'm looking for a source for the spring clamps I see a lot of modelers use. I have the black plastic ones however, I would like to purchase some of the longer nosed versions. Ron
  11. I’m closing in on the planking stage. May not see another post for six months
  12. Building kit and plans built RC model aircraft since the late 60's
  13. They give the option to construct the hull with a reveal which shows chain placed at strategic locations within the hull for additional protection from cannon shot. I elected to build it without the reveal. Something about seeing a hull with a hole in it's side didn't appeal to me. I'm also including some balsa triangles to add additional support to the bulkheads in case "heavy hands" gets carried away in the fairing of the bulkheads. Starboard bulkheads being glued in place. Port side bulkheads Support cradle to keep everything aligned All bulkheads in place with balsa triangles in addition to the basswood pieces supplied with the kit Ready for the false deck Dry fitting Deck gluing Dry fitting of bow and stern jigs for planking Now it's time to cut and fit bow and stern filler blocks. Sure is good to get back to building. Almost forgot how nice it is to chew CA from ones fingers.
  14. Welcome skybolt, We can commiserate together Ron
  15. I guess I'd better get to building as the workspace is way too clean Going to use my magnetic building board for hull framing/planking

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