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  1. Hello Paul,Well done you have made a good start,it will be a busy build .Will follow your work with interest as the same kit is in the closet,dual illnesses ,wife and I have slowed day to day building ,but I research a few builds and learn what I can, hail from Everton,L/pool,now live in Canada,I never like to miss your yearly famous boat races,best wishes Edwin.
  2. Hello my friend ,Glad your back, I,m getting better from some ailments for the last several months ,looking forward to your return .Edwin
  3. Hello Jesse, prayers and good thoughts on the way daily,drink plenty of liquids,rest , will write soon ,regards to the Admiral as we know how men when sick "lots of TLC". Edwin
  4. Thrilled you are and so you should be ,the wheel ,stairs are spectacular, well done, All the best for the season ,god bless and merry christmas to all the family,Edwin
  5. Beautiful progress Sjors, high quality workmanship , thanks for your log always interesting ,best of the season to you and Anja, Cheers ,Edwin and Urmilla .
  6. Hi Dave ,Outstanding work ,whatever your next build will be watched by many for your quality knowledge,tips and friendly comradery including the vast interest of many others , thanks and a merry Christmas to you and all the family . Edwin
  7. Denis thanks for kind remarks, Urmilla coming along slowly but okay ,be back soon ,Edwin.
  8. Hello Denis ,A kit with a few starting challenges will keep you aware of maybe more to come, which in itself is not a bad thing more or less of what you've been doing for a long time, a nice looking ship ,an admiral pick ??, the best of the season to you ,family and your followers ,Edwin
  9. Hello Dave,Your fans have said it all ,I think your SoS is brilliantly crafted, and you also managed to give modelers tips, ideas and yours and others research, nice Dave .well done Edwin and my good lady concurs .hope u r well.
  10. Great looking pump,hope your feeling better,Edwin
  11. Me again ,the exact clamp I found on amazon but only in the UK , Wolfcraft clamps Edwin
  12. Hello Thomas, look up Granger clamps ,, Bessey 3in needle nose,item #3yna4, modxcl5 @ 9.17 ea $, good luck Edwin
  13. Welome back and see u soon ,great progress of high quality will follow .Edwin
  14. Welome back and see u soon ,great progress of high quality will follow .Edwin