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  1. The container is actually blue with a clear top. The rest of the color is just a label that is easy to remove.
  2. swiffer My wife gave me a couple of plastic containers that used to hold the Swiffer pads she uses on the kitchen floor. Great storage boxes. Bit smaller than a shoe box and just the right size to hold small tools, parts and bottles of paint. This is what they look like in the store.
  3. I have one like that. Works really well and has glass lens. I think I paid about US$12 for them on eBay.
  4. Born in Anchorage Alaska a long time ago. Since then all over the USA and 10 years in Europe. Retired and moved to Hawaii 7 years ago. Heritage of German, French, English and who knows what else.
  5. I would think that anything the size of a ship of the lines keel would require bolting as well as wedging. Keels were made up of as many as 7 pieces and must have been under tremendous stress and strain all the time. If I remember correctly there were a couple of different methods of making the scarp in the keel one of which did use a wedge in a similar manner.
  6. Although more elaborate this is pretty much the same method used in the Royal Dock Yards to splice together the long keels of large ships.
  7. There are several low temp silver solder pastes available. I purchased some from Amazon and have been pretty happy with it. You have to be careful if you are soldering several pieces together because the earlier joints will soften and/or melt if the piece gets to hot.
  8. Thought I had a lot of kits stashed away. I realize now that I am just a piker when it comes to hoarding model kits.
  9. Did some searching for Polybak online and found this vendor that sells single 49"x97" sheets. Don't know what they charge as you need to setup a business account to see the prices. Here is another vendor that will provide laserboard (not sure what kind) custom cut to your specs and also sells sheets (from 12"x12") of the material.
  10. Thanks Read the download and it looks like exactly what I was looking for.
  11. Update. Take all 4 plans for $25 includes shipping in US.
  12. Several 24x10 drawings (one sheet for each sub) of US subs marked "Warship Drawings, Edward H. Wiswesser". Plans are in good shape but have been stored folded and have creases. The paper has darkened some. Price is $8 each including first class shipping in the US. U.S.S. Corsair, SS435 to SS524 U.S.S. Seawolf/Nautilus, SSN571 and 575 U.S.S. Tang, SS563 to SS568 U.S.S. Thresher, SSN593 to SSN615 I had to crib pictures off the net as my camera is acting up. Same drawings but actual may look slightly different.