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  1. . You had me confused as well John. My Stagecoach didn't have the iron bands on the hubs. The idea of using Heat Shrink tubing on the wheel RIMS is still a valid one though . Well fancy that Mike. Small world . BTW John - don't throw away the scraps of the grey gasket material. If your kit was similar to mine you won't have enough of the square "nuts" to finish the job. I had to make about 20 or so by first drilling then cutting them out with a sharp blade. Danny
  2. Mike, it's not Shrink WRAP, but HEAT Shrink. It's a special plastic tubing that shrinks when it's heated, usually by using a heat gun. Electricians (among others) use it for insulating soldered wires instead of using tape. Check out the pics where I used some on the tapered end of an Xacto handle : After using the heat gun : Trimmed off : John's tubing would have started out at about 4" diameter. A tube that size would shrink down to nearly 2". Danny
  3. Hi John, great build so far . Top idea using Heat- Shrink for the axle rims. The stuff supplied worked well, but I had to be careful to cut the joins properly - you only get one go if it's too short . Couple of points : 1. You don't need to use CA for the gasket "nuts" - PVA holds them just fine, which is good if you need to remove them again for any reason (I did). A wipe with alcohol loosens them again. 2. Good move not fitting the wheels yet - they will probably be in the way when it comes to fitting the wagon body to the chassis. The Stagecoach body would have been near impossible to fit if the wheels were on. Danny
  4. HMVS Cerberus, 1:250 scale Card model as of 27 May 2017. Getting closer to the finish line . Link in my Signature. Danny
  5. I've bought one of them on Ebay, $AU20.83 with free postage . Eddie, I'll check the screws . Danny
  6. Thanks Michael. The 3.5x @ 80-120mm is about half the distance from the job that my current ones work at. How easy is it to swap the lenses over? That's one good thing about my current one - you simply flip down the 2nd lens to double the magnification . I also found THIS ONE, a Chinese knock-off of the Donegan magnifier. Anyone else use it, and what do you think of it? Danny
  7. Xacto knife or scalpel, diamond tweezers and ........ number 1 - Headband Magnifier. It's the first thing I reach for when I sit down. I'm looking for a good one to replace my 10-year-old one - the lenses are getting past it, too many scratches. I'd prefer one with a 3rd lens that goes to 6x or 8x magnification - not that useless drop-down round one but an actual rectangular lens. It also doesn't need those equally useless lights - they don't do anything a good movable worklight can't do, and they get rather heavy after an hour or so. Any recommendations? Danny
  8. That's odd, perhaps you need to look at your Notification settings in your Profile. I really don't know . Danny
  9. Hi Martin, and welcome from Down Under . If you're looking specifically for Small Craft you can use the Search facility to bring up all those that the Builder has labelled in their Titles (a recommendation for the various types of either construction or type) by going to either the Kit Build Log page or the Scratchbuild Log page, typing "small" in the Search Bar, and then selecting the "Search only in Titles" option. This will bring up every Small Craft Log. Here's the LINK to the Scratchbuilt Small Craft Logs to save you the trouble. There are currently 66 Small Craft Logs in the Scratchbuilt Forum, and another 90 in the Kit Built Forum. Danny
  10. I use a giant oversize fake hand : Danny
  11. My guess is that a lot of the happiness comes from hiding that wallpaper . Danny
  12. Looks like he didn't read our Planking Tutorial . Danny
  13. That's quite a feat of scaffolding/engineering happening there Eddie . Should turn out nice and square. Danny
  14. It's all-inclusive Jack. A lot has to do with the size of the package I suppose. Lucky I wasn't in a hurry and went with Express Delivery - it would have raised the bar even higher . Danny
  15. Thank you Jack, Bug, Eddie, Mark and Grant - much appreciated. As Kits go this is one of the better ones, especially at the price . I found my Invoice which I'd left in the bottom of the box - $AU145.00 (plus Postage from USA of $AU190.00 - the cross we bear in the Colonies ). The Laser Cutting was superb, except for one small piece of 1/32" ply which was a bit "how ya goin' " compared to the rest but still better than most laser cutting I've come across before. The Plans - 4 large sheets with to-scale drawings on most stages plus a lot of Isometric Views, a separate sheet for the wheels, 5 smaller sheets to identify the parts, and a 31-page full colour booklet containing the step-by-step Building Instructions - written in PERFECT ENGLISH BY A MODEL-MAKER . Most parts fitted together with a minimum of extra work needed. My only complaints are minor - 1. A couple of pieces of the Roof Sheeting timber missing, and nowhere near enough of the 8-gauge brass nails from which to make the Suspension Pins etc. 2. The PE for the Rooftop Seat Brackets is far too flimsy and bends easily without a lot of care. A thicker material would have been more suitable. I give the kit a 9.5 out of 10 . Danny