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  1. . When I have done this, I put drops of white glue on the shrouds, and then, lay a small piece of line across the drops of glue on the shrouds to form the ratline, wiggle it a bit from side to side to pick up the glue, and it will stay in place until the glue dries if not disturbed. I can make a pic, if this is not clear.
  2. Yes.. I think the vote was con=1, sensus = 0 ..
  3. Gilmer Wood is about 170 miles from Bremerton.
  4. Jim, have you thought about making your own rope. It's easier than you may think .. Here is the heart of my first rope machine; and my current one isn't far removed.. ......And a little finished product. P.S. I still get my blocks from Chuck..
  5. Scientific, maybe? They have two versions.. On says 14-1/2" overall, and the larger one ~ 28. Yours may be a bit smaller than that though.. Scientific U.S.S. Constitution A Sterling kit looks similar, and may be a closer match at 24-1/2" over-all..
  6. I realized after re-reading a couple of times, that I may have not made my thoughts clear on this; being that, if this was not the practice at the time, why would a professional model builder do such a thing? My opinion was/is, that they would not. Leading me to believe the model is accurate..
  7. Chuck, If one purchases a legitimate kit, or plans, is it OK to use the plans to construct more than one model? Just want to be sure.
  8. It sure makes me wonder why a modeler would have put the traveler under the tiller. It doesn't even meet the oft repeated criteria of " it looks good " ..
  9. Meant to add, as popeye2sea mentioned, moving it forward very much would interfere with the foresail..
  10. There are several images in another thread.. This one has the main stay attaching near the fore mast..
  11. It would seem that Peterssen's problem would be with the models he chose to document, unless there is a reason to believe he did not accurately report what he observed. Seems a bit ironic, in that contemporary models are often the go-to authority in these discussions.
  12. Except for refinements and materials, everything is pretty much the same as it was hundreds of years ago..
  13. Do you have more information; pictures , of what you are referring to? I recently posted a tip about attaching hooks to blocks.. A little CA goes a long way..
  14. I'm pretty sure that convoluted is not the way to go. I don't have Lee's. Perhaps someone who does can check it for you. I have to imagine, for the sake of easy handling, it would start at a ring bolt near the stern and belay to a cleat near the stern.
  15. If I'm not mistaken, the Constitution has steps on the bowsprit. Seems like a convenient thing to have on a large ship..