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  1. This really helps! Thanks for the photos they make it very clear! I'll try this together with Eric's tips Thanks guys!
  2. Hi everyone! I had a productive Sunday! I continued by applying some lacque to the base of the ship Then I started with the doors of the stable. I used acryl paint and a plastic strong foil on the windows The base dried up so I attached the stables Now i have to add a piece of wood to the front of the ship.. but im not sure how to bend it without breaking the wood? I dont have professional woodbending tools so i would like some advice on this? see next two pictures: In the meantime i started planking the second deck! I would love to hear any tips or thing you would do differently! Anna
  3. Hi Richmond, These links are very helpful! Thanks a lot for finding them for me! Anna
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! I posted my build blog!
  5. Hi Jan, Great idea, I'll go to the Gamma soon to get the Histor blanke lak! (and not put it on to soon, I didnt know glue doesnt hold on well on lacquer!) Thanks . I prefer the wood look, in my opinion it would be a shame to paint this particular model!
  6. Hi All, As promised in my introduction https://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/19811-new-member-from-maastricht-the-netherlands/&tab=comments#comment-604408 here is my first build blog. Thank to other build blogs I found on MSW I was able to make a good start. Any tips/advice/things you notice are very welcome. The hardest thing about the instructions is the jargon. As English is not my first language and I'm not that familiar with ship terms like keel and stern. Right now I'm working on the first layer on the deck. These are the stables. As you see on the last picture I'm making the "windows" with bars. Also, should I use some kind of oil/paint for the keel and base where I made the "wooden floorboards"? Thanks in advance!! And I am looking forward sharing this adventure with all you guys! Anna
  7. Hi Everyone! I'm Anna, 30 years old from the Netherlands!I found you guys via https://www.reddit.com/r/modelmakers. They suggested I come here and look at some build blogs! I recently started my first wooden ship and without this site I would probably still be at step 1. I will make a build blog once I read all the rules/tips on this site. I have some experience with plastic models from Revell such as: HMS Victory: HMS Victory https://imgur.com/gallery/nIrP7lK and RMS Titanic https://imgur.com/gallery/xrCWXsY . I am currently working on the King of the Mississippi from Artesania Latina and this is a whole different level of model building! I'm up for the challenge and cant wait to start the journey with you guys advicing/helping/joining me! See you soon! Anna ps. I also love to paint ships! (with lines im not that talented!)

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