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  1. Tjenare o välkommen.Hello and welcome.I have only god things to say about Caldercraft,bulding Victory right now.Hope you find some model to start building
  2. I guess Bluenose...not sure
  3. Think i must find time to start my build again.You are soon catcing up my progress
  4. After i crackt some planks i start steam them .The wood in my kit i find very dry and hard,so i did it just in case
  5. I used the exact same metod for my planking.But glad you showd it.I find it esyer to get the length first before i steam the plank in water.
  6. Dont forgett to fit the stern fashia before second planking.You can see in my picture the second layer ends upp there,Hope you understand what i mean
  7. I feel so sorry for you .I only had one sheet numbered,so i have to look in the manual.Took one sheet and compered to the plans.Good thing they vere different .Good luck next time.
  8. Nice and good start.I hope to start my build again soon.Like you say the time is a limit.Enjoy your build and take your time.Looking forward to see more of it. Regards from Per
  9. All i wanna do is make love to you....HART
  10. nice to see a swedish boat.I have built the Mariefred by NCB,and have to say its a wery good kit.Hope the Bohuslän its the same.And a very big welcom to MSW..Regards from Per-Olof
  11. not bad at all..looks fine for me too.The second layer its esyer
  12. Here you can see better that the planks getting shorter around the waterline.Hope you sort it out and good luck whith your build.Damd my English is real bad