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  1. I shipped a model across country with regular movers. I had a acrate built by a pro and screwed the base of the of the model to the bottom of the crate. No other packing material or fasteners. Not a single piece out of place
  2. I have been following this from the beginning and continue to be amazed at his ambition and skills, not to mention work ethic. Seeing how this vessel was built and how he has gone about taking her apart I can't wait to see her go back together.
  3. Crowe

    Miniature Hand Tools

    I had a hard time getting a really good edge on the LV bronze spokeshaves. But the one from the minature LV .set is great steel and takes a great edge. I can use it with one hand in very tight quarters.
  4. Crowe

    Miniature Hand Tools

    I am getting nice consistent depths on deck beam cuts such as for fitting to ledges. Staying consistent on a curved surface is difficult and the router plane follows it easily. In the past I would have used a chisel and saw but it is tough to stay true. the router does this and any other dado or slot has as a proper depth.I have been replacing all my 'modelling tools' with real woodworking tools, though they are small they perform as the full size tool does
  5. Crowe

    Miniature Hand Tools

    I have all the planes except for the edger. they are real tools and the router plane has changed everything for me. I did have an issue with the block plane, just don"t tighten the locking knob too much and your ok. If you really sharpen the irons they will make incredible shavings. I'm not a fan of the chisels
  6. Crowe

    Dust bags

    try a shop vac if you have one. You can blue tape it to the outlet tube.
  7. I have recently started using Old Brown and must say I like it very much. You need to warm the bottle in hot tap water and it works like most other wood glues. I was interested in the property of not interfering with absorbtion of stains and shellacs. It has no major odor , which has been a shot on some hide glues. It does need 24 hrs to fully cure but it tacks up quickly and is handy for difficult glue ups. I will use titebond 3 in places that will be covered but old brow on planks and other areas where the wood will show and only have a shellac finish.
  8. I once climbed to the Main top on a a brig. Going up was a piece of cake. Coming down over the top was a puckering experience. Dangling your legs looking for purchase with a foot is terrifying
  9. Crowe

    Band Saw

    If you read the magazine review make sure you read the comments. They are very telling.
  10. Crowe


    I've worked with sharp knives in a kitchen. I got my share of nicks and cuts, lost my pinkie fingertip but otherwise all is intact. But I started wearing a cut proof glove as I got older when my hands didn't always do eactly as I wanted them too. Once you commit to the glove it is a lot easier to get used to. One thing to do to increase sensitivity is put a rubber glove over the cutproof. Also it is not the nice controlled cut that will get you its the one where the unexpected happens. I have a nice 2 inch scar on my wrist . I was using a Japanese razor saw when the wood suddenly split and the saw swerverd into me. The arm was 18" away from the saw. Nearly put me out of the game and scared the crap out of me.
  11. Crowe

    Another way to bend wood!!

    Anhydrous Ammonia?!!!!! Thats suicide if anything goes even a little bit wrong. No thanks
  12. I have finished all that I started, even the Confederacy which took at least 15 or more yrs to finish (it lived in a wooden crate for 7 or 8 years after a move) but finished it is. There was only one that I bought as a kit, looked a the crap wood inside and threw it in the garbage and never bought another kit again.
  13. Crowe

    Your First Model

    I can't be absolutely be sure, but I think it was either a 1940 Willys or the 'Creature from the Black Lagoon' from the movie. I did dozens of cars,planes and plastic ships but my first serious stuff was an Airfix 'Sovereign' and Revel 'Cutty'. My first wooden ship was Billings 'Norske Love' (I hated it)

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