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  1. Does anyone reading this thread recall a build of a clipper in Seaways Ships of Scale magazine a few years ago? I think it may have been Young America, and I think the builder was Jim Raines? It was a large model and had some of the interior exposed. ( Just reminiscing .. )
  2. Just acquired this kit.. Great to have your and vossiewolf's log to follow.. I have fallen in love with these cutters since Chuck shared the Cheerful with us. I'm particularly fond of these images that tkay11 posted in the Gallery. English Naval Cutter Trial 1790 National Maritime Museum UK
  3. I came across this the other day while strolling through Walmart.. 2050-15 Stylo-Plus I'm posting the Amazon link due to extra pictures. I couldn't resist. It comes with the standard colette that fits most other Dremels. I added the Dremel keyless chuck. It is very light, and doesn't feel much bigger than a large pen when held. It doesn't seem as big as the illustrations at Amazon indicate. ( A model with small hands maybe? ) It has a small 18v power supply with a very lightweight cord.
  4. For what the OP is discussing; tacking the end of a strip to the hull and following along the length of the strip, I've been using this: Versa Tool It's basically a soldering iron with a temp control. Adjust temp for no smoke. I use the tip that is circled with red.
  5. Gregory


    Hey Grandpa, This is the best way I know of to make cleats from scratch.. Syren Ship Model Company ( There are several sizes. This is one example. ) OK, so not scratch.. But at that price, your time is worth a lot more. As amateur mentioned, using the example from Syren, you could shape some stock to that profile, then slice of a piece and shape it accordingly. Metal? Paint them accordingly and call them metal..πŸ˜‚
  6. Very nice work! I have had this kit on my shelf for a while. Your log has inspired me to seriously consider getting started on it soon.
  7. Cheapest or cheap? What is your budget? Short of fabricating them yourself and depending on scale, I would guess it would be at least $5 per gun, and that might be a tight squeeze.. If you are talking about " dummy " cannon, with just a bit of barrel showing, it could be a lot less.. What scale are you talking about? You could get a 1/96 plastic kit for less than $100, and use the cannon. With some work, they would look pretty good.
  8. Gregory

    Intro and Question

    There is a replica Amistad The site says: The Dos Amigos.kit from Occre mentioned by ccoyle is a good start. If Googling or other research does not produce any definitive results, there would not be anyone to rightly criticize a named model, claiming to represent the "type" of ship.
  9. You really have to know your kits, and prices... I like to go there and search before buying somewhere else, to make sure I'm not missing something. I recently had an itch for the Model Shipways Fair American. It was out of stock at Model Expo. I managed to get one on eBay for $150 shipped.
  10. Gregory

    Dusek Golden Hind

    I would like to add that a couple of resurrected Mamoli/Dusek kits that I have acquired recently appear to be greatly improved over the old Mamoli kits. What is really great is that Daniel Dusek, the owner( I assume) of the company, is a member here, and responds promptly to inquiries. I hope to start a log soon, and will point out some of the improvements which include laser cut frame parts. I would suspect that examples here on MSW may be in short supply, since the new kits have not been out there very long.
  11. Gregory

    Aftermarket yards and Masts for plastic kits

    Well no, but an example might be nice..☺️
  12. Here is an illustration from Mondfeld, as well as a grab from Chuck's build log. The line would be seized to the yard, then lead through the blocks as seen in the drawing.

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