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  1. 002.jpg

    So much fantastic work in such little time - you deserve a break! Thanks so much for sharing this journey, Ken.....
  2. Sovereign of the Seas

    I'll second that!! Beautiful job and SO much work represented there!
  3. So sorry to hear that 'D' - that's extremely frustrating that you've lost all that work, not to mention your home, but glad to hear that you're OK between the finances and the insurance. I've been keeping in touch with my brother who lives in semi-rural Nipomo near Santa Rosa - he had cleared all the brush off his land just in case, but the fires didn't get there...best wishes....Steve M
  4. Buffalo Bill's Stagecoach.

    Fantastic work - as ragove said, I kept checking the table there, 'cause I thought it was real, too - the wood has just the right tone to it, and the lettering to the sign is just right in form and shade...thanks for sharing this!! Steve M
  5. Me three!! I hope you get a taker or two, that sounds like a real chance to get together with some like minded friends - too bad I'm so far away (15 hrs by car!) and the plane would cost as much or more than the kit.......anyway, I know you and whoever goes will have a good time! Steve
  6. IMG_0311.JPG

    Great job, Tom!
  7. IMG_4779.JPG

    Just awesome! Shows what can be done with these kits - thanks for sharing the building of them, too!! Steve M
  8. Ictineo II - longitudinal cut

    Fantastic work! I've always admired the kit, but never seen a build before - I'm sure you've improved it immensely, lot of work involved with an outstanding result!!
  9. AFLOAT!!

    This is awesome!
  10. NT129

    I agree, Al, this is a well-designed work of art!
  11. 5.jpg

    RGL, I've been following your build log of this off and on, and all I can say is Wonderful Work! Truly outstanding attention to detail and your weathering is second to none - I also enjoyed your Dreadnought and Artwox Varyag builds - thank you for sharing, Steve M
  12. 003.jpg

    Absolutely awesome!! That sure represents a LOT of excellent work!! I especially like the round mast top, so cleanly executed, and the spritsail topmast.....Steve M
  13. IMG_3483.JPG

    Just WOW! Perfect amount of weathering!
  14. Top Pandora mast

    This IS awesome - how unusual!!
  15. JAB3151

    Great job Mr. Blackwell, overall very clean with taut rigging and especially like the color combination - the green with white and natural details.......Steve M