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  1. Hi nick He didn't sell products on eBay yet, and he can't speak English. He said he had exported a number of machines through the agent,he can not provide after-sales service to customers.A cast steel engraving machine with a weight of more than 120kg. Secondly, Machines with electric motors are difficult to express or send by mail. (customs formalities are very tedious),perhaps the European voltage is 110V, but 220V in china ...so I suggest you buy it locally. Even if I send you the Chinese website of their company, Chinese is also an obstacle to you. I suggest that you'd better buy a cast steel engraving machine. Secondly, I suggest you buy 4 axis engraving machine. The 4 axis engraving machine can make almost all of the shipmodel parts, even the metal cannon with relief (except for sails).
  2. Hi Denis Your idea is super cool-wondful. I remember that a member used to use a game engine to make a ship model before, but the effect was not very good at that time. Today, UE4 has an amazing real time effect. It can achieve the effect you imagine.And the software is free (last year). I wanted to do it at first, but I had a crush on CNC, I want to get the true model, so I "over the wall" From the affirmation and expectation of so many members to your work,nice work you have done!
  3. Nice work Greg,and it is a good idea to separate the design of the ship model from the rendering.As you have such a detailed 3D model, the file will be very large in the end, I estimate at least 1G, unless the model is optimized. Simplify the model and restore the details with a normal map(use alfa map),this is a common technique at present. But it takes a lot of time(to do it ), and maybe it's another choice to improve the performance of the computer. In any case, this will be a grand project. CAD and virtual simulation intervention ship model making, as well as more applications of CNC, may be used by more and more people in model making -- just like many power tools used to replace some manual works.
  4. I use 4 Axis carving machine,3040-Actual processing area 26x36cm. It's my carving machine,the product is being processed and has not been cleaned yet. It doesn't include computer and any software, costs me about $1200 ,equivalent to 8000RMB. This is made by my friend's factory.It is made of cast steel and can engrave the metal and stone such as jade and copper. The precision is +-0.02mm,1500w,water-cooling. He also has a 6090 machine, the table is aluminum alloy. The price of 3 axis's is 7000RMB this year(excluding computers and software),about $1000.
  5. I want to add that, when you have mastered the 3 axis NC machining, you will look forward to 4 axis engraving machine, but once you have 4 axis engraving machine, it is eager to 5 axis engraving machine (like me), but the mother-board of 3 axis and 4 axis /5 axis is not the same and as far as I know, there is no way to upgrade-You have to replace a lot of parts, and it will cost you a lot of money(to upgrade 3 axis to 4 axis ) , but the 5 axis engraving machine is very expensive, and the CNC program of 5 axis is very difficult, so, I suggest you buy 4 axis engraving machine, because the 4 axis engraving machine basically can make all KITs of the ship model.
  6. Hi pompey2 I saw your picture of engraving machine. The drawback of this engraving machine is that the less rigidity. When the carving is deep relief or cutting, the vibration of the machine will affect the accuracy. I suggest that you choose the carving machine made by steel casting, the machining precision will be higher and more durable. It's just a little more expensive (if in China). But if you use a laser as Z axis, it would be better to use an aluminum alloy machine. If you need to make 2D or 3D sculpture, I suggest you choose a 4 - axis engraving machine. The 4 - axis engraving machine can make a perfect relief (sculpture) and figurehead. If there is a chance, I will do a demonstration for you(There are great differences between the 3 and the 4 axes engraving machine in making relief-excluding the figurehead).The sculpture made by 3 - axis engraving machine, the side will be stretched. If you are very interested in that machine, ask them to carve a sample for you.
  7. Hi.

    You posted some inteesting junk drawings.


    Would you mind sharing the link with me.

    Regards Antony.

    1. hjx



      If the website is the one prohibit by chunk,i'm sorry that i can't publish or disseminate it in the forum.Another site, which contains many Chinese ship drawings, has been closed.


      If you need some drawings for research purposes, I can consider looking for it for you.


      It may be different from what you think. It's so rare that the ship model drawings drawn by Chinese . Instead, the European ship model company has developed a lot of Juncke drawings.



    2. AntonyUK



      Thank you for the reply.

      NP I understand.


  8. Hi I don't know what software you used, as far as I know, if you want to make 3D models and mill it by NC machining, you also need 3D modeling software.I recommend X+zbrush,the X is cad software such as autocad/rhino/solidworks/UG/...,ZBrush is used to make sculptures,it works very well and is much cheaper than 3DMAX /maya... and other software. These software are generally expensive, if you don't work in some companies that use CNC (they can buy these machines and software), maybe you don't have the chance to learn these professional software. I benefited from my friend who have a furniture factory, he had a lot of CNC machines and software that made me learn how to use these software.
  9. The 4 axis engraving machine can make almost all the parts of a ship model-- except sail, the 3 axis engraving machine can produce most of the parts of the ship model. Some parts which are difficult to be produced by traditional manual methods, but they are machined quickly and accurately with the engraving machine. For example, some special shaped parts of the bow and stern.
  10. Hi pompey2 I've used a desktop engraving machine, -4 axis.The machine is all made of cast steel. The price is about $1200, excluding pc and software.The Mach3 license will cost about $175.You also need a computer, but you can use the old one, Mach3 does not require high performance for PC. You also need programming software and design software,it's the costs that need to be considered.Most importantly, you must design and learn to program.In China, tuition for embossed programming is more than $1000. Only for the engraving machine itself,If you are only occasionally used to process some wood parts, such as cutting frames, and making some relief, the Aluminum Alloy Structure Carving machine is more cheaper. but as far as I know,the engraving machine, the price under 500 dollars, is called a "toy machine". The benefits of engraving machines are unquestionable, accurate, labor-saving and high efficiency. Able to process relief and make complex parts.