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  1. The new issue of Wooden Boat Magazine has an excellent article about model builder Malcolm Darch. Includes pictures of his models. ( Of course, you always want even more pictures.)
  2. What do you think of using scribed decks for Winchelsea instead of individual strips? I know that it can look much better from viewing Myron Van Ness's models at the Laguna Festival of Arts in the 1990's. I know Bluejacket offers scribed decks but I don't know who else does. EA (CWG)
  3. CWG

    Black Sails series 3. How many episodes?

    I agree with Meddo. For a complete 5th season an entirely new pirate would have to be introduced such as Bartholomew Roberts.
  4. CWG

    More Kit Manufacturers

    Thanks Mumin for information about Bojer. I think their kits look great and they are all at 1:40 so a group of them could really show the development of the galleon. I sent them an email asking about how they are sold; whether they have a distributor. I noticed after I sent the email that the prices are shown at the bottom left in zillotys, which is worth about a quarter (25 cents US). The prices look very reasonable to me. I have not received an answer yet. I will update this posting with any new information that they might send. The problem with the web site is that there is no English translation button that I could find. (See Mumin's posting for the link.)
  5. The original Seeadler was a windjammer with a complete ship rig (yards, etc) that was used by the Germans as a raider under Count Luckner. Of course, it had guns in the forward part of the ship. One of my biggest hobby mistakes was not buying the Billing kit when it was available. Now I have the plans and instruction book and also the plans from Taubman (which are quite different !!). Your model , to me, does not look at all like the original Seeadler, either the Billing kit or the real ship. If you want to discuss this further you can send me a PM since the NRG does not want members to print email numbers, addresses, or telephone numbers in their posts.
  6. How can one obtain a set of plans for producing a model of Ingomar?
  7. I also hope the Newsboy build log is reposted. I have a Newsboy kit and was hoping to use that log to help me build it.
  8. CWG

    Stern of the HMS Victory

    Johnegert, you're right. There should be (on models) a definite curve to the stern: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=HMS+Victory+stern&id=934A47EBE71698B5D398D3D0ED856D1458655FC9&FORM=IQFRBA#a
  9. Any chance your efforts will lead to a kit by some manufacturer? 1/96 clipper ship kits are just too small. They should be at least 1/72. (Or a book with frame outlines and plans included?) Ed
  10. Here are pictures of a "Young America" model by the famous model builder Ed Sims that was in a Newport Beach CA restaurant for many years. I don't know the scale but maybe it is 1/72. ((243 feet * 12 inches)/72 = 40.5 inches plus booms, 7 inches = 47.5 inches,the size of the case). http://www.vallejogallery.com/item.php?id=317 (Sims's "student" was Myron Van Ness of Laguna Beach CA., now deceased. Van Ness was perhaps even more talented than Sims. Van Ness's fantastic clipper ships were always displayed at the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts. If anyone has a digital picture of his work please share it with us.)
  11. CWG

    America's Cup and the AC72

    I hope New Zealand wins the Cup this year. Then, hopefully, they would stage the next Cup races (2016 ?) with mono-hulls and end this multi-hull nonsense. I think they could restore the majesty and grandeur of the America's Cup and deliver it from the current group that has turned it into a "beach-volleyball" event. I fondly remember the final Cup races in Valencia, Spain 3 or 4 years ago between Allengi and New Zealand. What drama and excitement ! Perhaps it can happen again. Edward Agnew Laguna Woods, CA
  12. Thanks Thanasis.. ---------------------------------------- I am searching for a firm that will produce a fiberglass hull of the Averoff from a hull plan. ----------------------------------------- Taubman has a 6 sheet plan for $40.00 under the name "Gheorghios Averoff". At 1/48 its 56 inches long !! Edward
  13. I am interested in warships before 1920. Does anyone know the name and contact email of the person who contributed the build log (now lost) for the Greek cruiser, Georgios Averoff? He contributed his 1:100 model to a Greek museum. I hope he can be persuaded to resubmit his log pictures on MSW 2.0. Edward A.

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