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  1. oneslim

    Lighting the Work Area

    Richmond, I replaced the 4ft fluorescents in my work shop with these: http://www.leevalley.com/en/Hardware/page.aspx?p=76395&cat=53&ap=1 I love them, 3800 lumens at 3000K. Three are hooked up end to end, solid 12ft run. The rest are wired together so one wall switch turns them on or off. They are a bit pricey, but I don't think I'll ever have to replace them. Also, I bought them when they were first offered at $33.00 each. Bob W
  2. oneslim

    What have you received today?

    CDW, Have you used HGW decals before? I had some Plywood squares for a project. They are very fragile. Fell apart in very small pieces when wet. Had to get some Testors Decal Bonding Spray, (No. 9200), and give them three coats so they would hold up. , Hope This Helps Bob W
  3. oneslim

    Virtual Reality Photography

    Hi Jim, I think what You are looking for is 'Stitching Photos Together' . CS6 has that capability and many photo editing programs do also. The camera is stationary, but rotated latterly in the horizontal plane. Focus can be changed and the photos are 'stitched together' into one wide angle shot. I'm enclosing a shot that was hand held, and made up of 5 photos, I made in the Grand Tetons . There is some distortion, but I think the camera could be moved latterly and still be stitched. Check online for photo stitching. Bob W
  4. Thanks chuck, looking forward to meeting You at the workshop. Everyone thanks for the likes. Bob W
  5. The end of photos for workshop homework. First and last photos are working on stern window stops. Photos 2 & 3 show the completed workshop project homework. Bob W
  6. My Homework is done. All in all a very well done little kit. Work on the galleries.
  7. Torbogdan, Yes, a small tank mounted on the rear of the loaders deck with a pump below. Each barrel was capable of 160 rounds/minute. In fact the 40mm/56 mounts, twin and quad, where credited with downing more Japanese planes than both the 5"/38 mounts and the 20mm Oerlikon. Bob W
  8. Thanks Guys for the comments and likes. Jud which first loader are You? Fingers or Clip. Here is the link to the build log, if anyone is interested. Hope its OK to list here: http://www.shipmodels.info/mws_forum/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=76455 Bob W
  9. Here are a few shots of Owen Garrison and His wife Florence Saturday when I presented the model to the Millville Army Air Field Museum in His honor. Owen was very pleased, and somewhat emotional. It brought back many memories of his time aboard USS Monterey. He plans to use it as a teaching aid when he gives tours at the museum. Bob W
  10. Once again thanks JUD. Great photos. Bob W
  11. Thanks Jud. What is the RVN? Did the brass get saved, I think it was given the 'Deep Six' by the USN. Bob W
  12. Thanks for the comments Guys. And Jud many thanks for those photos of in action. The figures are 1/35 scale, so they came out a little short. That's why the clip is at an angle. I guess I should have elevated the guns more. BTW, where did the empty clips wind up? I placed them on the loaders deck of the mount. Thanks Bob W
  13. Well, after a couple of health problems and a serious modelers block, I have finished Mount #9 40mm/56 Twin Bofors in 1/32 scale. This diorama will be donated to the Millville Army Air Field Museum in the name of Owen Garrison. He was an original Plank Owner aboard CVL-26 USS MONTEREY. At the age of 93 He serves as a Docent, and along with His wife, opens the museum every Saturday to welcome visitors. The ship structure is scratch built. The gun mount is a SRS resin kit with 20 parts and many items added. The jeep/mule, is a reworked Tamiya kit. The 40mm rounds, with clips, and spent brass, are from Orange Hobby. The figures are a combination of Italeri PT sailors, and Warrior PT crew. With the case the size is: 18 1/2" wide 16 1/2" deep 14 " high Any And All Questions are Welcome Bob W The first four are general shots, second four are macro shots.
  14. I made a donation a couple of days ago, today received a email thanking me, and stating that the same was to MSW. Bob W Thank you for your recent donation to the Nautical Research Guild’s Model Ship World website. We are grateful for your support. Please accept this email as a receipt for your $xxx.xx donation. The Nautical Research Guild is a 501(c)3 organization, and if you are a U.S. taxpayer, your contribution is eligible for a deduction on your 2017 taxes. Thank you again for your support.

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