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  1. When editing your Signature - type the Text you want (e.g. Ship's Name), highlight it with the mouse and use the Link button in the Edit Box (it looks like 3 chain links). You need to copy/paste the URL from the Address Bar (top of screen) of the page you want to use as the Link. You can Format the text in your Signature (text size, colour etc). BTW - I did it for you . Danny
  2. John, read the post at the top of the Build Logs for Kits page titled "Starting and Naming your Build Log" for more information. Danny
  3. John, your build log has been in the "Small Craft" Index for some time now. I'm guessing you were looking in the Wooden Ships Index? Danny
  4. I believe that the idea behind the design was to imitate the sails of yachts on Sydney Harbour. Yeah I get that, but I was hoping they might have drawn in some texture. Like on the edges of the tiles for example. Danny
  5. This model is of the iconic Sydney Opera House. The kit is from Schreiber-Bogen, a German kit publisher. When finished it will measure 730mm x 470mm x 230mm : My thoughts on the kit are that it is not printed as well as I'd hoped, with no "weathering" at all and fairly simplistic colouring. The card is of reasonable quality without being exceptional, and the instructions are fairly basic line drawings which are easy enough to follow. The design of construction could have been better, but it's workable. On with it. I started the model 3 days ago, and have completed the base to the stage of adding the vertical sections. For bracing beneath the base a number of square sections are used, some of which are integral with the upper surface and others are free sections : These pieces are ready for fitting to the main section : Danny
  6. That's my job. I'll get onto it shortly . By editing your Signature. Click on your Username at the top of the page, click on Account Settings, then Signature and go from there. To mark the build log as Finished - edit the FIRST post of the log. There is a box in the edit function that allows you to edit the Title of the log. Danny
  7. Thank you all for the replies . The tracks took a lot of the time, very fiddly. Also my health hasn't been too good lately, so I can't work at my usual pace . Some of you asked "What's next?" I've ordered a card model of the Sydney Opera House, which I'm building for my partner as a special request. I have no idea how long this will take, but I'll post some pics in the "Non-ship Build Logs" section in Shore Leave. After that one I'll get back to a ship (If I'm still able to model at all) - some kind of early 1900's Russian Dreadnought for something a bit different. This will once again be a Card model. Danny
  8. This model is now finished, here are the final pics : Danny
  9. Thank you all . Getting near the end of the build. The last major part - the gun : All that's left to do are some minor details - a 50 cal machine gun, some jerry cans and tools, etc. Danny
  10. The tracks were actually TWO segments too long, far too long to compensate for by "sagging". No problem, it's already fixed : You'll notice that one roller has come adrift, easily fixed . Danny
  11. That's easily done after the tracks are installed. Unfortunately the idler wheel is the first one I need to glue to the track. The lugs are too tight and there is too much friction to fit it last. I found out the hard way that the tracks are one segment too long - a bit of cutting and re-gluing coming up. Danny
  12. Thank you all for the comments, and especially vossiewulf for the extra information . I have finally finished gluing up both sets of tracks. That was quite a marathon . Below are some details of the "teeth" and "lugs" : Fitting the tracks to the body isn't easy. I started by first gluing the locating lugs to the idler pulley, and then glued the pulley to the chassis : The drive pulley is only glued to the tracks at one point so far, and not glued at all to the top rollers yet. Once the idler pulley has dried I'll glue the drive pulley into place. The bottom rollers will be fitted last to tension the tracks : Danny
  13. Sorry Sjors and others who have been waiting for an updated Index. My health and Xmas have been getting in the way a bit lately. The Indexes are now up-to-date. Please note - updating the Indexes is a rather complex operation. It's not worth the time to update for only one or two new build logs - I usually wait until there are 5 or 6 new ones before updating. Danny
  14. Gee I hope not . Good to see you back Slog, and excellent work as usual. re: the 0.2mm wire - where did you get it? I bought the last 2 packs of it that BNA Model World had (way back about 2 years ago) and they have never re-stocked it. I can't seem to find any on the interweb . EDIT - never mind, I just checked BNA again and they now have heaps . Danny

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