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  1. Should I paint the top of the stack? If so, Matt black or just black wash to grime it up. Same question for the chains.
  2. Last night I masked off the hull for to paint the waterline with a black paint pen. Should have put another coat within 3 hours but didn’t. So that will wait till tomorrow night. Tonight, I continued construction. Inserted the decks into the hull. Added the boats, cranes, catipult, stack and bridge.
  3. So Tav.1 says finish the hull with sandpaper paying attention to steps and grooves. Which I take to mean to not over sand them. I have 60, 150 and 220 grit wood sandpaper. Another post I read here seemed to suggest 60 could quicky strip away too much. So I began with 150. Focusing on smoothing the hull. But there are areas where it has carving marks or endentations. Do I sand until they’re gone? And the deck has a finger nail thick raised section. Do I sand that until it’s level? Thanks.
  4. Some luck. They have a page of all the instructions text in English.
  5. It’s a cold rainy night here in north Texas folks. Well cold to us. Only reached 40F today. Expecting the same all week. So no airbrushing for the Arizona until it warms up above 70. What you see pictured above is CorelLine’s SM104. A solid wood hull HMS Bounty kit in 1:130 scale. Corel claims they are beginner kits. Model-Expo delivered her promptly last week. This HMS Bounty kit is my second attempt at wood ship modeling in 25+ years. The first being Constructo’s 1799 Enterprise. Enterprise remains shelved pending the results of this and a few other simpler wood model kit builds. With your help, Frank Mastini’s book and the Sultana Practicum pdfs, I’ll be proud of the completed model. Wish me luck fellow modelers.
  6. Busy day of modeling. Applied brown wash to decking. Cleaned up blue sections. Airbrushed assembled bridge superstructure. Airbrushed turrets 1,2 and 4 Glued upper and foredecks together Added guns and turrets to decks. Assembled masts Added search Lights to stack And airbrushed lower hull after last weeks waterline fiasco. Tamiya masking tape is much better. But costs an arm and a leg.
  7. Cool and rainy day. So I didn’t airbrush the hull. Maybe tomorrow. Should hit 77F. continued painting the decks. I think they’re done. Just need the brown wash. Then clean up the blue sections. Painted the top edges of the boats and cross members tan. Began assembing the super structure.
  8. Popeye, I thought about PE. But I think it cost more than the model when I looked into it. I think, Im going to finish her with what she came with. Later I may choose to build one of the 1:350 kits. Were those 2 midship port and starbord 8 sided plates on the aft deck wood or steel?
  9. Second coat of paint on the decks. I think the fore and aft deck need only one more. The upper deck needs two. Then the dark brown wash. Followed by cleaning up the blue. I plan to continue the deck tomorrow. As well as fix the paint job on the lower hull. And paint airbrush the top of turrets 1,2 and 4 Tamiya red. That is if it is warm enough. Popeye, I like the Blue color. The new historians may be wrong. But if memory serves, we once had a Great White fleet. So they could be correct.
  10. I haven't seriously worked on models in years. But over the years, I've acquired some kits I want to build. One being Trumpeter's 1/350 USS Texas BB-35 and Bronco's 1/350 USS Fort Worth. Upon examining the kits, I realized I was not up to the challenge yet. I needed experience. So I decided to build this historic Ship, and I given it's age, historic kit to. I began researching the subject and learned when she was sunk, she had been repainted that year. So she was not the standard Navy Grey. And I liked the look. So I tried to find the closest color matches. I've stumbled some. One the hull seem would not go away with glue, clamp and sanding. Primer showed how bad it really was. So I had to fill and sand. The other issue was the paint. I had read online she was SeaBlue. So I purchases Tamiya SeaBlue. After priming and painting the lower hull Tamiya Hull Red, I added the SeaBlue. Well that was almost black. So I did more research and learned that Tamiya Medium Blue is a close match for 1941 Navy's 5-S A and B. That is much better. The latest was airbrushing the Tamiya black for the waterline stripe. It bled through the blue painter's tape badly. I repainted the upper hull yesterday. So the pictures in the album reflect that. Still need to fix the Hull Red. Then try again with stripe. Will try a black paint pen. In addition, I began painting the wood deck color. That will take a few coats. Then some dark brown wash to add some realism. My USS Arizona Picture Album
  11. Glenns_TX

    Hello from North Texas

    Thanks for the warm welcome and advice. I checked my library for the books Chris Coyl mentioned. They don’t have them. So I downloaded a sample of Mr. Mastii’s book from Amazon. I reviewed the Union build log. And looked for other solid hull build logs that are finished. I’m continuing my research for now.
  12. Very nice build. I hope I can do as well with one of the Corel solid hull kits.
  13. Hello Everyone. Thanks for allowing me to join. My father introduced me to plastic modeling as a child. But I never had the patience for it. I wanted to be instantly good at it. He was a very talented modeler. While his passion was aircraft, I love ships. Be they tall ship, steel navy or Sci Fi. I’ve acquired a number of them over the years. But they’ve languished in my closet. I recently restored a damaged and neglected 24” plastic USS Constitution he built in the 70’s. At the same time I began work on a Revell USS Arizona. As well has two Polar Lights 1:1000 original series Star Trek Kits. In 1990, I bought the Constructo 1799 USS Enterprise schooner. It’s a POB kit. The bulk heads were no problem. As were the blocks between the stern bullheads. Planking stopped me cold. After messing up a few boards, I put it away. I want to finish it. But realize I need to cut my teeth on simpler kits. I didn’t want to sink too much into it. I thought Corel’s solid hull Kits may be the place to start. So I ordered the HMS Bounty kit from Model Express. Well accidentally 2. But I’m seeing about exchanging it for the America kit. So where should I begin? Glenn, Fort Worth, TX

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