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  1. Afternoon Lou, I use to paint for a living (after I retired from my real job) and when people wanted me to paint a room a dark color I would always advise them that darker colors made a room looks smaller and of course DARK. Soooooo.....White it is...... Concerning knowing the technical terms or names, I agree that I'm building this model for pleasure not an education. I just wanted people to know that I wasn't being disrespectful of the model craft and all that goes into it for those who have done it as a SERIOUS hobby. I am just blown away by the expertise and drive for perfection that I've seen on several of the Build Logs here. I have, in fact, order a book through Amazon (I'm an admitted Amazon shopping Whore...) called The 44-Gun Frigate USS Constitution 'Old Ironsides' (Anatomy of The Ship) I an interested in the the Connie history and will get to know some of the terms. NOW ....whether I remember them or not is another thing...he he he
  2. Hey Jim.... Ok Ok.......I will bow to your expertise and knowledge on how things look...lol See Lou..you have a supporter!!! I KNOW I have white.
  3. Well, Jim....I think you sold me on the green. It really grew on me overnight and I was pretty sure I had a green color in the acrylic paints I got from Model Expo (at OC's suggestion). They were supposedly geared to the Connie. Funny when I checked my acrylic paints..there was no copper for the hull but look what I found (2 bottles)!!!! As my Dear departed wife would say..."Meant to be" By the way she had that engraved inside my wedding band... And here I thought I was done with the major painting...lol...right!!!Gun Deck removed...Let the painting begin And Lou... gotta cogitate and ruminate on the white for a while...who knows as most of it will be covered by the spar/gun deck. I'll probably get these terms correct someday but don't hold your breath...just bare with me if I lapse back to laymen's terms...
  4. I found this on another build log (wish I would have remembered who it was but the guy is an awesome scratch builder) This is growing on me and what needs to be painted is so simple on the Revell model. Hummmmm Thanks, Jim...I see a sleepless night cogitating and ruminating about it...lol Thanks Mark for your kind words!!!
  5. Thanks, Jim. I'll check it out. I always like looking at other peoples work to give me ideas for my project.
  6. Hey Jim, The gun deck is not secured yet. Just snap-in. Not sure what you mean by inner bulkheads. There is no ceilings....just open air above the gun deck. Remember I'm not up on nautical terms and the instructions provide very few...lol
  7. I got a question for you guys and gals (just in case). The original instruction call for the plastic gun deck (comes as 3 separate sections) not to be glued to the hull sides. I, of course) glued the 3 sections together so I could install the oak veneer deck. After the hull sides were glued together I had to spread the top of the hull sections to drop the gun deck down on its supports. There are small retainer clips above the supports that rest on the top edge of the gun deck once it's on the support ledge. It's pretty snug around the edges of the gun deck where it meets the hull but a few places are not as snug. AND now for the question. Should I now glue the one piece gun deck to the hull sides?
  8. Hey Hal and Good OLD Lou, Thanks for the advice. I was just following the instructions and what you say makes sense. There are 22 Carronades on the spar deck with one larger cannon ( like the ones on the gun deck) near the bow which I assume was the chase gun. I will pull the two from the front gun deck and leave the doors open to serve as a Taco Bell Drive thru... he he he Javlin Thanks for the comment
  9. Well, actually Lou, you referred me to the HiSmodel site to see the cloth sails they offered for the Conny. Not only did I decide to buy the sails but the cannon carriages as well (sorry I don't know all the correct naval ship terms but I think you get my drift) Your correct in saying I need the carriages for the Carronades. They have a flat bottom without sides to them. I like your suggestion of rigging the cannons by the main deck opening and will do that. Insofar as painting the Captain's Quarters I will probably pass. The great plan is to have a plexiglass case built for it and I highly doubt anyone will dare move it to look thru the back windows...lol
  10. 32 cannons mounted to carriages and temporarily place on deck for effect. Man those were heavy....
  11. Mornin Lou, Just going to leave the cannons brass cause I like the look and YOU MADE ME buy them so there...he he he. I also got the gun carriages from HiSModel but just realized they are the type that go on the gun deck not the upper deck where you will see them. Sent him an email to exchange for the correct ones. At least I don't have to assemble those little suckers and paint them so I'll be finished with the lower deck in a few dazes. Don't see the need to paint the inside of the captains quarters or run the ropes between all the guns on the lower deck. Again...who will see all that detailed work? Not ME...
  12. Well I never knew places were available to do that NOT that I have all but one ship and THAT'S under construction...lol Nice to actually start the assembly line going. Cannon assembly crew hard at work as we speak. They should have it done before their lunch break. Heavy suckers...
  13. Saw this on Model Expo for those of you who have a drydock crammed with ships that will never be launched...Interesting https://modelexpo-online.com/Recycle-Hobbies
  14. Hey CDW, When I first saw them I fell in love with the look. The last Conney I started in 1991 I painted the deck black, then topped it with a tan. The idea was to lightly sand the deck till the black showed thru. I think that's where I quit...lol I also fell in love with the cloth sails on this website. Needless to say, they are sitting in my hobby room patiently waiting to drive me crazy.... Check it out: I have Lou to thank for this site. AND I mean that sincerely Lou. https://www.hismodel.com/uss-constitution-united-states-revell-1-96 Also look at the top of the page for the Photogallery. There are 3 builders of the Constitution that are just fantastic.
  15. OK....done for the weekend. Gun Deck in the hull. I'm a happy man at this point. Transom doesn't get glued until the main deck goes in. (that's why it's hanging down in the back)

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