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  1. Hello

    Welcome to MSW Piotr. Click on THIS LINK to go to the Group Build of the full model of HMS Triton. Good luck. Danny
  2. R.I.P. Captain Bob

    I've been asked to pass on the sad news about the passing away of fellow member Captain Bob. His obituary can be found HERE. It looks like he died doing the thing he loved. Rest in Peace. Danny
  3. We are Moving

    Did you find all those tools that you thought were gone forever? Danny
  4. WWII Japanese Destroyer IJN Amatsukaze (Card Model) as of August 8th 2017. Link to build log in my signature. Danny
  5. Shipyard Cardboard kits

    Yep, there are small parts. However, making them from Card is actually easier than from Wood in some cases. I'd have had a bit of trouble making the Anti-Aircraft Guns in the following pics from wood (harder but not impossible ). BTW - they are in 1:200 scale : Danny
  6. Polish training ship Dar Mlodziezy 1:200

    Annoying . I looked as well. Here's a LINK for Digital Navy's Free Download site. They are legit. At the bottom of the page is the V108 that Chris is building. Danny
  7. Very nice looking Kits Slog. I see what you mean about "crowding" the parts pages . I also like the look of the plans - I'm not overly fussed about Rendered ones either. I might look at getting a Dom Bumagi kit myself after I finish Bismarck, unless I die of old age first . Looks like you have your work cut out for you for the next couple of years . Danny
  8. Polish training ship Dar Mlodziezy 1:200

    My guess is that you don't HAVE to download, say, a PDF Reader but they give you the option of doing so if you don't already have one. Danny
  9. Polish training ship Dar Mlodziezy 1:200

    Bob, THIS is the first model I built (HMVS Cerberus), finished about 6 weeks ago. No extra downloads. It says GBP9.50, but if you go to Checkout there is a free download option. It's a "print your own" and not quite as detailed as the one you pay for. A nice little 1st Card Model IMO. Danny
  10. Polish training ship Dar Mlodziezy 1:200

    There's a good idea Bob . Nothing worse than spending a few months of hard work on a model only to find you've bitten off more than you can chew. That happened to me once . BTW - there are a lot of FREE Card Model downloads on the interweb, some are even legitimate (not Pirated). Some manufacturers use these as a means of getting interest in the craft, hoping to sell one of their kits later on to a new convert. A good way to get your feet wet with minimal cost. Danny
  11. OK, I've made the background colour lighter and the text on the bottom of the page is now visible. This only happens if you pick the first background option in Snapshot. The last option with a similar ship plan has a light/mid grey background at the bottom of the page. Danny
  12. Which Theme are you talking about Gunther? I just tried them all and they all have a visible Theme "button" in the lower-left of the page. Try refreshing your Theme - there were a few problems like this a while ago. Danny
  13. Polish training ship Dar Mlodziezy 1:200

    Yeah Bob, no worries about them . I just took a look at the KIT : I reckon I agree with Chris - I personally wouldn't even think about taking on something like this yet, not with my limited Card Modelling skills . I think the Bismarck will be easier . BTW - you got ripped off with the price. 12.59 PLN = about $US3.50. Postage might have made a big difference though. Even THIS ONE was cheaper (including postage). Danny
  14. There is a "No Background" option (of sorts) in Uniform. The 1st option in "Change Background" is a gradient of a few colours without any pictures. In Snapshot there are three plain backgrounds to choose from as well as the "Plans" background. Danny
  15. Chuck, I changed the Font Colour on the "Theme" button in Snapshot. It was transparent before and virtually invisible against the light background. At first I thought it was gone altogether . Danny