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  1. Final touches ... again a magnificent model Lawrence, congratulations to you, the misses, and the little folk. Splendid job!!!
  2. Nice progress, Dennis ... at least we know where to order our copper paint I.e. if sold at a reasonable price ...
  3. Jason, If your work turns out like this each time you feel you haven't done much in the previous period ... take your time for next time, well for every next time to come! The details are so crisp, so sharp. Beautiful! Cheers
  4. Greg, You need sometin' to keep up such a hughe investment ... (sorry Patrick, I couldn't resist ... I'll retreat quietly into my little corner and shut up)
  5. You could enlarge a few, make them more spacious as one would expect on a yacht this size (and probably value), and the remaining smaller ones change into walk in closets, and/or hidden compartments for illegal traffic
  6. Joe, try or .com. We got our copy from
  7. The breaks are a nice part of the building. It let's you ponder on your progress and what to do next. It is so easy to forget something, as you need to switch between the base build (plastic building instructions) and the PE one. It is so easy to overlook a part from a certain item. Besides that, these model ship kits consist of so many sub builds ... it's good to take a step back, and look what you are doing before gluing it all together. You can still do these kits Denis. Alternate between wood and plastic or do both, as you would probably ... correction, would most certainly do.
  8. Congrats, Denis, with the youngest. It's what usually happens, when you go to a store and you need something urgently ... lucky they had an alternative
  9. Sorry to hear about the illness, hope it passes quickly, and you can spend some more time at your bench. The image with the open rear deck certainly appeals to me more than the enclosed one. I'm looking forward to your progress. With regards to your (I) beams e.a. you do not need a foundry, get some brass sheet and strips and make your own ... smelting makes such a mess ...
  10. these boots are made for walking - nancy sinatra
  11. PE ... now let me think ... that's the class where you got all sweaty and got that superior mail smell about you ... loved it ... frustrating from time to time ... maybe that's why I bought two detail update sets ... a gluton for punishment ... or as my aikido teacher said: No pain, no gain! The gain is still way of, but the screwing pain I've had in my eyes, and head are promising a lot of the previous ... Now I wonder since the visor I use alleviates the pain, what will happen to the gain ... Thanks lads, could do with a break this build asks for some serious personal endurance
  12. Scott, thanks for the good word ... such posts really motivate to go on ... although I keep nagging about PE, it is a challenge to get it right ... just be in the right mindset, and get a visor ... saves your eyes, and prevents your brain (which I fortunately lack) turn to mush.
  13. Thought you might like it I've been browsing through it the first few evenings, i.e. before starting to re-read it. I took of some brass of the main (front) tower, as it got stuck on crooked, as you say, sloppy is lazy ... good decision
  14. Now you are talking, Brian. I think it's time to pop over when you've added the necessary decadence