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  1. Thanks to all for the kind words. I haven't been feeling too well lately due to the Chemo I'm going through, but hopefully that will end soon - my results look very promising and with a bit of luck I'll be finished with the treatment. I'll find out my final results next week, and if all is well I should be back on deck in a couple of weeks when things "normalise". To those who asked "What's next?" I have an "off-topic" model to build for one of my grandsons (a Wells Fargo Coach) which will take me about six months or so, but I may run something Maritime concurrently - I'm not sure what yet. Danny
  2. David (and others), you can retro-fit the Sherline with DRO. Sherline sell the complete package as an accessory. Danny
  3. Bill, read the post just before yours - I didn't go ahead with this one. Danny
  4. Thank you Pat and John. Here are the pics of the finished project : Danny
  5. .... continued. The Railing for the gangway and it's Newell Post and Bracing : Finally, the port Channel, Deadeyes and Chains. All pieces were constructed in similar fashion to the full model : Pics of the finished model will be added shortly. Danny
  6. Thanks for all the comments and Likes . The last few pieces of work. Thanks again to Grant for the rigging line I needed to finish off the guns - they turned out pretty well I think : The Gangways and Ladder. Tricky getting the mortices for the angles on the stiles cut correctly, as there is a 5 degree difference between the two sides. I had to have two goes at it, as I cut them back-to-front the 1st time : Continued in next post .....