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  1. Yikes Mark!! Feel Better soon. Sam
  2. Gerhard, that is pretty much how Better Half and I have been playing it for 7 years, but, its taken me over 50 years to learn it. Sam
  3. Wow, 70 years! How have they done it, do they ever say? sam
  4. John, do you have pets? A cat perhaps? When mine was younger she would take parts off the work bench and use them as House Hockey pucks. I found 1/2 of my kit supplied transom detail under the sofa one day. Sam
  5. All is well here Eddie. That is quite a stash some of you have though. Sam
  6. I am not worthy to join in this one guys. My "stash" consists of my current build. Now if we want to talk tools....... Sam
  7. LOL! I try to be careful on my end about that. Like I said I dont know much about my ancestors but I seem to recall that one of my relatives came from Virginia, another from Chicago and pretty sure based on the hill name I had relatives from Pennsylvania. Most likely I would be cursing family either way I went! Sam
  8. I have day dreamed about it thats for sure. The current owners are very nice and more than willing to let relatives visit the site. I dont see them ever letting it go though, when we were out there the wife asked us what we thought about her husbands desire to be buried on the hill over looking the valley. I suspect that even if I had the $$millions it would take they have no interest in selling. Ya never know though. I might win the lottery one day. Best of luck in your search, its a lot of work to research family, I dont have that much patience myself. I suspect members here would be good at it though. Sam
  9. Thank you, they really dont do the view justice. That fence line runs along a small drop that runs down to the Muddy River. Its just an incredible piece of land, really disappointed it is no longer in the family. Just out of site on the left side is a small burial plot where my Great Great grandmother is buried. Sam
  10. I hope I havent posted these here before. Since we are talking genealogy, my grandmother spent part of her childhood in log cabin outside Kremling Colorado around 1908 IIRC. I would have to look it up and that "book" is buried. Better Half and I visited the location in 2013. This is supposedly the ranch hand and guest house: According to family photos as well as a book called "Up and Down the Valleys of the Muddy" (river) this is what it looked like in its heyday. The center area was the local post office, ranch hands (and I think guests) lived/stayed in the building to the left. family lived to the right. This was all that was left in 2013. Grandmother used to claim her grandfather was allowed in the local tribe Chiefs teepee when she lived there. Supposedly only family were allowed inside, not sure how much truth there is to any of that. Other than there is a hill in Pennsylvania with our last name on it and that my Great Great (Great?) grandfather brought electricity from Chicago area to Colorado that's about all I know of my family history. But I love looking at these pictures from time to time and thinking of my grandmother liveing here Sam lSam
  11. Mark, I thought about adding that last part in but for whatever reason coundn't clean it up like you did. Brian, too bad my neighbor Charley died a few years ago at 92, he was a Marine veteran of Iwo Jima and hated Navy. Could have brought them together, that would have been a conversation to witness. Great guy, the night Better Half met our current land lord he came over to check on things ready do battle. Skinny and frail looking but full of everything that make the Marines great. Sam
  12. That is some seriously good looking brass and leather work "Bug! I am constantly in awe of the talent on this site. Forgive me please for hijacking your log, but, Danny, does butane go bad?? I have never heard of that before. Sam
  13. Carl, that Inner Glow is from the San Onofre Nuclear power plant south of where I live, no night lights required in my house..... Sam
  14. Now I know why my boss is always trying to turn me into an electrician!!! He keeps me in the dark all the time..... Sam
  15. I dont mind the "tink" sound 5-10 feet away, at least then you have a rough idea where the rip in the space time fabric is. Then you have a shot at getting your part back before it closes. Its when parts disapparate straight off the tweezers without a sound that I hate. I have tried cursing, offering to the great god Katuna (works for fishing i hear) even calls to Mr Wizard, usually nothing works. Somewhere in another dimension there is an alien running around yelling Look what the gods brought forth!! I have finally resorted to one of those plastic polycarb floor protectors. The parts dont seem to bounce as far and I can usually see them. Sam