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  1. This is great news that the NRG will be able to provide where MSB and SIS will leave off. I'm one of those MSW members that needs to join the NRG.
  2. ScottRC

    Musicians and Modelers

    I normally don't like to show my goofy mug on the net, but I do play for a local orchestra as a percussionist. I started out with the clarinet, guitar, piano, jaw harp, anything my parents gave me to dissuade me from the drums. But I won out and have been playing for, um gad, hard to believe, 40 years this year. Played with bands that played rock, country, jazz, and even polka. I have on my bucket list to play in a reggae band. I just returned to the orchestra last year, not having played timpani, bells, or concert snare for 25 years required a lot study and practice, especially due to how much my sight reading skills had diminished, but it's been a blast. Dee Dee, you are absolutely correct, the triangle can be a challenge, especially with arrangements containing paradiddles, triplets, and staccato.
  3. ScottRC

    Fly tying thread

    Many years ago, I took a class in fly tying and acquired the tools. To this day, I have tied maybe six flies, but the vise, thread bobbin, and head cement has been excellent for seizing and threading on small parts. The bobbin is a must to keep the thread manageable.
  4. Smart move on laying down good primer coat, it will make your overall finish much more easier. About the decks, I chose to fill and sand the gaps, and then re-scribed the deck lines with a small strait edge and . If I was to do it again, I would probably re-plank the decks with a thin veneer. Scott
  5. Nice tutorial on how you did your netting Jesse.
  6. I also completed a 1/700 CV2 Lexington this year, and for Christmas, received a 1/700 CV16 in WW2. So now my goal is to have a model of all the ships called Lexington. Here is a pic of all three. Scott
  7. Its been almost four years ago and I forgot about this build log. I did finish the Lex and hopefully get a display cabinet built in the future for it and all my Dad's certificates and burial flag. Here are the completed pictures. I hope I can say that I actually completed my first build log.
  8. Those boats look much better, very scale. Great work! Scott
  9. I have had the same problems with painting copper over gloss surfaces and vise versa until I was taught the following technique: - Spray a coat of matte clear over the entire model, including your topcoat, this will seal the topcoat and give both the tape and bottom paint a textured surface to "bite" into. - Lay your mask down, as was said, the Tamiya range of masking tape is the best. They now make tape that fits contours. - Spray a coat of clear over the mask at your demarcation line, this will add an additional seal. - Then spray your next color and let sit for at least a full 24 hours if its enamel. It takes a long time for this to cure. If not fully cured, it will peel off in sheets. - De-mask, inspect, wipe clean all mask residue with a mild solvent, then spray on a few light coats of clear gloss, let sit and enjoy the finish. Scott
  10. This is an interesting subject you are building. I will want to follow along. Ironically, I grew up near Fort Benton MT and now live south of Kansas City. I someday would like to pursue building a model of a Missouri river packet someday. Scott
  11. Etubino, I will be following your build log as well, I am trying to start a Scientific Sea Witch. Scott
  12. ScottRC

    Revell B-17 G

    Nice collection. I build a lot of WW2 aircraft so I'm tuned in. I also use a VL airbrush. Scott
  13. ScottRC

    Them Old Jokes

    Well, living in Montana, I think I did all three at the same time.
  14. ScottRC

    Ship paintings

    Jim, When I read you first post, it sounded like you just took up painting as a hobby for retirement, then I saw your work and thought man, you didn't retire, your on a career. You have all the chemistry for good nautical illustration than so many professional illustrators seem to struggle with. Most important, you have mastered perspective, depth of field, and scale. That is very hard for a lot of illustrators to do, for out of scale features stick out and throw the scene off balance. I really like your work. Scott
  15. ScottRC

    Sopwith F.1 Camel Build Log

    Maybe only cover a small section of each wing, fuse, and tail? It would be a challenge, especially masking and painting the markings and adding the pinking so everything lines up and then the transition from the covered section to the exposed section looks balanced.

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