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  1. First impression. Started measuring and marking reference lines. This build will take me 2 yrs lol.
  2. Taking inventory and doing some reading. Here is some pics. 😁
  3. Rob206

    Hello from Illinois

    The Bluenose has arrived! I'll start a build long when I get going.
  4. I've ordered both modeling books from ME, but I'm very interested in 17th and 18th century ships and their history. Galleons especially. I was hoping to get a suggested reading list on historical ships not related to modeling. Thanks
  5. Rob206

    Hello from Illinois

    The #11 scalpel blades on model expo will fit in an exacto knife correct? That's a great price too, 100 blades for 17$
  6. Rob206

    Hello from Illinois

    Picked up some things at hobby lobby, just need some small c claps and titebond glue. With the advice I've gotten I held off on buying some of the tool list, if I need it down the road I'll pick it up
  7. Rob206

    Hello from Illinois

    I just ordered the Bluenose plus the 2 books from model expo. I held off ordering any paints or tools. I did print the tool list out of instruction book and I think hobby lobby should have anything I need. And I figure I should have some time before I need any paint. I'll just need to get something to hold ship as I build and then a display base when it's finished. Very excited can't wait to start
  8. Rob206

    Hello from Illinois

    How will the difficulty of the ME Mayflower compare with the bluenose?
  9. Rob206

    Hello from Illinois

    Ok great thank you. I was thinking of asking that next. I'll probably go with the blue nose then.
  10. Rob206

    Hello from Illinois

    I have it narrowed down between 2 ME kits. The bluenose or the rattlesnake. I'm leaning towards the rattlesnake
  11. Rob206

    Hello from Illinois

    Thanks Paul. Do you think I need a plank bender and nail nailer?
  12. Rob206

    Hello from Illinois

    After watching the YouTube videos by Gary B, I was thinking of ordering that bluenose from model expo along with their tool kit and possibly the paints. Not sure if I'd be starting off too complicated. Also is HOW TO BUILD FIRST RATE SHIP MODELS FROM KITS By Ben Lankford. Worth me ordering also?

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