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  1. Serving thread

    HERE is how I served the ropes on my Vulture, using black Quilting Thread. The description, and the advantages of this type of thread, are in the post. Danny
  2. No, she was a Porcupine class. Danny
  3. Working more than one build

    I'm the opposite to Bob. One at a time, or things start getting confusing. If I'm getting a bit tired of tying ratlines, for example, I'll make the Longboat or the lanterns or something else. There's usually something on the same build that can be made. Danny
  4. I wish mine did look like that . Yeah, I agree - they look a lot better than the fuzzy pics I took of my model. Danny
  5. Put me on the list for that one . It's like he climbed into my Vulture and started taking snaps - I wish . Danny
  6. My husband, an avid model ship builder, passed away recently. He left one model, "The Pride of Baltimore II",  unfinished, and 2 more kits that he was unable to work on. I would be grateful if someone could give me information on either one or both. They are older kits, in excellent condition. I have contacted the manufacturers, and neither kit is currently available. Details below; photos from the kit box covers: 


    "King of the Mississippi": Ref. 504; made in Spain by Artenasia Latina exquisite detail; 1:50 scale' 680 mm long, 250 mm high, with 130 mm beam.

    "H.M.S. Victory": Model MT738, Art. 776; made in Italy by Mantua; exquisite detail; 1070 mm long, 250 mm high, and 130 mm beam.


    Victory 1b (2).jpg

    Mississp 1b (2).jpg

  7. I can only agree with Grant - when I first started building wooden ships (30-odd years ago) the only two brands my local hobby shop stocked were AL and Billings. That is still the case today, although they do have a few Corel kits as well. None of the others even get a mention, in fact the guy at the shop hasn't even heard of most of them. Actually, if it wasn't for MSW and Google I wouldn't have known there were that many manufacturers either. AJ Fisher is a case in point - until they were mentioned in this thread I hadn't heard of them . Danny
  8. Little paper builder

    G'day Heinrich . Good to see another Card model builder on this site . I suggest you change the title of this thread to : Le Courier by Heinrich der Seefahrer - Shipways - 1:96 scale - CARD and move it to the "Build Logs for Kits" forum. If you don't know how I can do it for you. Danny
  9. G'day Zappto . Have a look at THIS METHOD that I used on my Norfolk Sloop kit. You can use the screws to hold the ship to your building board and later on to mount to your permanent base or pedestals. Instead of making your own "nuts" like I did you could simply use "normal" ones. I suggest you use Stainless Steel or brass ones to prevent any corrosion. Danny
  10. G'day Geezer, and a welcome from down south . "Sirius" is a fairly good kit from all accounts, but she may be a bit of a handful to learn planking on. I'd suggest one of Modeller's Shipyard's smaller offerings like the Norfolk Sloop, Port Jackson Schooner or Mary Byrne. In my build log of the Norfolk Sloop (link in my signature) I do a "Plank by Plank" description of how I cut, shaped and laid each one, which may be helpful to you. Danny
  11. That's right Popeye, but it was out of action for a little while. It's back where it was again . Danny
  12. tapering masts

    And for my way of tapering masts. However, you need to start with square stock. Danny
  13. Yep, you got it. I have a 2nd MSW account which I use to test for situations like this. In that account I'm not an Admin, just a Member. The button is missing for me too in that account. I'll check into the site settings to see if there is a way I can fix it, otherwise it'll be up to one of the other Admins who are more tech savvy. Danny