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  1. Thx Cristikc, btw, your SotS looks beautifull, but your last post was in august last year.... Did you stop building??



    1. cristikc


      Hi Hennie, i was busy with my job, with house problems, and with my 3 grandchildren, so i worked just a few, and had no time to post. Also i made a lot of tests with a new CNC and you can see those posts. Glad to see that you were interested about my Sovereign. Soon i'll be in holiday and hope to have time to work. All the best Cristi

  2. Awesome Hennie. I have just got around to sorting the first planking and tonight I have sealed with ova ready for the filler and rub down. I must say, I didn't know what I had taken on with this build but I have enjoyed it so far. Whilst mentally assessing my options, I had been playing with the ship's boats and cannon. Anyhow, well done.