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  1. grsjax

    What type of wood is this?

    Don't know what kind of wood it is but would be surprised if it was boxwood. Anyway if you need boxwood get it from Chuck on this forum. He has high quality stuff at reasonable prices.
  2. grsjax

    Wood Ship Kits for Kids

    There is, or was a company called Woodkrafter that makes simple model ships for kids. Don't know if they are still in business.
  3. The eruption died down on its own a week or so back. Don't think the rain would have effected in any case.
  4. Brass spacers used in lamps can make good ship stands. They already have a hole through them so simply running a screw up through the base board, spacer and into the keel makes a solid stand. These are links to a couple of lamp part supplier that sells them. You can usually find good ones for about $5 a pair. https://www.grandbrass.com/category/necks-cast_brass_necks/necks/ https://www.antiquelampsupply.com/lamp-parts/couplings-loops-hooks-swivels/couplings-armbacks-necks-swivels-spindles
  5. 40" of rain in 72 hours. At one point is was raining 4" an hour. Lots of flooding and road closures but no damage at our place.
  6. Thanks for the kind thoughts. Luckly we are in a spot that doesn't flood and can last for several days if the roads get cut. Biggest problem is going to be power outages. If a lot of lines go down we could be using candles for a week or more. Makes doing fine work very difficult.
  7. I would sand it to fit. Others may have different advice.
  8. grsjax

    How similar is building a model to a real boat?

    It is actually easier working on large timbers if you have the right tools. But as was said above you can't just glue your planks on.
  9. grsjax

    Falkonet boat model kits quality

    I have been looking at the Master Korabel kits. Just wanted to try a simple small scale boat first and the Falkonet 6 oar boat looked like a good bet. Already ordered the Falkonet kit. Figured if Model-expo was selling them they must be legit. Live and learn.
  10. If they are not to delicate they can be polished in a tumbler. A kids rock tumbler is perfect for this. Use a fine medium like ground walnut shell or corn cob with a shot of liquid polish like Brasso. The finer the medium the better the result will be. Add a shot of Brasso or other liquid polish to the medium. Don't use the grit sold with the tumber, much to harsh for brass. Put everything in the tumbler barrel and let run for 30 minutes or so. Take out one of the parts and check the state of the polish. If it needs more time do it in increments of 10 minutes or so. After it looks good rinse with acetone and let dry.
  11. grsjax

    What Wood Is Best For What

    Good advice. A make do alternative is a hot attic. Don't know what your weather is like there but if attics get hot then you can sticker the boards there and get some dry wood. Down side is you can't really control the moisture levels very well.
  12. grsjax

    Falkonet boat model kits quality

    Thanks I think I will go ahead and order one. I will put up a review of the kit.
  13. grsjax

    What Wood Is Best For What

    Any reasonably hard wood with a fine, straight grain can be used for most parts of a model. Best to pick out your own pieces if you can to get the best results. That said some woods are better for some purposes. For a general all around, low cost wood go with basswood. Poplar is also a low cost alternative that is a little harder than basswood. Not the best woods but pretty good. I like cherry for most purposes but it doesn't seem to be the best for steam bending. Apple and pear are good for just about anything. Black walnut is excellent if you can find good pieces with out wild grain or knots. Maple is good for the backbone of the model and decks but get wood with a fine grain, not the typical stuff you find at Home Depot. Boxwood is an excellent wood for everything especially carving but it is expensive. There are lots of woods that can be used in modeling and they don't have to be the ones found in kits or from wood suppliers. I find that aracantha, dogwood, gardenia, plum, lemon, lime and other woods I find available around here work just fine and are usually for free. You do have to season it and mill it yourself but it is easy to do with a little practice. One last thing. Don't buy wood from sources in China. What they label as cherry, walnut or boxwood has only a passing kinship with the real stuff.
  14. Just a suggested addition to the list of kits for people with a little experience, The Model Shipways kit the skipjack "Willie Bennett". Great kit that is not to hard to build and has really clear, easy to follow instructions.
  15. I was thinking of ordering one of Falkonet's small boat kits. The pictures look good and the price is very reasonable but I have not seen any build logs or discussion of the kit quality. Anyone have any experience building one?

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