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  1. Hi Larry Blimey your quick at your work . With regard to your spiling did your kit come with wide planks of the same wood as other planks, or made by yourself separately.? Great build going by the way. . kier
  2. Hi Charlene & Jerry, What can one say but truly .....'superb'. I have been following your build albeit a bit late. Years ago when I decided to build my own kit (following my dads footsteps) I too decided also in building Amati's Bounty,but sadly mucked up my hull planning with careless use of using ca glue. It hurt so much it ended up in the bin. After sometime i also built the Billings Bluenose II and used wood glue (what a difference). Sadly I never made a log for it. If you do follow up with the Bluenose I am sure you will be happy. That's the same for the Nina too. Enough of me, this is your log.. To the both of you for such a wonderful build log- keep building. . Kier
  3. Hi Simon, I know I am a bit late from saying a word. I just happened to be browsing and checked into a few Bluenose builds, and came across your build. I was amazed at what I saw "fantastic". years ago I built the billings Bluenose II and was absolutely frightened to even attempt making the sails from the sailcloth.(no chance). In a few short words your build is truly great,with brilliant photographs. . Keep it going buddy. . . Kier
  4. Hi ken, that is very informative as before I would not have had any idea. This is something which will be going into my book of model building notes. Many thanks Ken kier
  5. Hi Ken - I have been following in the background of your build.....Nice work. I have one question that has always bugged me in the past but have never asked the question as to why and how? - I noticed when you were decking etc, that you spoke of applying a sealer, then a poly over the top. As I term my self as a always learning I ask should this always be applied and weather it can be used just the same on top of a wood-stain, as I have one of my past models (Bounty) where I applied nothing. Sorry but this has been on my mind for some time as a member of MSW, following other builders with there great info, we all gain more knowledge that grows and grows. Thanks to you all. Keep up the work Ken - she looks great. kier
  6. Wow!, who would ever of thought of making a jig that makes the gun barrels in the centre of the gun ports. I will be putting that in my book of notes, not to be forgotten. great work. kier
  7. Lovely work with the sails and rigging. The sails included in your build makes it look so real to the eye. love it. kier
  8. Michael, thank you for sharing your info regarding the wood used on the hull. The hull for one sets it off nice. .... and the rest. just perfect
  9. Hi Michael, what can I say, just a beautiful build. You have certainly put a lot of effort with all of your so called fix's. It's well worth the effort and well rewarding. Such a lovely build. PS:- May I ask what wood did you use apart from the walnut on your hull? kier
  10. Wow!....boy-oh-boy that's a big one. I wish I could have a model of her size. I myself suffer from epilepsy (controlled) and my medication causes my hands to shake, especially when doing small delicate work. The bigger the model the easier it is to me. There is one problem that gets in the way of going big is.......my builders yard is to small. agh! Dam. Please forgive me I am just jealous. You have a great build going there with a lot of great work involved. Stick with it E,J. Kier
  11. Sorry Jesse, I should open my eyes more. I never looked at your past builds
  12. you stated earlier that your planking sucks, (not now that's for sure). my very first build was also the 'bounty by billing boats', my planking was so bad that it ended up in the bin. What with that mess of things I ended up building the 'bluenose 11 also by billing boats, I found the hull a lot easier. great build by the way kier
  13. mobbsie, may I ask how do you work so quick or maybe I am so slow? kier
  14. Hi Jesse. I have been following along with your build with great interest. Your long boat by-the-way looks fantastic. the way you are going, have you ever thought of joining the scratch build club? kier
  15. Great, with Mobbsie building. I shall take that second chair next to you Jason. kier

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