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  1. Tjenare o välkommen.Hello and welcome.I have only god things to say about Caldercraft,bulding Victory right now.Hope you find some model to start building
  2. I guess Bluenose...not sure
  3. All i wanna do is make love to you....HART
  4. My workspace...The kitchentabel
  5. Real nice both of them...And welcome to MSW
  6. flying cloud
  7. Diana?
  8. Same to you Matti.Love your build on Wasa.Realy nice work
  9. Welcom onboard...Lovely ship you made...If you cant deside wath ship to build,I recomend you to take a look at Triton cross section.You can download the plans here on MSH.They allso have a list of material.Scroll down on the mainsite so will you find it.Looking forward to see that you chose and wanna see a buildlog off it......Regards Per-Olof
  10. Im starting to print out the plans for Triton,but dont desided yet witch wood i gonna use.Planing to start on it soon
  11. Have been here awaild,but just wanna present my self.Im a guy living in Dalsland. Sweden in miniatyr they say .Work as a carmecanik,mostly WV/Audi cars.And i vill allso say thanks to all out here,for both support and tips.Rigth now im bulding Jotika/Caldercrafts Victory.Progress very slow now in summertime.This year has been and amazing hot summer,and my boyfriend has started his license for mc.So allmost every day i have practis thith him .Sorry for my bad English but hope you can red
  12. thats right...your turn
  13. Good luck
  14. Will have to wait untill afternoon before i can post any pic...see you all later