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  1. Thanks guys, I really appreciate the comments. It feels good to be making some progress on the starboard side (until I remember I have to do the port as well!), Cheers, Ken
  2. I built the channels and shroud chain plates for the starboard side. I had to figure out how to get the deadeyes and chain plate links to sit properly on the channel, so I got creative and used small nails in grooves to hook the metal deadeye straps onto (kind of like a coat hook). Once I installed them I ran a plank along the front of the channel to hold the deadeye and chain link in place. I can still move the deadeyes from side to side a bit to provide some flexibility when I thread the shrouds (some day...). Here's the finished product once painted. I attached the chain plates to the hull with brass nails.
  3. A little more progress on the cannons! I started the third deck but realized I need to build the channels before I can finish the upper cannons.
  4. I spent some time over the holidays figuring out how I wanted to finish my gunports. To make them more "scale" and historically accurate I wanted to add 2 ropes to each port lid, however the bronze port lids with the kit are a bit problematic to drill holes through with the smaller, delicate drill bits, so I opted to only drill one hole in each lid and run a single rope. Not completely "scale" but I'm happy with how they're turning out. Now just 90 or so more to go! My high tech solution for holding the gunports in place while the glue dries.
  5. Looking great! I really like the run of the planks at the stern. Looks like all that excellent prep work you did is paying off!
  6. Thanks very much. Have a great holiday season and make sure you get back in the shipyard!
  7. Finished planking, painting and installing the rudder and chains. Hope to make progress on the some of the deck features and gun ports over the holidays.
  8. It's looking great - all that extra work will save you so much time on the planking. Wish I'd thought of that for mine. Outstanding prep work!
  9. I got side tracked and decided to build some cannons to see how they'd fit on the deck (no reason other than I thought it would be fun to build them!). It turns out I needed to lower them in order for the barrels to fit properly through the main deck gun ports. I decided to try removing the axles (cannon on the right in the pic below has the axles removed. The one on the left still has its axles). That lowered the cannon barrel just enough for it to fit nicely through the port (second pic below, cannon on the right). A big relief as I thought I might have to mess with the port themselves.
  10. Made some progress on the bow section - started with the figurehead - here's the before & after Built the transom deck, painted and added the bow "roundhouses". Added sections under the transom deck. Bent and installed the decorative brass strips using small brass nails. Added more decorative brass under the transom, plus the bow supports (which did a good job of hiding the imperfections in my brass pieces).
  11. Thanks very much Wallace, I really appreciate the support! Glad you like the colors! I'll keep updating my progress.
  12. Outstanding work GrandpaPhil! I really like the gunport modifications. The ones that come with the kit are thin and not particularly scale. All the details you've added are a nice touch. So far I've just painted the inside of the lids red and wasn't sure how to jazz them up beyond that.
  13. Looking great! I really like the inspiration for the colour. I also like your idea for adding bulkhead spacers. Had I done that it would have made planking so much easier. I'm guessing the time you'll save on planking will more than offset the extra work.
  14. Thanks GrandpaPhil and Wallace! I'm glad to see there are others working through the same ship and scale. Both your builds look fantastic and please feel free to give me any input/advice as things progress - it's all new to me! I'm actually further along but ran out of time to post the other photos last night, so I'll add them this evening. I've managed to finish much of the stern gallery and paint the hull (you're right Wallace, the paint did solve my two tone problem). Please let me know if you have any suggestions! I decided to paint the hull copper rather than install actual copper plates. The jury's still out on the look for me, but I figured I can always copper it later if I change my mind. I painted the rest of the hull in the former yellow/black scheme instead of the newer beige/pinkish tone on the actual ship. The kit's instructions on building the stern gallery are a bit vague, so I built the inside out of balsa, then planked and trimmed with walnut strips. Thankfully I'd painted the brass stern gallery pieces 20 years ago, so that saved me some time. Here's the before & after: I added the gunwale planks and finished painting the upper decks in black. The cannons/gunport frames aren't glued in yet, I just put them in temporarily to properly position the gunwale planks. I'm moving on to the rudder & bow sections now, and will post some photos once I make progress.
  15. This is my first ship model build so please excuse the mistakes. I actually started this model in the mid '90s with the delusion I would build it over a summer, quickly realized I had no concept of what it would actually take, then got distracted by multiple kids and life in general. The result was I took about 20 years off, but always planned to pick it back up again. I dusted it off earlier this year and have finally started to make progress. When I stopped in the '90s I had only completed the ribs, deck, the upper portion of the hull planking, and a few gun ports (that was about the time I realized the true scope of the project). So the first thing I did was finish the gun ports....... Then I moved on to hull planking....first layer (a little rough) Second layer....getting a little smoother High tech waterline tool.....the two-tone wood colour is due to a 20 year gap between laying the planks!

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