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  1. Hello Dave ,Mark ,Jesse ,continuing prayers of wellness to help with your recovery ,thks for the good news ,god bless ,Edwin .
  2. Hello Mark , Sorry to hear of your woes ,have started sending prayers down from Canada for your speedy recovery and continued wellness also including your Admiral,god bless u both .Edwin.
  3. Hello Sherry ,long long time no see, wishing you the greatest of days with family and friends ,will raise my glass and toast you ," Happy Birthday"have fun ,eat lots ,(easy on the cake),have a wee nip or two . are you still modeling .kind regards .Edwin

  4. Hello Michael, Hopefully better late than never ,prayers for a complete and speedy recovery,like modeling injuries take time to heal properly,so let it , you can do little effort things,research etc etc and spend some quality time with the Admiral, aye, aye sir you say . wishing you wellness soon ,i'm having sciatica nerve problems myself ,using a cane. take care ,Edwin
  5. Hello Jesse, prayers and good thoughts on the way daily,drink plenty of liquids,rest , will write soon ,regards to the Admiral as we know how men when sick "lots of TLC". Edwin
  6. Hello Mark ,as an ex master chef I feel it is my duty to test said cookies ,would not like MSW members to become unwell, address on request (please) Edwin
  7. Salam Sadiq Jadid, A warm welcome to MSW, Edwin
  8. Welcome to MSW,I agree with all the well written advice from EJ, adding that there are many great modelers on site that give advice,research ,tips and encouragement with a sense of comradery/friendships. best wishes on your build . Edwin
  9. Welcome Kishmul,lived and traveled many a mile in your bonny country,Edwin
  10. Hello Andre's, A very warm welcome from Canada This site is has a wealth of helpful info/data for all levels of modeling experiences,with a friendly comradery ,happy modeling .Edwin.
  11. Hello Jesse,Sorry for lapse in communicating we also are having health issues, but will find time for prayers for you and family plus a few other good members, god bless ,good thoughts of get well soon , Edwin and Urmilla
  12. Hello Greg, glad your home and feeling somewhat better,rest and assist your healing by not rushing back into things, god bless you and your family,we are praying for a good recovery, Edwin and Urmilla.
  13. hello Sun, welcome from Pacific Canada,Edwin
  14. Hi , there's no harm in asking , ask for John Garcia,Edwin