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  1. You could get a vacuum mold as Kees de Mol did here: KW49 Antje Dutch Sidetrawler
  2. Don't you have a box with lost items ...
  3. If it's good enough for you, it'll do. I wish you strength and perseverance on the stop smoking part. No Janet can boss you around again Cheers
  4. Turn grey into hard coal or use a colour like the cocobolo, add some brass fittings, and you're finished ...
  5. Dave, Good to hear you can start to party. Turn Swiss upside down. As Mark wrote: one is never to old to rock 'n roll. Cheers
  6. I only know an IP as an network address ... and a "Treager" seems to be a pallet bbq ... How did you use the "Instant Pot" what's the aluminum foil for in your bbq?
  7. Get well soon before you "attack" Licorne with new vigour. As Greg wrote: "You are the landmark and a hughe anchor to all the MSW family" I can't imagine MSW without you. All the best to you and the missus. Cheers
  8. Cherry yoghurt ice scream ... 55 gr milk powder 150 gr sugar ... 2 tbsp honey 2.5 ml full fat milk 1.5 ml double cream ... 4.5 ml yoghurt 125 gr cherries (used the deep frozen kind - no sugar) mix the dry ingredients warm the liquid ingredients, when luke warm (65 C) add the dry mixture and mix well. Heat to 85 C whilst stirring continuously. When at 85 C cool down to approximately 4 C in an icebath When cooled down, add the yoghurt and store in the fridge for 2 to 12 hours to "mature" Just before adding the contents to the ice machine add the blended cherries. Enjoy ...
  9. Hello Clare, Let me know when you start on the temple. Wouldn't want to miss it!!! Cheers
  10. Lovely garden B.E., wouldn't mind passing some time there to relax/recharge
  11. Bill, Why didn't you go fo the "robot"?
  12. Coquelet on the barbie with white beans, chorizo, and red onion. Followed by Mango Ice cream
  13. Interesting topic, with all the digital misery we get thrown at us. Using a bird for fishing instead of a sonar. I can imagine the brine soaking of the nails to be creating a better hold for the nails. Rust makes a rough surface, so it should make a nail that much harder to remove. Tough cookie Mr Nasu! Got another interesting book for you, rather corpulent though. The Japanese House Heinrich Engel Pub. Charles E. Tuttle (Japan) ISBN 0-8048-0304-8 This was my first introduction to Japanese building. It has some very interesting joinery in it, which shows the genius of Japanese carpentry - I used some to make a closet/cupboard. I have seen a lot of woodworking, but us westerners can't compare to the orientals
  14. Stirring the compost. It got to dry so I remixed it, and put something to re-activate it in it, besides a couple of buckets of water. Because of the strange weather, plants develop poorly ... My irises do, however, come in to bloom with the present sunny times, and higher temperatures Grapes are not nearly as far as last year. The late night frosts have had quite an impact ...