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  1. Hi Albert Great victory, great project, deep respect and best wishes for you! HJX
  2. I donated one more time, though not much. I think I learned a lot from this forum.
  3. Indeed, it would be tempting to buy a CNC/Laser Engraving/3d Printing Multifunctional Machine for just $299. I once wanted to buy a similar machine. The cheapest CNC engraving machine in China is only $70, and the cheapest laser engraving machine is about $42. I know you've been focusing on CNC equipment... My personal experience is that for making ship models or other models, , there (in China)will be at least about $700 -Does not include any software and computers.. Compared with ebay's , it will cost about $950, only three axes,800w motors.And this kind of machine can not be used for high-intensity processing, such as for Kit production.
  4. In my experience, this kind of machine is only toy-level, or just for "Study", which is not suitable for model making. 3D printing is OK, laser can not cut more than 0.5mm, that is to say, can only leave a marking line on the board, but can not cut the board. The function of CNC is very weak. Can not cut more than 5 mm board, and the accuracy and stability is not enough, in Chinese website known as the "toy engraving machine".
  5. Hi ben752 On NMM original drawing(Atalanta J4428), the head of sternpost is not marked clearly(maybe), if it happens to be under the lower edge of gundeck,see following pic The data of steel' is 1 ' 2",and the 1' 2 1/2 "is the measured value on the graph- to the inside of the" cover ".1’ 1 1/2" is the measured value of the head on graph--But I adopted the extension line, so there will be some deviations.I used 1' 3" because I didn't go deep into it. I suggest you need to prepare a data sheet, Just as Mr. David suggested me before. In addition, I am very curious, how do you determine the center of the arc of the stempost, I found the data in the data sheet about stem center."Above the upper edge of the rabbet"-13' 7 1/2",but I could not locate the horizontal positioning. Thanks. HJX
  6. thanks NWSailor That data is not my card number, that may be another serial number, but in order not to cause misunderstanding, I delete it.thank you!
  7. Hi all I completed my first donation today and done it in China through the Internet. I only donated $5 (the transaction fee is $1)-Maybe I'm a miser. This is an experiment.If I use my card less than 4 times a year, I will be charged about $50 in credit card fees, (more than 4 times without paying a $50 annual fee), so I split more than 4 donations.
  8. wow! Museum excellent ship model!
  9. Although this is voluntary, I use some resources of the website, and the donation of 20-30 dollars is a small sum. I tried to register and learn to use paypal, and I decided that I would complete a donation this year.
  10. Hi Anthony Nice work! I just saw it, a very good reference. Thank you!

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