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  1. Gregory

    brace pendants

    Mondfeld, in Historic Ship Models, says ( with regard to Europe ) the pendant was very short in ancient/medieval times and grew longer until the 16/17th centuries when it was 4/10 ( 2/5 ) the length of the yard. In the course of the 18th century it was shortened until around 1800, when it was situated immediately on the yard arm. I would suspect US practices would have closely followed Europe in many respects.
  2. Gregory

    Using "veneer" wood

    Good point about the iron.. I have a small hobby iron that I use. It works very well when using PVA. The glue sets up within a few seconds as it cools.
  3. Gregory

    Using "veneer" wood

    Being a fan of natural wood, I like to use veneer for variety and contrast. It also facilitates spiling if that is your thing.. Here is a sample of a work in progress. With reference to your comment on flexibility, your sample planks above, appear to have been cut across the grain. That would certainly impart a flexibility that might not be desirable in some situations.
  4. Gregory

    How Realistic Can One Make Sails?

    With regard to tinting, it seems to me that mixing food coloring in water would be a good idea. I have noticed how hard it is to get food coloring out of clothes, so I think it should weather well..
  5. Has anyone mentioned before that some char on the edges of scarf joints, provides some definition that looks good IMO?
  6. Gregory

    Tying Off Standing Rigging.

    CA might work as well..
  7. In a discussion a while back, it was surmised that the Corel Resolution is based on HMS Ferrett of 1711
  8. You also might check Cornwall Model Boats.. Even though they are in the UK, I have ordered stuff from them and received better shipping rates than some stores in US..
  9. How does that deck template match the plans? It looks like that last notch where 10/12 goes is not big enough. Perhaps gluing #12 to #10 will set up a better fit.
  10. I see some on ebay.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/CANNON-WITH-WOOD-CARRIAGE-FOR-SAILING-SHIPS-HISTORICAL-BARREL-HBM2901-AKKURA-/381681726095
  11. Gregory

    Very thin rigging threads

    With CA you can use a razor to cut the end at an angle, creating a point.
  12. Gregory


    I'm also curious to know if the lack of a definition of " head feet ", is an impediment to completing the task?

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