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  1. Can't hit the like button on this one, but I acknowledge the bad news - the times they are a - changing..... Steve M
  2. Awesome!! You'll need a vacation from the vacation! Sorry to hear about the bad crab, you'll enjoy Yosemite - make SURE there is no food or leftover food in the car when you're there - Yogi bear will break the car windows to get at the food. Time permitting, you could check out the Yosemite Sugar Pine Railroad at the south entrance - they have the old Heisler geared locomotives that were used for lumbering. Just an idea.......Mexicali Steve
  3. Looks like I "missed the boat" again! If I had seen your post in time I could have come up with all sorts of stuff, but I'm sure you made good use of your time there. There's so much to see and do you could go for one week every year for ten years and not see it all...........too bad the Balclutha is in dry dock right now . Used to go up there from Southern Cal every year for vacation when I was in my twenties.......forty years ago . Trained in the Coast Guard over at Gov't island 1970 - oops almost half a century ago - time flies whether you're having a good time or not! If you still have a day or two left don't miss Fisherman's wharf, Chinatown, Ghirardelli Square, the Cannery, Lombard Street, Exposition Park - shutting up now...........Steve M
  4. Just awesome! Shows what can be done with these kits - thanks for sharing the building of them, too!! Steve M
  5. Querido Ulises, what they mean by 1/4 and 1/8 is the scale, in these cases 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch to the foot - 1/48 scale and 1/96 scale respectively, to find out what's included in their offering you will have to contact them - I'm very interested in seeing what may come of what Chuck is doing.......................Esteban M
  6. Just rechecked Lumberyard - Oneida is a brig and they are selling most of it laser cut, I would contact them if you're interested. They also have the aforementioned 3 masted ships, but the website says laser cut keel and deck beams, with the rest being some sort of wood package. Check it out
  7. Best one to answer that is Chuck - he probably knows who the builder was, too.......I believe they have pirated the plans from the ANCRE monograph by Boudriot and Berti and made a kit from it.....whole can of worms there..........don't know why someone hasn't done that before, my best guess would be cost - if you have to pay people living wages to do it, it's going to cost about double or more than that, plus royalties to the original author/s. Admiralty models has true POF and Lumberyard's Oneida gunboat, I believe - been a long time since I've looked last - Chuck will know a lot more about this. Steve M
  8. Fantastic work! I've always admired the kit, but never seen a build before - I'm sure you've improved it immensely, lot of work involved with an outstanding result!!
  9. OK, Frankie, I've seen what you can do, but this time......I think you watched "My Fair Lady" one too many times! Seriously, this doesn't look familiar to me, but I would be interested to see what you do with it, plenty to do - I'll go along for the ride! Steve
  10. Hi Bob, you must be interested in a Baltimore clipper - many of the mfr's made a version or two of them - if they strike your fancy take a look at the offerings by any one of our sponsors/adverstisers here, I am sure they will have something right up your alley! But if you're trying to figure out whose kits they copied, my guess would be the Artesania Latina Harvey - I think they tried to throw people off by calling it the "Halcon" - probably a corruption of "Falcon". Hope that answers your question..........Steve M
  11. My Admiral has a fear of spiders, some years ago one was in the loo with her and she pepper sprayed it - didn't affect the spider, but it got her good, her eyes were shut and burning - she started screaming, got me on the run until I figured out what was going on and couldn't stop laughing...............had to go to bed without dinner....
  12. This is awesome!
  13. Hi, my name is Steve, and I am a shipaholic - oops, wrong meeting!! :^) Actually, I get tired sometimes of hitting the like button, easy as it is, but I am a major violator, and I know where you're coming from - I will try to explain my rationale. As Mr. Taylor said, there are so many posts every day that it's hard to keep up, but the main reason I use the "button" is that I really don't have the knowledge to make a constructive criticism that would be of any help. I consider myself to have very good taste (I'm here, aren't I?), and I COULD be very critical, but people many times are very sensitive when their abilities are on the line - I know I am - so I recognize the sincerity of the effort, as long as they don't have a rectangle that they pinched one end into a triangle and stuck three sticks in it for masts. There are precious few in this hobby that have not only the knowledge to impart but also the desire to give it to others - I think a vast majority of them are on this site. I wish I could offer helpful hints, but that being said, I applaud your attitude toward really "constructive" criticism, and I believe that most people do have that attitude - they would like to improve their work and do another. Esteban M
  14. I agree, Al, this is a well-designed work of art!
  15. RGL, I've been following your build log of this off and on, and all I can say is Wonderful Work! Truly outstanding attention to detail and your weathering is second to none - I also enjoyed your Dreadnought and Artwox Varyag builds - thank you for sharing, Steve M