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  1. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Well. We moved house over Christmas so was extreamly busy holidays. But at least I get a full room that is allowed to be a model/ hobby room. So have been putting in new desk and setting it up. Hopefuly I will have a new build log up and running soon.
  2. Ahuh. I was getting worried for abit. Know that it was scheduled. It's all good cheers
  3. I baaaack!

    They do have hard to understand written instructions sometimes. I use Google Translator for the list parts and that gives me a bit of an idea.
  4. Just like in school!

    Ahhhh the Mamoli Victory. Could be a handful, Mamoli is my prefered kit manufacturer and they do some clear plans but maby a smaller ship with a bluff bow. Like the Beagle , Endevour or the Bounty even. They are 3 masted Smaller ships that should be ideal with a fair bit of rigging to go with them. Best of luck.
  5. Latest pieces off my drawing board

    Those look brilliant. Very clean neat and tidy. Good job.
  6. Red paddles with white tips or a single white stripe could be a possibility.
  7. It would be interesting how accurate these were for setting correct height etc. Probably wouldn't rely too much on them.
  8. Q ship Hunter.

    Also from by georgous partner got me this kit for my birthday.This will be the next build once I finally finish the Friesland. Another build log will be up for this little ship.
  9. Old English Carronade.

    Hey guys. My partners parents had got me this old kit for my Birthday. And a date says 1972. It is 1:17 scale and all is there including plans and all in good condition. The barrel is of heavy turned brass in 3 sections Anyone out there know a value of a kit like this for this age? If any value at all. Cheers in advance.
  10. They look good. What scale can you get these down too?
  11. Hey all. While on a Vist to the replica HMS Amity in Albany, Southwest Australia I found a gun on display next to the ship. As normal I pawed my way all over it and found some measure markings on the rear of the gun. These were indented on the side. Is this for elevation adjustments or are these for some other purpose. I have not seen these markings before
  12. DSCN0960

    Wow!! Great job. I love the furniture installed on her. Looks real great. Thumbs up!
  13. IMG 2382

    I'm building a paddle wheel model at the moment. This model looks great.it lots of detail, well done