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  1. Wonderful detail. Love the sharp paint lines.
  2. Keep it and enjoy it. You are not likely to get a reasonable offer for a plastic model however well done. Not to mention, shipping would be very expensive. Ron Gove Leesburg, VA
  3. ragove

    Kit Manufacturer Links

    thanks again. Just pulled out the laptop/Firefox and have a nice translated version of the site. i am traveling in a smallish trailer so tend to use the IPad. Seems there a times when lappy is better.
  4. ragove

    Kit Manufacturer Links

    And thanks for the advice all.
  5. ragove

    Kit Manufacturer Links

    I have looked for a translate button on safari on my iPad and don’t see it. I’ll have to look harder or open the laptop.😁 where I have firefox
  6. ragove

    Kit Manufacturer Links

    Does Master Korabel have an English language site?
  7. I thought I made this comment a few days ago, but I don’t see it in the thread. So here is my 2 cents agin: This is a beautiful model. I would love to see more models like this of mega yachts and perhaps some modern commercial ships on this site.
  8. I am ready to sell every kit in my stash and get a kit from Master Korabel!
  9. ragove

    Latest pieces off my drawing board

    I love these. So beautiful.
  10. ragove


    Nice detail
  11. ragove

    I thought I knew

    When I started ship modeling I found this little book from Model Shipways invaluable. Some amazon sellers have it for about $6. Some sellers think it is a rare out of print collectible and are asking hundreds of $$. The Neophyte Shipmodeller's Jackstay (Paperback) by George F. Campbell (Author)
  12. ragove

    Mary Celeste?

    I did a bit of searching for the Mary Celestse a few years ago after I discovered that a distant cousin had owned her (after the found-empty-at-sea event). I couldn't even find a set of plans.☹️. Good luck There is a plan in the book "Ghost Ship" by Brian Hicks, but it is too small to be of much use.
  13. ragove

    Old model shipways USS essex (solid hull)

    I purchased a yellow box Essex around 1968 or so. It was to be my 3rd Model Shipways model after Young America and News Boy. The instructions are very simple. Essentially: "take the wood in the box and turn it into a model of the Essex." Using the Neophyte Ship Modeler's Jackstay book from MS and later a much more thorough instruction book from MS (forgot the author) and lots of patience and purchasing a bazillion more blocks of various sizes, I finally completed her around 2004. I also built a few plank on frame kits during that time and had to redo work on the Essex as I gained more experience. In the end I have an impressive model of which I am very proud. some pictures are here

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