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  1. Slog, You need a bit more than 600 guests on your site to get it down. An average modern webserver should be able to deal with at least 30.000 request/minute easily. A site like MSW should be configured to handle far more, i.e. if the hardware can deal with it too... Edit: It also depends of a database is used and how fast that one is ... is it a dedicated server or not ... database on the same server as the webserver or not ... windows versus linux ... a lot of ifs
  2. If you hoover over the post link at the top right (the trhee connected dots) you can copy the location with a right click of the mouse and use it. If you want to have the number, just hoover over the link and you see the post number at the bottom. It is all you have at present, but better than nothing. The sequence numbering of the posts is indeed missing since this last "update". You could use the link as reference in your text ...
  3. New to all that is

    So you've been busy building something else entirely ... !!! Gefeliciteerd/congratulations Shoos. Glad it's planned. It might be advisable to take the glues you want to use on your build with you to show. It makes it easier for the one judging to judge them properly
  4. Elijah, He meant that cast iron depth charge on the left Looks like it doesn't need a tape to hold it down. If I recall well enough, it doesn't need anything to hold it down
  5. We are Moving

    That looks like a dream come true, Michael. I am certain you will have a ball setting things up, and enjoy it when working in it.
  6. What have you received today?

    Nice tools, Mike. I can get the Veritas tools here in Holland, at a higher price, but still cheaper than buying them from the other side of the pond ...
  7. tossin' around are ya, Mark ...
  8. MSW Sick Bay.

    Jim, Lots of strength. I don't know what it feels like, but it doesn't sound like a party. It might be a good idea if that med student, went back to his dolls, and oranges for a while
  9. JSGerson, Wow, I have never been able to establish that. I have always downloaded images from a website before I could add them to a document. The only way I think I would get it to work is when using a hyperlink in my document to the image on the internet page
  10. Do not respond to this thread, but for adding an item which you miss, or a malfunction Cannot Follow a log. (Un)Follow button missing
  11. The time of the Post is barely visible, layout looks a bit off too. Firefox, Windows 7 Ultimate
  12. I just wanted to like a post from Jersey Maritime Museum, but the like button disappeared ... is that meant to be definitive?
  13. 1/32 Fokker Dr.I, August Raben

    Fat chance, I can touch the ceiling im my study, and in the living room ... well you know what our female companions are like ...
  14. 1/32 Fokker Dr.I, August Raben

    Nice work, the details are so much better than the 1/72 I build (stripdown from Eduard), and your finish is great. A pitty I wouldn't know where to display it at this size