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  1. I've been following Leo on his quest since he started, great channel. Another one I follow is about boat building from scratch i.e felling and milling the timber, is Acorn to Arabella. A pair of complete but very capable behinners.
  2. Planning an artesania-latina build of my own, Charles W Morgan, so it's nice to see things I should check out before I start.
  3. geoffs

    What Wood Is Best For What

    Privet is one thing I would not have thought of! As you say, it is a weed here and can get quite big. I also have access to cheesewood (Pittosporum) which migh be an option. I live in the main apple growing region of Australia so apple, pear and any other suitable fruit tree is readily available, tress are always being removed - and burned. What I need to do is to read up on how to mill thin timber. I volunteer at a local wooden boat group so have access to most tools I'll need if not the expertise - 2mm think planks are not a lot of use on a full size boat! Regards Geoff
  4. geoffs

    What Wood Is Best For What

    One thing I've found as a beginner is that suitable timber is not cheap and, at least in Australia, not that easy to come by. I've only found one local source with a limited range so may have to look overseas for suitable stock. [Does anyone know if there are issues importing modelling timbers to Oz?] I do have access to 'real' boat making timber locally (huon, celery and king billy pine and most Australian hard woods) but milling to required thickness is an issue, assuming what I can get is suitable at scale. Regards Geoff
  5. I have the complete Artesania latina kit sitting in the cupboard waiting for me to work up the courage to start the build. If photos or scans of the plans/instructions will help with the rebuild, just send me a message and I'll see what I can do. Regards Geoff
  6. geoffs

    Hello from Tasmania

    Guess I failed my first model builders test - count the masts!
  7. geoffs

    Hello from Tasmania

    Thanks for the replies. I have read the article on which ship to build, all good advice. I've pretty much decided on building the Victory Models, 1/64 Lady Nelson as it seems to fit the bill for a beginner, is within the current budget and it's a short drive to go and look at the full size replice in Hobart! Regards Geoff
  8. I'm Geoff from southern Tasmania, Australia. Due to a recent down sizing my accommodation, I no longer have a shed full of woodworking tools so I've decided to take up ship modelling. I haven't built a model since I was much younger so expect I have a lot to learn and need something to practice on. I was given an Artesania kit of the Charles W Morgan but thought I needed to start on something a bit more beginner friendly so a friend gave me a Euromodel kit of the Lynd which is definitely NOT beginner level. Still shopping for a good beginners kit. Regards Geoff

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