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  1. Once you start talking about ripping and such, then you need a fence, and a miter gauge, etc. You can quickly go beyond what seems to be the scope of the original project. Also the cost would go up accordingly.
  2. I think I would put together a little more robust table than what we see in the video. Maybe using 1/4" plywood.
  3. Something like this: 12V Motor on Amazon Power supply Just search for 12v DC motor..
  4. The image I linked to above is from Chuck's prototype, and clearly shows the block on the top mast. Where did you source your Plans? Mine came from https://www.syrenshipmodelcompany.com/ Here is a relevant image from sheet 2 of 3.. Standing rigging. Edited: Dave, I just had a look at the start of Chuck's log where he posted some plans, which show the stay as you describe. It would appear there was at least one revision to those plans as provided in the full scale plans available for purchase.
  5. What plans are you looking at? On my plans, included with the starter kit from Chuck, the bowsprit is the standing end. The running end reeves through a block at the top mast, and runs to a two block tackle, attached to an eyebolt down on the mast or on the deck in front of the mast.. Perhaps Chuck can clarify. I believe this image from the build log, shows it attached to an eyebolt on the deck in front of the mast. https://modelshipworld.com/uploads/monthly_12_2016/post-2-0-68552000-1483056174.jpg I'm not 100% sure, because the wording on the plans says " ... an eyebolt on fore side of the mast. "
  6. I'm not sure what you are asking. Your shrouds appear to be tied up already. Here is a diagram from " Rigging Period Ship Models " by Lennarth Peterson.
  7. A quick clarification

    In light of which, the frapping of gun tackle would seem appropriate on a model. No less so, than the neat coils laying on the deck, often seen on models. Would those coils represent actual practice on a working ship?
  8. Possible ebony substitute

    Considering the un-friendliness as a modeling medium, I'm curious as to the background/tradition on the desire to use ebony in wood ship modeling.
  9. Deadeyes and Chainplates

    Might be able to help with more info... Any pictures?
  10. Just to clarify Frolick: Do you not see anything like this?
  11. Kit Prices

    I remember being a kid in the 50's, going to one of the local drug stores that sold plastic model kits, and looking at the pictures on the boxes. Particularly the small Constitution & Bounty. The $3.98 price tag was beyond my means at that time, but a passion was born.
  12. 9.jpg

    Really nice. I particularly like the wood finish..
  13. This is the Mantua Kit of an 18th Century French Naval Gun. I used very little of the actual kit, except for the barrel and some of the metal fittings. I used various woods from my wood collection. For example, the deck was some strip wood, sold as doll house hardwood flooring. I have my own little rope machine, with which I made all the rope. The blocks came from Jersey Ben .. ( Back when... )