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  1. Great to see you back on this one Dennis. Be afraid when the Admiral isnt yelling at you, that is a sure sign they are cooking up some kind of mischief for you. You mentioned earlier about 'getting back to one armed paperhanger speed" Looks to me like you have a whole room full of paper hangers going for you. Sam
  2. Craig, What a great build this is turning in to. All that PE you plastic builders really sets the bar high. Several pages back you built up the underside of the bridge, will any of that be visible without a mirror? Not that it matters, you know its there. Sam
  3. Carl, Getting caught up here, so sorry to hear about your Uncle, my condolences. I have missed a lot it appears, Map building and converting, inter-language skills, blood sacrifices.... You know how to stay busy. It is all paying off, the build looks great. Sam
  4. Wow Brian, that looks great. That is quite a battery you have in there. Sam
  5. Looking good Mark! i know what you mean by “time to focus” it will come. Sam
  6. Lou, so sorry to hear about your wife’s mishap. Glad to hear she is doing better. I “liked” you post out of support rather than sone perverse pleasure at the accident. Sam
  7. Hey Dennis, getting caught up here. Seems I missed your birthday, Happy-happy!! are you taking a break from this or waiting for a replacement kit? sam
  8. Hjalmar, thanks for dropping in and the good words, I appreciate it. Do you have a build log?? I would love to follow along. Don’t take my build as gospel, I have made more than a few mistakes. (Mast woldings) In other cases I have just done what worked for me at my level of skill. As far as the length of time, most of that has been my job, it tends to take over my life for months on end. I will have a bit to show this weekend I think. Right at the moment it’s 3:30am and I am on a break at work. Hope to be back on a day schedule Thursday. Tiger dave, O. C. Thanks for stopping by. Always nice to see new faces. Best, Sam
  9. A great looking couple!!! Congratulations both of you. Sam
  10. Brian, i have never seen those before. Where did you get them ?? youll figure out what is best. Sam
  11. Brian, a lot of led strings today have resistors for each led. Do the instructions say anything about if/where you can cut them? Sam
  12. Brian, So this is where you got off to!! That deck looks great. Birch, Beech (beach?) maple or Brit, it the contrast looks really good. Sam

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