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  1. Hi. Small progress with the Vasa planking. On the base "The royal warship Vasa" and the model 1/10 in Vasa museum, opposite an instruction who made it glue parallel to the previous planks... 😆 Regards.
  2. Hi. This planks are from kit? In the photos watch is to big. And the planking watch good, but.... wasa_41.tif
  3. Hi! I m making the models with the 2-3 weeks system ( 2 weeks only scotish, 2 weeks only vasa) If you want to see previous stages of build watch this: http://santisimatrinidad.jun.pl/viewtopic.php?t=2242&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 (polish) I m in the 48 number of dea book. *** oppossed to instructions i stains the planks, because instruction watch of the vasa not satisfied me (PAINT ALL HULL WHAT???) And the stage that i was most afraid of began. The planting of the 2 layer planks. Result was really satisfied me. Planks are from the kit, stained by oak colour, caulikng was a pencil methody, before a glue i moistend th water outside page. What do you think about it? Regards.
  4. In the captains cabins is paper or veneer, wood?
  5. Hi! I have mad some small progress with ratlines, and i secured lower parts of the ratlines. Regards.
  6. Wiktor.L

    Hi all!

    Thanks all!
  7. Hi. This relationship is conducted on 3 other forums. I present today progress with build my schooner. I finished (shrouds? i dont know this name, in polish: wanty), and i started the ratlines. Some photos of general look of model. For mistakes sorry, google translate help me with this. my work room: I know, this planking was bad, but when i was make this, i did not know. When i found out it was to late. Regards.
  8. Wiktor.L

    Hi all!

    Hi, i m a ship modeller from Poland. I build a ships from the kits. For the mistakes sorry my english not perfect and i use to help google translator. END: Black Pearl from amati, hachette; Bryg corsair from occre. In progress: Vasa from artesania; Scotish Maid from artesania; And some papers. Waiting fot the start: HMS fly amati. Regards.

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