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  1. ADRIE, Apolgies, I decided later not to contaminate your log with my comment, as it didn't seem relevant to your build. Just a couple of comments if I may. What is rubber cement? Can you you show me a picture which shows manufacturer and name of the product as things sometimes get different names in different countries. I tend to use PVA for everything, I am not a fan of the spray adhesives but the majority of card modellers seem to use it, each to their own I suppose. Even with the laser cut skeleton the kits still come with the original paper forms so I think you have done the right thing. Yes, the formers are deck supports. There were small upstands on my bulkheads which act as guides for the first decking layer, these are very weak and you may get into difficulty when placing your first layer of decking and destroy them. I wicked all these with thin CA from Zap. It is not clear from the instructions whether the thicknesses are final thickness or card thickness, it will be interesting to see what you find as you progress your build. Another note is that the photographs on my instructions are actually for the 1/72 laser cut model and not the actual 1/96 which is very confusing, I don't think there is a laser cut version for the Revenge so it may not be an issue for you. Also some parts don't have assembly instructions at all, which I found strange. The Wolf is on hold firstly because I await some Maginvisors to arrive from the US as everything is so small and secondly as I am a bit depressed with the time it is taking for Cornwall to resolve the missing instruction pages and laser cut hearts. Look forward to seeing more. RICHMOND
  2. Richmond

    HMV - SMS Beowulf

    Chris, it's going to be an interesting build, assume this is somewhat similar to a lot of wooden ship models, no diagrams, written instruction and an assumption you know where everything goes. Luckily I did some searching on the web and there are quite a few builds of this model on the German forums which should prove very useful. I have also managed to scan the instructions and export to Word so I can copy and paste each step into a translator. I will have to be more careful when selecting my next HMV model.
  3. Ab Very interesting and informative, thank you for sharing this with us. I am really looking forward to future posts. Richmond
  4. Richmond

    HMV - SMS Beowulf

    I received the above model today from Fentens in Australia and I note there are no assembly diagrams and to make it worse all the assembly instructions are in German - does anyone know if this is standard for a HMV model or whether my recent bad luck on purchased card models (refer Wolf log) is continuing?. Post edit - I have just visited the German website for Fentens and note that it clearly states instructions are in German - I should have been more careful - still weird there are no assembly diagrams though. Off to investigate some translation software! RICHMOND
  5. Thankfully this sucker was sitting on the outside of the louvre, if it was on the inside I would have booked into a hotel. Seeing the underside of it makes it even more frightening, I hate spiders. I believe its a Huntsman, possibly / probably female, they can be aggressive when carrying eggs. Over one weekend I was power washing my deck and verandah and suddenly it appeared from the underside of the top sliding door frame, it commenced to slide down the glazed sliding door trying to maintain some form of grip, it finally gave up the ghost and let go, it made a thud when it hit the decking. Thankfully it then proceeded to run off in the opposite direction to me and into the gardens. Did I tell you I hate spiders?
  6. Looking forward to joining the group and hopefully learning a great deal from other members once the kit becomes available. Richmond
  7. Not sure if this is the right place to post. I have recently found these card sellers - all have English language website options plus very tidy websites. https://www.super-hobby.com/ https://www.kartonmodellbau.de (Fentens) - there is a Fentens in Australia as well but the stock is limited. Please note that Abadonna no longer exists so there is no longer a Shipyard 'ship' outlet in Australia although you can get their lighthouse kits from Modellers Central. https://www.papel3d.com/en/ Of course Cornwall sell card models as well, and their PP, as most of you would know, is very reasonable RICHMOND
  8. Tomek, When you state you only glue the edges did you mean both the horizontal and vertical edges of the frames, rather than gluing the whole face of the first planking? Richmond
  9. Similarly to Popeye I printed off the pictures from one of your builds of the cabin, with all the tables chairs, cabinets and table decorations and showed them to my work colleagues and they looked at those photographs in pure disbelief especially as I told them it was made out of card. I now have those photographs on my workshop wall, in the hope they can give me inspiration.
  10. More angst with the Wolf. I ordered the laser cut blocks though Cornwall Model Boats which arrived yesterday. Unfortunately there is an issue with the 2.5mm hearts - Shipyard have inadvertently placed parts for blocks within the packet which means it is impossible to construct the 2.5mm hearts. If you look at the 3mm hearts packet on the right you may be able to discern what I mean. I have sent an email to Cornwall however given that they have not at this time been able to solve the missing assembly pages issue I do not hold out much hope. I am quickly losing confidence in Polish manufacturers, I have found both Shipyard and GPM's customer service lamentable. It is important to note that based on my dealings and from others comments I don't believe any of this is a reflection on Cornwall themselves. RICHMOND
  11. PE looked great before the paint job, now it's superb, this build is a fantastic illustration of the benefits of fitting PE to a scale model, those louvres are outstanding.
  12. Richmond

    MSW plastic invasion?

    You've made an excellent point Mark.

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