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  1. Sjors!! How did I miss this one?? I would blame Anja for not inviting me but Sean has already blamed you for not telling him. Ill just have to say I have been away too long and missed too many great builds. You are doing a fine job with a kit as bad as everyone says it is. It is a testament to your skill that she looks as good as she does. Sam
  2. Thanks everybody for the comments and the likes. She may look tidy at the moment, give me some time (a year??😀) and I'll clutter her up good with more string. And now its off to work, one more day on site and back to more human hours for a while. And none to soon, its supposed to rain this afternoon and I am driving my old Escape, with a sunroof, that leaks like its not there. I just didnt want to put ladders and tool cart inside a brand new vehicle, can ya blame me?? Sam
  3. Hey all! I actually got a lot done this weekend, at least for me. The topmast back stays are in as I mentioned earlier. I am changing the way I am belaying them to be more like the other stays. No pictures of that part yet, that is on this weeks list. Top mast stays are in and tied off but I need to redo the Fore Stay Lanyard, it doesnt match the Fore Preventer Stay at the moment. I repaired my Fore T'Gallant mast and install both T'Gallants. Main T'Gallant shrouds are in and tied off on the port side, Starboard are up next. My Main Back Stays are seized to the mast but not tied off below yet. If work cooperates I should get these items finished this weekend, maybe more. Now, its off to bed for a little nap, I started my day at 2am to be on a jobsite at 3:30. Same thing tomorrow and Wednesday. Sam Till Next time, Sam main_top_stays112618
  4. And I thought my Enterprise was taking a long time.😀 sam
  5. How goes the new build Capt? I missed the start but have managed to slip in before you get too far. Wait! Mead AND a Slurpee machine??? Oh my... this could get interesting. Sam
  6. 😂😂😂 Dont Tell Better Half your organizing! My garage has two pathways in it and one is getting smaller as time goes on... Sam
  7. Getting caught up here Rich. That boat looks great. I have had trouble with wood splitting also, I have found these can be nice to sneak up onwhat you need and then finish off with the correct bit. https://www.micromark.com/Micro-Size-Precision-Reamers-Set-of-6 Sam
  8. wow Dennis, she is really coing together. Doorways and Wheels and Stairs oh my!! Sam
  9. So much detail, very well done. One question, how would the ships boats be deployed? it appears if they rotated the davits together the boat would hit one or the other? Sam
  10. thanks to all, comments, likes etc. Very much appreciated. Carl, I seem to be taking on some of Better Half's traits, she likes to have too much going on in her life. Thanks Dennis. Sjors, they era very welcome here. Jay, I may be contacting you about restoration tactics in the future. Now then, back to catching up on builds. Sam Sam
  11. Smart man you are Brian, making sure you do something for the Admiral before going down a hole of your own! I am taking notes my friend. Sam
  12. Well done Jay! I missed a lot it seems over the last few weeks. Some interesting jigs you shared. I'll have to try some of them should I ever get to start a second build. Did I miss your announcement on your next build? Sam
  13. Jay, Thanks for dropping in and thank you to those who have stuck around and hit the like button. Well I can not blame my last absence on work this time. It has bee sheer lazyness, to a degree. I have continued to put build time in but I have also been spending time sitting in front of the TV at night with Better Half. There was also the vintage camping trailer she wanted as a project for "her"......... why do I see my self learning about the Care and Feeding of a Scamp Trailer???? I have finished the Top Mast Shrouds and Ratlines. There is some trimming to be done still. The back Stays presented a dilemma, TFFM, Masting and Rigging and Chucks Syren instructions all say the back stays should be mounted to the channels or to stools behind the channels. I am out of manzonia as well as the stain i used for the channels. I noodled about and reluctantly began mounting them per constructos method; double blocks mounted to the deck. I am OK with it, just one more lesson to apply to the next build. Obligatory pictures below. Fore Top Shrouds and Ratlines Main Top Shoruds and Ratlines. I need to give the Port rats a hair cut. Main Back Stay per Constructos instructions. It looks like a good dusting is in order this weekend. Thats all the news that is fit to print for now. Sam

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