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  1. Still looking at the Marathon micromotor as my next rotary tool and have a couple of questions: What method is used to hold the bits? collet or chuck? What diameter shaft is used for bits?
  2. At the moment, I'd have to include BandAids in my top 4! Every time I pick up a knife, I manage to cut myself 😞
  3. Thanks for the link! I'm probably in the market for a new Dremel and even with shipping to Oz, the Marathon micromotor is cheaper than I can get a Dremel 4000 here. Wonder if they fit the Vanda-Lay mill ...
  4. Just placed an order for: ACRA mill with fine Z adjust and drill press option, lathe and a vice (hope I included that last item) I might fo go for the router table for my birthday next year... I was looking at Taig/Sherline mills but more that I really need (or can afford!) right now. Merry Christmas to me!
  5. Well Larry from Vanda Lay just got back to me with a shipping quote that was less than expected. Looks like I'll be placing an order soon for an early Christmas present 🙂
  6. I have a good range of the Dremel add-ons but like the look of the Vanda Lay products. Budget will just cover an Acra Mill providing the requested freight quote isn't too high, one of the problems with living in Australia 🙂
  7. geoffs

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    More editing of the Charles W Morgan plans/instructions. Finished the clean up of the plans so started on the instructions These are supplied in 16 , double column pages. Font is quite small and printed brown on a blue background. Add to this some significant silverfish damage and readability is not good. I started by scanning these at the local library to produce a series of PDF files, one per page. As these PDF's are really just images with no text information, I then ran them through an online OCR program to produced a Word document. The site is pay for use but you do get to run 2 files per hour at no charge so it took quite a while to get these done. The job on conversion though was excellent with no editing required other than to fix a few spelling mistakes that were in the original text. The resulting Word files were combined using Libreoffice (linux only at my place!) and put into a format I found usable. The resulting document ran to 57 pages but has the advantage of being readable 🙂 There are few pages (parts lists) that are in table format and are 8 columns wide, these are proving to be a bit more time consuming as I have to cut/paste from a spreadsheet into the editor. The good news in my canine visitor goes home on Monday so I can actually get started on the build.
  8. geoffs

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    I decided that I wanted to have a backup copy of the plans 'just in case'. Some of the originals also had silverfish damage. Originally, I was just going to get the scans printed as is but thought I may as well clean them up a bit and one thing lead to another... I will print out bits as I need them, I have access to an A3 printer at the local library where I volunteer. After a little bit of work, the instructions are now much nicer to read after some reformatting What can I say, I have too much free time. 😀
  9. geoffs

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    A couple of weeks ago, I had the plans for the models I have, scanned to PDF files. For the most part, these came out well. The plans for the Charles W Morgan were the best probably due to the quality of the paper in the original (the copy centre even commented on it). The plans for the Lyde, were no as clear as the original paper was faded, cream rather than white. One problem was that having been folded up for more years than I know (30 or so would be a guess ), the creases are very obvious on the images so I spent a few hours this afternoon going through them with a graphics program (Gimp) cleaning them up. I also took the opportunity to remove the Spanish labelling from the Charles W Morgan plans. The Lyde plans will take a lot more clean up as I'd like to replace the Italian labelling with English. I'll get the CWM plans printed on 160gsm paper from these new images and use them as working plans. I might even get them done on Tyvek as it's only a couple of dollars more than 160gsm. I'm hoping that by the time I finish, my canine visitor will have gone home and I can actually make a start on the build!
  10. geoffs

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    These cyber-blackmail attempts are nearly as funny as the phone call claiming to be from Microsoft Support about a problem with your computer. As if Microsoft would do anything for free 🙂
  11. Agree completely with Jim. Looking at the construction, it would not be rigid enough to do CNC milling/routing. Until I downsized, I had an X-Carve which would be a much better CNC option. A 3D printer would be rigid enough for laser engraving but not without an enclosure - lasers are dangerous! Regards Geoff
  12. geoffs

    What have you received today?

    Just received that latest care package from eBay - some glue containers. Each container came with 10 assorted nozzles, all for a princely sum of $3. The reason I can't get started on the model is also shown - Rusty is a friends dog I'm looking after for a couple of weeks. Shown here having a nap between snacks. Regards Geoff
  13. geoffs

    What have you received today?

    Got these clamps from eBay. I'll attach 2 to a piece of aluminium extrusion 40mmx20mm (longer than the one shown) to use as a keel clamp. Assembly will be mounted to a board via a small camera ball mount. I'll 3D print a connection for the ball mount and a couple of soft jaes for the clamp.
  14. geoffs

    Billing boats model #456 Viking ship.

    I can provide a scan of the instructions today but the plans will take a week or so. I have to go into town to get some previously scanned plans (Charles W Morgan) printed and I can get the two page plan scanned at the same time. Regards Geoff EDIT: Instruction PDF sent.
  15. geoffs

    What have you received today?

    I have the exact same model kit sitting on top of my wardrobe. Instructions are not that detailed, only a few pages. There's also a double sided plan drawing. Let me know if you want copies of either. Regards Geoff

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