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  1. outstanding work
  2. Outstanding!
  3. MikeB4, Of these 4, I have only built the Latham. Planking was not too difficult since there are no real sharp bends and the planking directions were very clear on how to taper the planks (My memory is not great and perhaps I followed the directions in "Planking the Built-up Ship Model" by Jim Roberts). I think the Mayflower would be the most difficult because of the extreme curves at the bow. I gave up on my Santa Maria model since i messed up the bow planking so badly, and it has a similar hull to the Mayflower. The Whale Boat might be the easiest simply because it is smaller, on a larger scale and less to plank over all. Anyway, that's my 2 cents. Ron Leesburg, VA
  4. great detail. love this model.
  5. Fantastic! How long did that take?
  6. Hi Scott, I am also a misplaced Yankee, Born in Lynn Mass, raised in Saugus, went to UNH, and Brandeis (Grad school). Moved to Maryland in 1969 to work for Uncle Sam. Retired now and live in Leesburg, VA Ron
  7. Fantastic detail. Great job.
  8. Very nice work. The paint really stands out. Great detail
  9. Fantastic. I love this model Ron Gove
  10. I am 73 and recently started Model Shipways Chaperon, leaving 2 ships unfinished (Victory and Grenado) as i desperately wanted to get away from masts and rigging! I strongly recommend Chaperon as a totally different build experience. Ron
  11. From the album Maine Lobster Boat

    Starboard view
  12. Actually, Lego means something in Danish: "In 1934, his company came to be called "Lego", derived from the Danish phrase leg godt, which means "play well"." From the Wiki article on Lego Ron Gove
  13. i can not believe that this is a paper model. Amazing!
  14. I totally hacked up the dory towed by the Benjamin Latham. ME sent me all the parts for a new dory and it had been more than 5 years since I purchased the kit. I think they really want you to finish their kits because then you are likely to buy another one. Ron Gove