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  1. IMG_0311.JPG

    Great job, Tom!
  2. IMG_4779.JPG

    Just awesome! Shows what can be done with these kits - thanks for sharing the building of them, too!! Steve M
  3. Ictineo II - longitudinal cut

    Fantastic work! I've always admired the kit, but never seen a build before - I'm sure you've improved it immensely, lot of work involved with an outstanding result!!
  4. AFLOAT!!

    This is awesome!
  5. NT129

    I agree, Al, this is a well-designed work of art!
  6. 5.jpg

    RGL, I've been following your build log of this off and on, and all I can say is Wonderful Work! Truly outstanding attention to detail and your weathering is second to none - I also enjoyed your Dreadnought and Artwox Varyag builds - thank you for sharing, Steve M
  7. 003.jpg

    Absolutely awesome!! That sure represents a LOT of excellent work!! I especially like the round mast top, so cleanly executed, and the spritsail topmast.....Steve M
  8. IMG_3483.JPG

    Just WOW! Perfect amount of weathering!
  9. Top Pandora mast

    This IS awesome - how unusual!!
  10. JAB3151

    Great job Mr. Blackwell, overall very clean with taut rigging and especially like the color combination - the green with white and natural details.......Steve M
  11. IMG 0692

    Great job, Mitch! Clean, tight, crisp and ship-shape!
  12. HMS Dreadnought 1907

    Fantastic work with outstanding level of detail!
  13. VASA18

    Foxtrott, that is outstanding work - what scale/size is it?
  14. longboat 5

    Good clean work - excellent!!
  15. P8141399

    Nice clean work, shows off the nice hull lines