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  1. grsjax

    Scientific America Yacht kit

    If you are interested in a Skipjack model look at the Model Shipways "Willie Bennett". Best Skipjack model available and a great first build.
  2. grsjax

    Guava wood for bending small boat ribs

    Hi Yes I paint the end grain of all my green wood. The strawberry guava just doesn't do well when it is drying. I have been looking for a tree that died standing hoping that drying out like that will make the wood more usable.
  3. grsjax

    Guava wood for bending small boat ribs

    Hi I have some quava drying now. What type of quava are you using. Here in Hawaii we have several varieties of quava some with very different qualities. What I have now is white quava which looks to be very good. There is also yellow, red and strawberry quava. The last is really hard to season. Seems no matter what I try it splits badly.
  4. Great looking rope. I hope you do decide to produce it as it looks so good.
  5. Another good site for finding books is bookfinder.com . I have found some very good deals on rare/out of print books there.
  6. How fast are you running the wood through the saw? If you are moving to fast it can result in poor results. Try moving the piece forward at a slow pace, experiment until you find the speed that works best. A dull blade could also be the culprit.
  7. Another thing you can do to make the Dremel drill stand better is to fill the column with something to stiffen it. A wood dowel of the right size or poring in epoxy thickened with sawdust will do the trick.
  8. I find the Dremel drill press stand adequate for 90% of the drilling I need. Bolting it down to a solid surface helps. For the more precise work a small bench top drill press is the way to go.
  9. Everyone has something that they wish they could get. Mine is a junk filter for eBay. I wish I could just use the junk filter in a search for model ship kits that would automatically filter out the Chinese copies, cheap "ship models" from asia, toys, and other undesirables. I would guess that 10 pages of results would be trimmed down to one.
  10. grsjax

    Wood Type For Model Rowboat Skiff

    I would go along with the suggestion of using poplar. It is usually available from the big box stores, is fairly cheap, harder than bass wood but still works easily and looks good. As for slicing up the wood you might want to invest in a hollow ground planer blade for your table saw. With care you can get very thin sections using a planer blade.
  11. Was looking at Loctite GO2 glue today at Wally World and was wondering if anyone is using it. From the description on the package it looks pretty good and it works with wood, plastic and metal.
  12. grsjax

    Oscillating Wonder Cutter

    This is a startup that isn't on the market yet. Claims it can cut soft material like leather. This is a link to their Kickstarter page.
  13. For a kit like the MSW Bluenose you wouldn't need a lot of tools. Bare bones would be an xacto knife with a No.11 blade (get extra blades), a razor saw, large and small tweezers and sandpaper do most of what you need to do. A few other tools are nice to have like a couple of needle files and maybe a miter box but arn't necessary to complete the model. Look over each step in the process and determine before hand what tools are going to required. Have fun.
  14. grsjax

    What type of wood is this?

    Don't know what kind of wood it is but would be surprised if it was boxwood. Anyway if you need boxwood get it from Chuck on this forum. He has high quality stuff at reasonable prices.
  15. grsjax

    Wood Ship Kits for Kids

    There is, or was a company called Woodkrafter that makes simple model ships for kids. Don't know if they are still in business.

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