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  1. Truly awesome, Michael! And after only one workshop. You may have found your niche! It was a fun workshop, and very informative. I highly recommend these to anyone serious about ship modeling. It was great to match faces to familiar name! Looking forward to next year.
  2. Looking good, guys! I hate char also. My 1:32 AVS by Lauck Street was CNC milled. What a pleasure to work with!
  3. Amazing work! The interior shot is awesome...so real. I can't wait to see more!
  4. I decided to finish off the bow planking as Greg did, then installed the lower rail. The main rail is finished. Once it's mounted, the homework assignment is completed.
  5. The upper cheek was fitted in place and scarfed to the hair bracket. That assembly was sanded to final shape and glued in place. The cheeks were then sanded so the faces are parallel and flush. I also finished the detail in the scroll work at the end of the bracket.
  6. The 1/32" plywood that forms the "skin" of the curved bow was glued along it's base to the assembly. When dry, the outer surface of the plywood was moistened with water which allowed it to bend in a curve against the three supports. Two little yellow nails and some rubber bands hold it in place until the glue dries.
  7. Not sure if it's appropriate to post here, but I didn't want to start a build log for this mini project, so I'll post my progress in this thread. Admin: I'll move this if you'd like! I started with a scrap of baltic birch plywood, 1/4" sized to 5-1/2" X 5-1/2" as a back board. I cleaned the laser char from all the parts and tapered the knee of the head from the stem to the knee. I then glued the stem/knee piece and the interlocking piece to the backboard. I then glued the support frames for the curved bow to the interlocking piece using the tabs and clamping them to small angle irons to ensure they are perpendicular to the interlocking piece. In reinforced the supports with some 1/4" X 1/4" stock. Next is adding the 1/32" plywood that forms the "skin" of the curve of the bow.
  8. Greg: The first step in the instructions is to taper the knee of the head from the stem to the tip of the knee. Since this piece will be glued to the backboard, the taper is on the outer, non-glued face of the knee, right? Otherwise the piece won't glue down flat.
  9. Artesania Latina Swift pilot boat 1805 1:50

    You are right, Bob. The channels need to be wider to bring the deadeyes/chainplates further outboard. The bowsprit is also fastened in place by a ridiculous connection to the underside of a riding bit. That should be changed.
  10. Artesania Latina Swift pilot boat 1805 1:50

    Good luck on the build. I'll be following!
  11. Prayers for all my friends and acquaintances on St. Martin. They sustained a direct hit by Irma's eye wall this morning. 185 mph winds and more to come.
  12. Possible ebony substitute

    You are right, Gaetan. Ebony glues as well as any wood. I like to wipe it with an acetone soaked paper towel before glueup because of the high oil content. The acetone dissolves and removes the surface oil assuring a good bond. I do the same with rosewood and have never had a glue failure with either.
  13. Artesania Latina Swift pilot boat 1805 1:50

    I built her too. It was a fun little project. I made a few changes, which helped, I think. Take a look at my thread. I'll be following along.
  14. Looking forward to this (especially after the headworks headaches I had with "Independence!). See you all there!
  15. Still no "like" buttons...but not missing from every post! Only some posts lack it. What gives?

    Beautiful country, good luck on the move!
  17. Another new one

    Welcome, Daniel!
  18. Everything is working fine now.. Delete the browser cache in each browser you use and the problem will be solved. You may need to do it 2 or 3 times for each.