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  1. Marine Walk

    Thanks. Thought it might have been a rope sling out to the bowsprit.
  2. Marine Walk

    Reading the article "Making a Model of the USS Pennsylvania" in the latest NRG Journal I came across this: "The use of a marine walk to access the bowsprit ..." Help me out here. What is a "marine walk." Google hasn't helped me out on this one. Ron Gove
  3. This building slip is really versatile, here I turned the Victory upside down to get at the stern. I do need to replace the bolts with thumb screws or knurled ends to speed up changing things
  4. 1/72 Hasegawa Mavis

    nice model
  5. A bit of detective work on line and a visit to Lowes confirms that the bolts are metric M5-0.8. The "0.8" is "pitch" and it converts to a tad under 32 threads per inch (31.75 in fact ) That's why it looked like a #10 32. The M5 part i think refers to 5mm diameter.. The jig is turning out to be very handy. I am trying to shape the bulkheads for planking,
  6. Does anyone know the size of the nuts and bolts included with this jig? I wanted to substitute some thumb screws, wing nuts and some longer bolts. I thought they were #10-32 but that doesn't seem to work. I am guessing that they are metric.
  7. I finished the ship building jig and set up the Victory that I started several years ago, I need to get back to it to relieve the boredom of tying the ratlines on my Granado.
  8. You have made a beautiful looking model in spite of the kit's shortcomings.
  9. finished05.jpg

  10. Before I started the masts and rigging I toted my Granado kit around the country camping. Everything fit into a large toolbox. I chose one that was more than 24" inside dimension since that was the length of all the wood pieces. The fittings I kept in a plastic Plano tackle box. I worked on it from Florida to Montana to Prince Edward Island, Canada over several years. However, once the masts went in it stayed in my workshop. Too much danger of damage at that point.
  11. Thanks for the reminder. A paste wax after varnish is a good plan.
  12. I have been wondering if a few coats of varnish on the building slip would help to clean up glue spills and the like. Thoughts?