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  1. Cutty Sark photo etch

    Popeye, I'm going for the photo etch instead of using the decals because the ships decorations are raised carvings. The photo etch is a bit more realistic and a no brainer for the price.
  2. Thanks, I've just PM'd dani and resolved the issue. It never entered my thick scull to do that before!
  3. Hello Shipman,


    sorry for hearing that. As my daily job is quit demanding, it is not always easy to answer as fast as i would like to do, but I really thought that I already answered all the outstanding orders. I saw the other message but can´t relate any requests with your nickname. Please send me a PM via this forum with your name and address and I will send you a copy of the wanted plate! 


    All the best and thank you for your message, Daniel

  4. Dafi, sorry to bother you, but I've been trying to contact you via your web site for months, trying to order your ringbolts and hooks plate No.7.

    Never had a response. Please help.

  5. Hi, I've been sending e-mails to dafi's own address for months, trying to order some of his photo etch and never had one response. If I try to send a direct e-mal at the two addresses on his web site, I find they aren't valid! I'm pulling my hair out now. Is there any way to contact him directly through this forum. He is a member.
  6. Cutty Sark photo etch

    Hi Peter Y. to be honest, this originally began as questions/answers to posts in the build logs. If the moderator wishes to re-locate this thread elsewhere, I have no objection. That would be like moving from Humberside to East Yorkshire. The same but different. My best wishes to you.
  7. Cutty Sark photo etch

    'puckotred, thanks for that, both suppliers look good, though the rope site seems a little mysterious to navigate. Again, thanks to everyone's responses to my questions.
  8. Cutty Sark photo etch

    Thanks guys, for your help finding the CS stuff I was looking for. Anyone any feedback on their 'rope', blocks and deadeys?
  9. Cutty Sark photo etch

    Thanks popeye, I found the new site. Just started browsing through it but have only found sails and flags. It's 00.40 here so I'm off to the Land of Nod, but will continue tomorrow. My best wishes to all responders. I'll let you know how I get on.
  10. Cutty Sark photo etch

    dlock3155, thanks for that, it sounds just what I'm looking for. Unfortunately the address you give doesn't work as a hotlink, or a direct e-mail and nothing when I google it. I'd like to get there, but can't.
  11. Cutty Sark photo etch

    Does anyone produce a photo etch fret for the Revell 1:96 Cutty Sark kit? Specifically the bow and stern decoration. Chicken coops etc would be nice. I'm also trying to find deadeyes smaller than 3mm. I can find 3 and 4mm. If anyone is interested; I've just acquired some sublime scale stanchions (two and single ball), plus stainless rail to suit and some incredibly small blackened chain (42 links per inch!). All from Keith at mteam@modellingtimbers.co.uk. He does a bunch of nice stuff, check him out.
  12. Yep, no place to be fighting a war. Not far from there is my grandfather; he went down with HMS Courageous after two torpedoes from a U-boat, 17 September 1939. My mother was born while he was away. he left a wife and five kids. One way or another the family still feels the pain. King and country.......and all that. Odd thing is; my mother died on 17 September. Strange old world innit?
  13. Jolly Roger you appear to be quite correct about the 'Fairport'. Just found this little snippet describing another sailing ship observed during that battle:- ''Another unidentified sailing vessel was spotted the same day not far from Fairport's course line by George Hanks, a sick bay attendant on HMS Carnarvon. In his diary, Hanks recorded, "About 3 p.m. a big sailing ship appears on the horizon and no doubt but what those on board her had a magnificent view of the battle just as it was at its zenith."
  14. Thanks for your interest, guys. the 'Fairport' is an intriguing suggestion, which I'll do my best to research. It is well known that the PBY had a pivotal role in the British search for the Bismark, but thanks for that.
  15. Two mystery topics.......... 1. I've read several accounts of a large sailing ship passing through the action at the WW1 Falklands battle, but as far as I'm I'm aware that ship has never been identified. I'd love to know if anyone knows more. I'm sure the crew had a thrilling, if brief tale to tell. 2. I read somewhere a long time ago of reports that the Bismark was shadowed by two American battleships during the period when the persuing RN forces supposedly 'lost' their enemy. At that time the USA was neutral and the 'fog of war' would downplay any American involvement no matter how passive. If the story is true, wouldn't the American ships have reported the encounter to their own command, if not to the RN forces? Any information?

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