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  1. Weflack, I dont know about the flame retardant aspect of Alum, perhaps some do use it for that, your handle on chemistry is far beyond mine. I do know that when we do work with any kind of fabric we are required to use an IFR (Inherently Flame Retardant) fabric. For us at least flame retardancy has not been a reason that I am aware of for using Alum. Sam
  2. Frankie, have you, or anybody tried thinning the epoxy down with denatured alcohol? I suspect it weakens the epoxy but it should saturate the fabric and not fill the weave. Also we sometimes use alum to stiffen fabrics for backdrops. Does anybody know if that would be an option for this? sam edit. On second thought when we have used alum when the fabric was not stretched properly. I think it might make the fabric shrink. Probably NOT the intention here🤔
  3. Derek, In my opinion you cant beat the Otter Boxes. I was sold when Better Half came home one day and said one of her photographers drop his phone and a fire truck ran it over. The screen was damaged but once that was replaced the phone functioned normally. Sam
  4. That wheel looks amazing, thanks for sharing. Dennis, that lever is for the 007 Hydrofoil/bullet proof shield/laser guided .50 cal rifle (WiFi capable) Sam
  5. James thanks for getting back so quick. It's not a big deal, meddo's reply is the perfect solution. Meddo, I am on an iPhone and your reply is perfect. I had no idea I could do that. Thank you. Sam
  6. First of all, thanks to the admins and moderators for all their hard work. I understand it's often a thankless job. I have held off asking this until things settled down. The return to top of page feature works just fine for me on my desktop, is there a similar feature for cell phones and or tablets? I thought it might become obvious as I became used to the new interface, but no not yet at least. If this has been answered earlier I have missed it somehow. thanks Sam
  7. Brian, fully framed gives the heights maybe drop in to the planking and furniture forum and ask? Or, shoot me a pm and I'll look when I get home tonight - at work ATM. (Break time right now, I would "never" go on msw otherwise........😇) sam
  8. Brian, what happens if you take more photos than letters in the alphabet? 170311aar? sam
  9. Chris, you can send that mortising machine out to LA if you feel you dont like it!! I do wish manufacturers would go back to a foot operated mortiser though, hanging on those handles can be a chore for a skinny guy like me. Enjoy! We are all jealous. Sam
  10. Ron, now that the baffles are in does it draw better? Sam
  11. Pete, I feel your pain!! We have been on overtime since October with days off few and far between. I just keep telling myself I have a good job and I am putting money in my retirement account. It eases the pain somewhat, at least for me. Sam
  12. Grant, I am afraid that may be your order ID. I looked at mine and have 3 different numbers - assuming we are looking at the same thing. And I see I let my membership lapse for a YEAR!!! Shame in me! Sam
  13. Rich, you dont NEED to serve, but it does add a textural element to the rigging that is nice. Check Alexi Domanof in the list of dealers on the NRG page. I believe he is in Europe and I have heard good things about his ropewalk, I think it will serve also? EDIT I just looked, he offers a serving machine. Sam