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  1. Lots of fun in Hawaii today

    Got an alert on my cell phone this morning that there was a missile inbound to Hawaii and that it was not a drill. Not much you can do about something like that so brought the dogs inside, checked to see that my wife and father in law were ok and waited. 38 minutes later we got an alert that the earlier alert had been a false alarm. Turns out it was actually someone pushing the wrong button. Seems that there should have been someway to ensure that button didn't get push accidentally but I wasn't there so can't say. We are over 200 miles from Honolulu and there are a couple of really big mountains between there and Mt. View where we live so I wasn't to worried about things here but Honolulu went into panic mode. People hiding in storm drains, crying in the streets, frantically texting loved ones. Can't blame them but when you are in the middle of the bullseye you might as well sit back and wait for it. Nothing you can do if a bomb does hit. Now of course everyone is blaming everyone else for the screw up. Some are even blaming the President even though the alert system is an entirely state run affair and no one outside of Hawaii has any control over it. Guess people just can't thank God that it was a false alarm and get on with life.
  2. Greenwich Hospital Barge Kit?

    What I figured it was but was hoping someone made a legal one.
  3. Is there any legit manufacture putting out a kit of the Greenwich Hospital Barge? Looks like a really interesting small boat.
  4. Bummer. Maybe the NRG will put it on there resources page.
  5. Go to the NRG home page link at the top of the page. They have the individual articles for sale.
  6. When time comes to rig your spars there is a great jig you can build yourself that was shown in Autumn 2017 issue (Vol 62, #3) issue of the Nautical Research Journal. Looks like it will really help.
  7. Do a search for copper leaf or copper shim stock. I believe K&S has foil/shim stock from .001 to .005 thickness. Neither leaf, foil or shim stock has a clear coat and it isn't expensive. If you go with any of these be sure and get the thicker stuff as it is easier to use for model work. However the really thin leaf is to delicate for most models although for putting a copper bottom on a really small scale model it is perfect.
  8. I find it less hassle to use the alcohol. No lamps or heat guns required. Just mix and paint.
  9. Where we live in Hawaii the humidity tends to be high so water based paints dry more slowly than they would in a dryer place. Rubbing alcohol works well for me under these circumstances but may not be a good solution for everyone. Probably varies depending on the brand of paint as well.
  10. yacht rigging for 1:12 scale

    Check a jewelry supply website or on eBay. 7, 9, 21 and 49 (7x7 strand, best for rigging) strand cable is used for stringing beads. Looks just like wire rope but in very small sizes. Here is a link to an eBay seller. There are many more.
  11. Assuming that your intended use is doing fine shaping and smoothing with the chisels than 30-35 degrees is appropriate. If you want to use them to hog out a lot of wood than a a larger angle might be better. The finer the edge the better control for fine work. For work requiring more force you want the edge to be supported by more metal behind it.
  12. pencil drill

    Great find. I checked Amazon and they have it for $14.95 with free shipping for Prime members. Also there are a couple of similar engraving pens with higher ratings and a bit lower price.
  13. AER Model Ships

    Are there any vendors in the US that sell the AER wooden ship models?
  14. Excel. Better than xacto in my experience.
  15. Probably true but with a 1/16", 20TPI blade it is really amazing what can be done with a band saw. I have a Sears brand one for a 3 wheel 10" bench top band saw. Not sure if Sears still sells them. That said it's your workshop, your money and your Admiral you have to convince so go for what works for you.