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  1. Looks great Sjors!! Cant wait till I will start with my own SotS Hennie
  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FANTASTIC JOB Hennie
  3. Wow, looks if your SoS already was in a seabattle........... Glad you could fix it. Hennie
  4. Congratulations Sjors, you did a great job Finally after 3 years....... She looks great!! BUT your figurehead is still crying because he wants his spear And dont forget to put your Chesstrees (138) on the hull. Oh... before I forget to mention.... I love spagetti, so save some for me I also started yesterday with the last drawingsheet of my Aggy (I hope I have enough single blocks 3mm). So a few weeks and it will be done.......after 6 years...but I took a few breaks. Only the last 2 years it was a daily job. Will feel like a black hole when I finish her...... But I think I will buy The (Sergal) Sovereign of the Seas next month. Hennie
  5. No update this sunday. I have to redo some rigging because I am not satisfied how it looks now. I have also to do some repairs. Its almost impossible not damaging something, because there is no room left for my big hands Hennie
  6. Hi Sjors, Looks very nice!! I am a few days behind you now. I will start with my last sheet on monday, maybe already on sunday.... I will update on sunday.... Hennie
  7. Thx Sjors, And as promissed an update. All (boom)yards are in there place now, so I started with the last piece of rigging. This will take a few month, I guess.... Some pictures...........
  8. Thx Sjors I am half way with the yards now. The rest of the yards will be easier. Some pictures..........
  9. Hi Sjors, I finished the standing rigging some weeks ago. Though it was a lot of work, I didn't have have real problems finishing it. Wondering what problems you have. Waiting for your call Hennie
  10. @B.E and @Piet Thank you both :) A small update.... The first yard (and the biggest one) is in his place. Just like Sjors I used a brass pin to put it on the mast in the first place. When using the ropes to put the yard against the main mast, I will damage the whole thing. I only have two hands, so thats almost impossible. I will use ropes later. Some pictures....
  11. Hi Sjors, The Yard Stun Sail Boom Irons have arrived this morning. Thank you very much my friend. An XXXL piece of "Limburgse Vlaai" for you, when you visit me :D :D Hennie
  12. @Sjors, Thx Sjors, and yes, I am right behind you now. I am starting with the yards also . @Joe, Thx Joe. Its going fast now. And a small update.... I finished all the backstays now and - like Sjors- I also start with the yards. But I first have to make them all :) Some pictures which shows where I am right now.........
  13. Hi Anja, Great that you started a new build(ingblog). Poor Sjors, now his netting will never come to an end :D Many years ago I also build a Spanish Gallion (1607). Just a plastic one, but oke... I took a picture of it, but with the Agamemnon in the background, it looks a bit poor....