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  1. Slow progress these days, but in order to speed things up I purchased a small 2” table saw to start cutting pieces to length. Best 30 bucks I have spent in a long time. The directions in the new and updated kit has the Wales and trim painted black. After reviewing many logs of the previous model where they were not painted I decided to keep to this style. The Wales are stained with a cherry varnish, and the rest of the trim around the boat will be as well.
  2. Osmosis, How long did it take for you to receive a reply/the parts requested from AL when you emailed about the missing parts from the kit? I e-mailed them about two months ago and have yet to receive a reply. I am missing about 30 of the columns that go around the railings. They are extremely cheap to purchase and I am considering just going that route but shipping from AL is 60+ dollars so I will not be going that route.
  3. For some of the details of the ship Artesania Latina sells microshapers to actually scrape away some of the wood for the desired shape. I was pretty skeptical at first as I saw it as just another way for them to make money but I caved and bought them. After working on some of the trim work I’m happy with the decision to buy them. I think it adds a little extra that will never be noticed by anyone but me. Lol this step definitely required some fitness as putting too much pressure would just cause the wood to splinter instead of shave.
  4. After all of the holidays and a crazy work schedule I was finally able to get the second layer of planking completed and a nice thick layer of tung oil has been applied. For future builds I think I will seek out kits with only 1 layer of planking. The thicker planks made bending more difficult, sure...but overall I’d say they were easier to work with. The .5mm thick planks seemed to crack and flake off when filing the edges fairly simple. But I’m very happy with the results nonetheless. For application the tung oil I spread on a very hefty coat and let it sit for 15 minutes, making sure the entire surface was moist and didn’t soak it all in/start to dry. At the 15 minute mark I wiped it down. The plan for now is to let it dry for 3 or so days and then apply another layer. Can anyone guess where the sponge applicatoractor that I used came from? 😂
  5. Warnerade

    San Francisco II by mtbediz

    What do you need pictures of exactly? I am currently building this same model but it has been upgraded recently and now comes with a PDF of detailed pictures for each step, I'd be happy to post some screen shots for ya.
  6. Spent most of my free time lately workin on a jewelry box for the girlfriend, but today I was finally able to make some headway on the planking and the deck/inner bulwark coated in the first layer of tung. It’s starting to really come along.
  7. Finally got the first layer of planking done. Just have to glue on the keel and then use a filler to touch up a few spots around the first few planks and I’llbe able to get started on the second layer of veneers.
  8. Thanks, I will admit the 2x5 planks are hard to bend sometimes...they are not very consistent as far as the quality of wood. Some bend incredibly easy and others are very stubborn to the point where even after soaking/heating and drying within the jig I made they would not hold their shape. I only managed to break a few though, although I will admit a few would have been better off breaking and trying again lol. The same material that is covering the rudder and the small cabin, .5x5 veneer planks, will be used to cover for the second layer of planking so I will be using some wood filler to fill a few gaps and then cover with a much better/easier/better looking layer. The oil adds a nice touch to it. So far the deck is just varnished, but I am planning on covering a majority of the other surfaces with the tung oil. I have not decided if I want to spray the deck with a poly or not just for an added layer of protection, as the tung oil says not to apply over any previously varnished surfaces. Thanks for the kind words, I do like the kit so far...everything has fit together nicely. Although for some reason, my kit came with the poster of the current model AND the older model. I must say I do like the color scheme of the older model and wish that I went with that scheme which includes more natural colors...the new model has a lot of things painted black/red. The sails also have a more weathered look to then, mine are almost bleach white with the newer model
  9. I agree with your assessment about them not being based on any actual historical accuracy, I’ve done some research similar to you. I was thinking it’d be nice if there was at least some consistency across the models though haha, looking closer and comparing it to mine I can’t even tell which portion of the ship yours is a section of. I have an idea, but the parts definitely don’t line up. I was really considering doing the cross section after this is done but that fact deterred me a little. Also, I have emailed AL about a few missing parts as well and I have received no response, so you’re not alone there.
  10. It is really coming along nicely, I really like your work with the capstan. After looking ahead on my full version of this ship, I don't even see a capstan on my deck. I was considering putting one in but I don't even think there is room for it with how it is all setup.
  11. I appreciate the advice but I think I’m doing just fine. I have read plenty of “how to” guides, and for my first time planking each plank is getting better and better as I go. My biggest issue is the glue, it expands about 3x while drying so despite using minimum it still shows through. But it also interdigitates very well so I know I am getting solid fixation. It is a double planked Hull, and this first layer is fairly thick and hard to work with (especially for a beginner) but the second layer is .5mm. The rudder attached below was just finished with the same planking, by the time o start the second layer it will look perfect. My biggest struggle has been cutting/bending at the bow. But it’s coming along
  12. Does anyone have any experience with the various oils used for finishing? I found a previous build of this ship and the gentleman used Tung oil and the finish turned out spectacular. I asked my dad about it and he said that danish oil might give me an even better result. Just wondering if anyone can weigh in on the topic. I already started covering a few items with the tung oil so I believe I am committed at this point but I am curious for future projects and my own curiosity. I am considering starting over on the barrels. I had the thought after, but it may have looked better if I took my scalpel and placed a few slits along them for the stain to sit in and give a more authentic look. The port side is files somewhat smooth up to this point and the starboard side is not. I think in the future I’m going to file/sand smooth after every couple of planks rather than halfway through. What a chore lol Below is a before and after pic of one of the items tens I used Tung oil on.
  13. I must say, I had no idea the size of this ship until I noticed how large the clothespins looked when attached to it. I’m intrigued, well done. Cannot wait to see it when it’s finished
  14. Would you mind telling me how you applied the tung oil? The kit I have is double planked with the outer planking .5mm but I believe it is the same type of wood as your primary planking, it is that same darker color and I love how the tung oil finishing turned out.
  15. I finally got started on the planking. After laying down the first line my initial thought was it wasn’t that bad, but I’m sure as it progresses and things need to be filed and sanded for proper fit I’ll be cussing up a storm. I also managed to finish the long boat and the cannons, and got started on the grating. With my schedule it’s easier to find time to do small things for a little bit, it was hard to find time to actually sit down and attempt the planking. For the most part, the cannons long boat and grating all went together as easy as the directions make it look. The only issue I had was with the grating and some of the serrations not lining up, causing there to be uneven squares, which actually made it a pain to fit together. My solution was to file a 45 on top of each serration that was facing down. It helped the pieces find the groove much easier. I also made a small (but crude) modification to the long boat. As far as I could tell the directions did not call for a working rudder, so I found two eye bolts from a previous build and cut/glued the ends to the rudder and then glued bent brass wire to the stern. It’s a little far away from the boat itself but overall I am happy with it.

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