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  1. "That wouldn't even pull the skin off a rice pudding". After watching a ute trying to pull a bogged truck out.
  2. Music to my ears. Mamoli kits have been my favorite ever since I started ship Modeling. Well done
  3. I will pull a chair into the circle and say, "hello, I'm a modelholic. It's going to be a few years before I completely build all in my stash.
  4. I had this on my Lieda pleasure yacht build. The second picture you have of an apparent hole to below deck looks correct. My plans show the exact same. The anchor ropes come in the hawse holes, wraps around the windlass once mayby twice, And then head below deck through that hole next the the mast. I agree with Don about the hawse hole looking too low but the steep angle sounds good.
  5. But then again, this pic is from the plans of the Friesland. A Dutch ship from 1663. Best of luck
  6. I would go with the two ropes heading down to the deck. The ropes sometimes link around a sheave block and then are connected to the deck. As in the pic...
  7. I have used at least 3 different sizes on my Friesland. 0.5, 1.0 and 3mm. Remember to pull your rigging lines through beeswax or the sorts to stop the ugly fuzzies from showing. Best of luck.
  8. What a brilliant idea. Just make double sure you attach them to tell ceiling good, As I can imagine having one drop on your head wouldn't tickle.
  9. Make sure to lable it just in case the admiral throws it in the trash! I have had a close call with all my reels of rigging line.
  10. Thanks guys. Yeah I reckon it would be pointless on a rolling sea. Just never seen these markings and thought I'd ask. It was a gun sitting next to the replica Amity and it had nothing to do with the ship. Just another artifact to look at
  11. Hey all. While on a Vist to the replica HMS Amity in Albany, Southwest Australia I found a gun on display next to the ship. As normal I pawed my way all over it and found some measure markings on the rear of the gun. These were indented on the side. Is this for elevation adjustments or are these for some other purpose. I have not seen these markings before
  12. Make sure you complete each step as you go. As after installing other rigging lines it can be hard and fiddily to go back and finish areas off.
  13. For transferring measurements like gun port distances and the like I use porporntinal dividers.
  14. However I do have moments of a break. Sometimes it can be 3 or 4 days before I return to the project as its good to have a small break. But not often. Life duties seam to get in the way sometimes.