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    Model ship building; Asian (mainly Japanese) crafts, culture and martial arts; Photography; Gardening (a bit); International cuisine; Vintage English cars (not to have); Music (Jazz, Blues, classical, folk, reggae, rock); Reading (novels, fantasy, autobiographies, study material ...);

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  1. Now that's what I call a sight for sore eyes ... marvelous work Jim
  2. cog

    Piet Warmerdam

    I got an email with the same wording as Lou. So no worries, it has been confirmed
  3. You've got far to much time on your hands Danny!!! Lovely build though ... especially for the time it took you ... but 4.5 days and not yet finished ... the base is mandatory!!
  4. cog

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Especially with neighbours ... I mean chickens
  5. What has the second to do with the pictures in the first I want your photographs Where's CMB located? website? I do order from the UK, although that might be less frequent in future ... <sigh>
  6. That is marvelous, wouldn't have thought about Domanoff's variable speed control, nice touch that one
  7. Spiffy mate ... can hardly see the damage. Nicely done OC. You could add a drop of thick CA to flatten it out even more ...
  8. You in this build log ... I found this in the digital librairy: Turned out real good the gudgeons, did you put a brass nail in the oposite side too, or will you make a rivet from the nail?
  9. There is more ...!?!?!? Although little, it shows much, the more choices one gets, the harder it is to choose. You should have stuck to one Sam. Since you already have precious little time to devide between better half, bench, TV, Scamp Trailer (whatever that may be), work, and your build, you shouldn't introduce more variables to influence your decision making skills By the way. I like the way you've secured the guns, backstay looks from this side very well done For the shearing of your rats ... she is still under construction, so you've got some lee way, the buggers may still be a hairy bunch
  10. Ah yes the metric, and imperial measurement systems, you could have added the Japanese system (shakkanhō) too, a Shaku here, a Bu there ... marvelous save. I'm glad you kept the hull in one piece, and your deck attached to it. The details on your door will be visible from a distance, which I like for an RC, else you might as well have left them in a single colour ... I might have made myself a new aft boat deck from some 3mm ply ... I wouldn't want to take the risk you took. It usually turns out the other way with me ...
  11. I think I'll stick to the part with Mr Jameson ... although, my evening will be filled with work ... better wait until I'm ready ...
  12. lovely case. have you tried it with a black backdrop with stars ... she turned out real spiffy cheers
  13. You must have a stack of points right now. That is some serious good "needle" work my friend

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