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  1. Great model. I love the detail; especially in the cabin.
  2. Wow almost 2 months since my last post. Been busy with other projects but I also had a VERY difficult time with the sheer rail at the bow. The laser cut pieces were constantly breaking. Every time i tried to work near the bow my hand would slip or I'd put too much pressure on something and snap, the rail would break along the grain. i think every layer of grain now has been glued together. Finally got it in and inserted the bulwarks; also a difficult task getting them all aligned. I couldn't figure out how to feather the waterway into the ceiling planks without the ceiling planks in place. So I modified the build order and laid a few ceiling planks and this provided a reference to feather the waterway. As one can see in the photo, more sanding is needed for a smooth transition. The Morgan will go on a 10 week hiatus as my wife and i are traveling up to the Canadian Maritime Provinces. Specifically, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.
  3. Beautiful. Fantastic paint job.
  4. this jig is quite versatile.
  5. The bow and stern blocks are in and mostly shaped. They still need a bit more shaping, but i will wait until I confirm how the planks will lay down before I take any more wood off.
  6. ragove


    Great model
  7. Great model. Love the crew!
  8. I have shaped the counter block and started the transom framing. I made a quick jig, not in picture, to hold the frame piece at the correct angle until the glue dried. I will trim the frame pieces to length when they are all in place. I found the counter block was very difficult to get right. There are a lot of angles and bevels. In fact, I messed one up and had to start again.
  9. The side pieces are an excellent idea. i will have to add those to mine. Ron Gove
  10. Finished the bulkheads and, following the building instructions, attached temporary battens along the bulkheads verifying that the spacing was identical port and starboard. I did this by cutting spacers that would just fit between bulkheads at the center keel and then used them to properly space the outside. Only tiny adjustments were necessary because I had been very careful to square up the bulkheads as I glued them in place.
  11. ragove


    beautiful little boat.
  12. ragove


    What sort of ship is it? Looks like perhaps a fishing trawler. Some information about it would be nice as it is such a beautiful model.
  13. ragove



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