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  1. Would you mind telling me how you applied the tung oil? The kit I have is double planked with the outer planking .5mm but I believe it is the same type of wood as your primary planking, it is that same darker color and I love how the tung oil finishing turned out.
  2. I finally got started on the planking. After laying down the first line my initial thought was it wasn’t that bad, but I’m sure as it progresses and things need to be filed and sanded for proper fit I’ll be cussing up a storm. I also managed to finish the long boat and the cannons, and got started on the grating. With my schedule it’s easier to find time to do small things for a little bit, it was hard to find time to actually sit down and attempt the planking. For the most part, the cannons long boat and grating all went together as easy as the directions make it look. The only issue I had was with the grating and some of the serrations not lining up, causing there to be uneven squares, which actually made it a pain to fit together. My solution was to file a 45 on top of each serration that was facing down. It helped the pieces find the groove much easier. I also made a small (but crude) modification to the long boat. As far as I could tell the directions did not call for a working rudder, so I found two eye bolts from a previous build and cut/glued the ends to the rudder and then glued bent brass wire to the stern. It’s a little far away from the boat itself but overall I am happy with it.
  3. I wish I had done some searching and found this before starting mine a few weeks ago...this model is fantastic. Well done. I had tossed around the idea of doors and lights like you did, but this is only my second model and I didn't know how to pull it off. I also like the color scheme of this older version much better. The one I have has a lot of things painted bright red, including the interior of the long boat and the cannon bases.
  4. Are you using standard wood glue to glue the inner planks on? I am getting ready to plank mine as well and was wondering. It will be my first time planking anything. Then I was curious about what to use for glue for the thinner outer planking.
  5. call me stupid, but what is this matte poly used for exactly?
  6. Progress is coming along at a snails pace it seems like, but I have the inner bulwarks planked and I have been working on the long boat while the glue dries. This long boat is my first attempt at planking anything, and I can only hope that the few things I learned on it carry over to the ship.
  7. Might I suggest a clear glass jug that is used to brew beer in? I have one of those and I am planning on figuring out a way to custom build a boat to stick in there one day...I looked at the measurements one day and I am pretty sure its 13" diameter, 10" high...the opening is only about 1" but it would be easy to cut a bigger hole.
  8. I actually had this same issue with my first build...the laser cut plywood did not want to bend whatsoever. I ended up breaking one on my first attempt but the second one I actually soaked in hot water for a much longer duration and then I covered the container with saran wrap, leaving only a small vent for the steam and microwaved it. This seemed to really make the wood more pliable...I am sure others on this site have other/probably better ideas.
  9. Glenns, I am not sure how far along you are with cutting the planks, but if you have some free time this weekend I actually just posted a few pictures of a plank cutting jig that you can make yourself for relatively cheap. The pictures can be found in my build log on here for the San Francisco II. As Imagna said, planking never looks pretty while it is being carried out but from what I've seen the final product always seems to turn out way better than anticipated. I like the idea that you are planking a solid hull, looking back I wish i would have attempted that with my previous one
  10. I didn’t think about that, I will definitely look into that this weekend. The bulwarks are on and its ready to plank after a little more fairing.
  11. This is not the one I made, but I stumbled across it on Instagram and pretty much copied it. I just cannot seem to find the paper scale for mine.
  12. The deck is completely planked, about halfway through I decided to work smarter and picked up a few materials to make a cutting jig for the planks. I didn’t have time to get any pictures of it but I will post it eventually. Time ran short before I had to go to work. The kit did not come with filler blocks so I went to Menards and picked up some small blocks of walnut. Between my dremel and the soft nature of the wood it didn’t long To get the contours just right While the glue for the planks was drying I decided to get started on the cannons and the long boat. I will have the bulwarks on tomorrow, and then hopefully I can start planking soon
  13. I am currently building the full model of this in 1:90 scale, it will be interesting to watch your progress as I go
  14. Made a little progress this weekend. Got a majority of the fairing done and when it came time to plank the deck the directions say to just lay the planks down and pencil in the deck lines. I did this on my previous build and wasn’t happy with how it looked so I decided to cut the pieces individually for a more “authentic” look. I decided this after I laid down the first plank and the glue was dried, of course.

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