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  1. Signode388

    Hello all and already looking for help

    Thank you all for warm welcome. Yes, I am planning to start a build log because I believe it also helps your patience and perseverance when you have people watching. I am still waiting for the kit and I am a bit worried as it is international shipment with no tracking number and mail services around here are quite slow. Anyway for tools I took a mitre box and small saw, drill bits 0.4 - 1, #1 Scalpel from AL, several clamps, I have many tweezers lying around the house. A question about sandpaper though. What size do you mean by course, medium, fine? Also do you sand using just a sheet of sandpaper or you have some specialised tool i.e. rubber pad or some wooden handle? Also are the mini files all the same size just different form, or there is also difference in the size of the metal grains? I couldn't find a lot of information about this and sellers don't state anything about the size. Regards, Iliya
  2. Signode388

    Hello all and already looking for help

    Thank you all for the input! Yes that was my idea. The minimum amount of tools I will need at first. I will read through the PDF tomorrow and prepare to get started.
  3. My name is Iliya, 24 years old and from Sofia, Bulgaria. I've always been captivated by sailing ships, yachts and the sea, even though my knowledge in the matter and experience is limited. I've been playing around the idea of trying to build my own ship model since I was 14, but due to numerous excuses like lack of funds, time, work space, or guts to finish it I have't found the need to actually start. However, now due to a bad time of my life recovering from big motorcycle accident I found myself both with enough funds, time and desire to try and build my first ship model 10 years after I initially had the idea. My woodworking experience is borderline zero, however I consider my self pretty skillful with my hands and able to learn fast. After reading the kit selection PDF found on the website, I decided to go for the Phantom 1:96 by Model Shipways, as I saw that it was recommended and there was something called Practicum by Chuck Passaro for this model. So here are my first questions. 1. Where can I find this practicum, as the link in the PDF no longer works. 2. What some of you who have experience with this or other models, deem like absolutely necessary tools for this particular ship? I am waiting for the delivery of the kit and want to meanwhile order anything that I don't have in my house but I will need. Regards, Iliya

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