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  1. Serv-O-Matic as art?

    Hope you get it to market before it shows up on eBay as the Peking Rope Dragon... It looks like it would be a nice upgrade from my home made version...
  2. No way to know without a rigging plan.. They could be any number of lines..
  3. On models such as this, making bands of this type can easily be made with black card stock. A little matte varnish and you are good to go.
  4. The tackles with a hook and an eye bolt in the bulwark would not be out of the question, but the rig pictured looks like it would go afoul of the deck house as shown. Placing the standing end closer to the transom would make more sense. The running end would belay to a nearby cleat. Here is a picture of a contemporary model from the National Maritime Museum.. It appears that a single tackle is attached to the transom, with lots of rope to allow the boom to travel. Another configuration would be with a traveler, where the tackle is hooked onto a steel rail that allows it to ' travel ' from side to side.
  5. Thanks for the pics... Love the idea!
  6. Can everyone else see the images?
  7. Ropewalk

    FWIW, to show what can be done on the cheap, here is my first rope machine along with some product. The upgraded version:
  8. What works best for me is to scan the plans, then use a B├ęzier pen in Corel Paintshop to plot the outline of a bulkhead or other part on a separate layer. I then save that layer as a .bmp which works with my laser engraver. I believe some free programs like Inkscape will convert .bmp to vector drawings, if you need to convert for your CNC.
  9. Historic Ship Models by Wolfram zu Mondfeld Has a lot of information about the purpose of most lines. The information spans several centuries and many types of rigs. Here is the index, which gives an overview of topics covered.
  10. just what is a "scratch built model"?

    There was, of course, a time when your endeavors would have not been unusual.. The point was, that today they would be..
  11. just what is a "scratch built model"?

    Making a cake from scratch doesn't imply milling your own flower, refining your own sugar and laying your own eggs.. I would imagine that contemporary ship modelers would have used any tools and materials that were available at the time, to produce the best model that they could. The proof is in the pudding.
  12. HMAV Bounty: Gaff-Boom Rigging?

    Here is a drawing from the Anatomy of The Ship book by John Mckay. The detail is hard to make out, and there may be different opinions as to the accuracy.
  13. Niagara pinrails reinforcements

    Here is a little tip I posted about this .. Pin rail Tip Probably not real practice, but effective on models IMO..
  14. Once you start talking about ripping and such, then you need a fence, and a miter gauge, etc. You can quickly go beyond what seems to be the scope of the original project. Also the cost would go up accordingly.