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  1. That's a good point. I had not remembered that spiders shed their skin as the grow. They are Arthropods after all. I don't think I want to see her any larger.
  2. Poor girl is dead. Sorry for the out of focus picture, but smart phones aren't that smart I guess
  3. Hello Lebanon. i am a UNH grad, 1965, BS Mathematics. Used to live in Saugus on the North Shore of MA above Boston.
  4. I don't have the nerve to get close enough to catch her!
  5. We used to say of mosquitos in New Hampshire that they would argue about eating you where you stood or taking you home to their nests!
  6. I finally saw her again, I think. She seems to have shrunk a bit and doesn't look at all healthy. Wife and I are away for 2 week. i wonder if she will be around when we return. Ron
  7. Kit Prices

    Back in 1968 or so Model Shipway's Essex was $35 at James Bliss in Boston. That was way beyond my means as a graduate student. I eventually managed to save enough to purchase the kit and I spent the next 40 years or so working on it--with lots of breaks. My point is, to some of us model kits have always been expensive. There is nothing new under the sun. Ron
  8. I haven't see my spider for several days. I wonder if she is somewhere else in the house or has died?
  9. Trying to remember a kit.

    I am always fantasizing about the next great model I am going to build before I even finish what I am doing. I am quite fond of Fine Scale Miniature HO Kits. I even started an HO layout just to accommodate the "Elijah Ross" building. The layout has since been donated to a club. I am vowing to stick to ships from now on!
  10. Trying to remember a kit.

    Lots of good points. Yes, absolutely the prices on eBay mean nothing until they are sold! And I probably have more than enough kits to keep me building the rest of my life without getting some old kit to re-live my childhood. ron
  11. Trying to remember a kit.

    I thought it might be fun to pick up one of these old kits and see what could be done with one to produce a nice model. Not bloody likely! That ideal Cutty Sark is on eBay for $99. I guess collectors just want an unmade kit in a box to sit on a shelf. What good is that? Kits are made to be built!
  12. Trying to remember a kit.

    I think that was it, MADE BY IDEAL AEROPLANE & SUPPLY CO.
  13. Trying to remember a kit.

    It definitely wasn't Scientific. I had a Scientific "Golden Hind" . These kits were on a much smaller scale, perhaps only 6" long, and the hull was hollow. They may have been Strombecker. -- i just Googled strombecker and found this image, but i can't find it on the alleged page Collect Air Vingage Kis Annex 2. Perhaps it wasn't wood chip, just a rough shaped hull. The image title is IdealCutterPlan so maybe I've found them
  14. I recall one or maybe more ship models i built in the 1950s (so this item is for the oldies out there) that 1. had a hull made of some sort of pressed/molded wood chips. 2. balsa decking and superstructure printed with the decking lines, doors, etc. 3. I think the model was of a clipper ship 4. must have been cheap or I couldn't have purchased it. 5. I don't recall any blocks or other fittings, but I do remember rigging it with black thread. Does anyone remember such a kit. I have done some casual Google searches and looked on eBay but have seen nothing like what I am remembering Ron Gove