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  1. Hi Nicklas Have you read " Nelson 'Favourite : HMS Agamemnon at War 1781-1809" written by Anthony Deane? This is a detailed account of the 28 year career of HMS Agamemnon. Over 300 pages and well illustrated. Given that the vessel sank in 1809, there are no photographs of her, but a gun was washed up from the wreck site some years ago, and there is a photo of that. It's a great book and highly recommended. Grant
  2. Also highly recommended is the book : "The making of Master and Commander" by Tom McGregor (Norton 2003). Plenty of terrific photos of the making of the movie as well as some great detailed images for the model maker. Grant
  3. Hmmmm...... What boxes to tick? 1). Is the ship real? ( as opposed to fictitious? 2) Does the ship have an interesting history? 3) Is the ship beautiful? 4) Does it have a cool name? 5) Are there logs on MSW to help me? Soooo.... HMS Diana it is! Grant
  4. Hi Bigcreekdad I know the feeling well. What I like to do is put the present, tedious aspect of the build to one side and work on something else on the same ship. Shape the spars, perhaps, or deck furniture. I feel I am making a lot of headway and can return to the other task after a break. It's also nice to find, months later, that you have a ready set of shaped spars ready to go. Grant
  5. My very firstly model as a boy was an old plastic Airfix Revenge. Waaaay too ambitious. Years later I found it and donated it to a friend who gave it some sort of immortality in an aquarium. It was fun to see the goldfish swimming around the wreck. Grant
  6. Hello everyone. I work as a high school science teacher specialising in the education of gifted students. It's a great job that has taken me (and the students) all over Australia, Thailand as well as the US and the UK. I have done nothing else since graduating (56 now). Retirement? Maybe in 10 years but I am having too much fun at work now. Grant