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  1. No, 'my' La Cybèle (Pallas-class) is the one launched in 1810 at Le Havre and cut down to a sloop in 1833 The french archives have the plans for the conversion of La Cybèle and La Circé (Rolland's Armide-class). La Circé can also be seen in the AdMG.
  2. We´re good at nit-picking, aren´t we? And thank you very much for the email!! Sent my request today, maybe there will be two versions of La Cornélie, one according to your plans and one as La Cybéle as a frégate rasée.
  3. Oh, là, là...good work as always, John! My fingers are itching and Blender is ready
  4. Oh my...that´s beautiful, my compliments to the Unknown Artist™ I hope I can do the drawings justice in 3D.
  5. That gave me a good chuckle, too. Looking forward to work with the next version of the lovely Cornélie, John!
  6. Very interesting posts, trippwj! I´m looking forward to the next installment
  7. I´d love to see some french frigates, too. La Forte or maybe La Virginie. Or a danish one, they built beautiful vessels like Hohlenberg´s 24-pounder frigate Perlen of 1805: Another beauty, Schifter´s Galathea: Launched 1833 and made the first danish circumnavigation of the globe in the years 1846/47.
  8. Finally got the time to do some modelling: Model is still very rough around the edges (literally), but it should give a first impression of the hull shape. Which is, needless to say, very elegant John, any big chance for the plan upcoming or can I continue with the set you gave me?
  9. I feel your pain, John. Bought a new comp one month ago and it took me 2 weeks to set things up...still have a lot of programs to install. But the move was well worth it, boot up phase takes 5 seconds and Blender/Gimp run smooth like silk. I´d suggest some Boccherini or Lully as background music when doing the tedious stuff. Calms me down nicely
  10. John, one question: the red line on your half-breadth is the upper deck, I suppose? I have a little problem with our good old friend, l'estain. I finally have spare time for modelling again after two very busy weeks at work. Feels good
  11. Harris' biography about af Chapman has a very interesting appendix with Chapman´s hand-written calculations for a 70-gun ship, made in 1767. He calculated: - displacement volume (with two methods, integration of the cross-sectional areas at each station and integration of the areas of each waterplane) - location of the centre of bouyancy - centre of flotation - location of the metacentric heigth above the load waterline Well worth a look if one wants to know how they did things back then
  12. NMM plans of La Renommé far as I know this Renommée wasn´t captured, John Here´s the plan: Like Terpsichore, no guns on the gaillards.
  13. She already is a beauty, John, a beautiful french lady. And it looks like this plan is going to be an absolute joy to work with Edit: Looks like the original plan for La Cornélie has been found in the archives...your version is spot on, John! Why Sané is mis-spelled Johné and it has a scale with french and british feet is still a mistery for historians, though.
  14. Thanks for the kind comments! Citoyen John, Cornelie is in the top three of my to-do list, absolument No.1 is the ship in this thread, No. 2 is Cornelie, No. 3 is a snow, also designed by Chapman.
  15. This one: Very elegant ship