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  1. I am starting this hobby again after a false start 25 years ago. I would really like to get an understanding on what glues are used. I know that CA seems to be the primary glue used or is it? I see that CA comes in Super Thin all the way to Extra Thick. Can someone shed some light on how these differnt viscosities are used? Thanks Scott
  2. Glue Recommendations

    Wow, great response to my question! I am defiantly rethinking my preconcieved notions on glue. Thanks
  3. I tried model ship building 25 years ago and at the time wasnt able to really devote the needed time. Now that my kids are grown, my head is in a better place. I had a Harvey kit, not sure the manufacturer, but it was ruined by water. I am expecting a new kit to arrive, Model Shipways Mayflower. I am really looking forward to starting this hobby again. Thanks Scott Leland
  4. Starting this hobby Again

    Thanks for the warm welcome.