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  1. Thanks for the links!
  2. Well, at least I know my weaknesses and can control them at times. Ron
  3. Beautiful
  4. After seeing two Model Airways build logs here in shore leave, it seems to me that there should be a model aircraft equivalent of "Model Ship World" out there in the Internets; but I haven't found it. All the sites with "world" in the title are stores. Ron
  5. Not going to post pictures of my stash. I am a pathetic amateur compared with the other posters--5 ship kits and 3 plastic aircraft.
  6. I was once ready to believe the "other dimension" theory. I was working on a plastic aircraft model a few years back and dropped the model on the floor. Several pieces broke off including the canopy. This was not a small piece but sweeping and searching under the bench and every place I could imagine the canopy was nowhere to be found.--Another dimension surely. About a year later, i took my woodworking face mask of the wall hook to turn something on my lathe and what-do-ya-know, there was the canopy sitting in the mask. It flew across the room to the opposite was from where I was working and made a perfect basket! Ron Gove
  7. I built the old Model Shipways solid hull Young America about 50 years ago. Just recently it was knocked off a high shelf and sustained considerable damage. If any of the members of this forum have plans from that old kit I would happily pay for copies. The plans would make repair much easier. Thanks Clumsy Ron Leesburg, VA
  8. I thought about going back down to the hull and do a rebuild, but I no longer have the plans. So I think I will just try to fix what is broken.
  9. Started a damage survey this afternoon. Now I feel like one of those clipper drivers who got dis-masted at sea. Where do I start? What a tangled mess. The mizzen top mast is broken at the cap. Fore and main royals are broken, the port side main rail is broken. I guess I'll begin by removing loose rigging and then see where to go. Ron
  10. OK. I am convinced. I'll start cleaning up the mess and see what needs to be done. Ron
  11. is it worth salvaging after 50 years?
  12. I have some sad news. This morning while cleaning my workshop I accidentally knocked the YA off a high shelf. It is very badly damaged. Keel is broken, masts are snapped, etc. I may just toss it in the trash. I picked up the MS Flying Fish solid hull on eBay some time back. When I finish my current projects (Chaperon and Granado) maybe I will give that a go. ron
  13. Actually, my first serious ship model was the Model Shipways "Young America". I built it while in graduate school in 1966. After 50 years of moving around from Waltham Massachusetts to Leesburg Virginia,and sundry houses in between, it needs some fixing up. Soon. I plan on studying your build logs! Ron
  14. I recently finished reading the old classic "Greyhounds of the Sea" by Carl C. Cutler. If you haven't read it, i recommend that you do, it is quite fascinating, although very old fashion in writing style. Many used copies are available (see ABEBOOKS.com). And now, I feel the need to build a clipper for my next project,, LOL. However, the real reason for this post is that being somewhat OCD I transcribed Cutler's Appendix III, listing voyages of American ships in the China to England trade. I did this so I could make charts for various years, ports etc. Anyway, I would love to share the data with any one who wants it. Send me an email (ragove@verizon.net) and I can send you a .CSV file that you can import into your favorite spread sheet program. If any of you are Mathematica users, I can provide my original Mathematica Notebook that has the data in "Dataset" format. I was briefly excited when I saw one ship master (of North Wind) was a "Gove". Unfortunately a bit more research says that the master of the North Wind was a "Gore". I need to dig into this some more. Ron Gove
  15. Nice clean model. i like it. Es ist schön!