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  1. The front hatches only have one hinge each, so it's larger than the others with 2 and 3 sections. This of course makes it a bit harder to construct : The engine cover hatches are a more complex arrangement, with ventilation for engine cooling : There are also some small details, like these "fairleads" (for want of a better word) that support the tow cable : With all the hatches finished it's time to fit the track guards : Also the air filters : Danny
  2. Thanks for the info Patrick. I'm not sure about that yet. The kit gives you three options, one of them being articulated tracks (that explains the 5 pages of tracks ). I'll certainly give it a try. Danny
  3. No. As you will see from the next lot of pics. I've now glued on all the upper panels, and most interior detail has vanished. Here are the bits you CAN still see (just as well I took lots of pics earlier ) : And just for you Richmond : Danny
  4. Thanks David. I consider my HMS Hood to be better . Danny
  5. I don't know how many gsm the 1mm card is David, but I suspect it's heavier again. You can buy the card from GPM, they also have the 0.5mm, but postage isn't cheap so if you want to get some from them then take a look at their site and see if there's anything else you want and add it to the order. It won't cost much extra (unless you buy a LOT of stuff ). Danny
  6. I couldn't really spot the difference in the two sheets of decks until I'd cut them out and fitted them together. Hopefully mine was just a bad sheet of printing and yours is OK. There are more laser-cut parts available than just the framing etc. They also supply all the smaller guns, radomes and a few other things as options which you have to buy separately. Also the photo-etch for the AA guns and other small parts (same deal). Check the first post or two for all the extras I bought. Danny
  7. No plywood, that's the colour of the 1mm card. There is also laser-cut 0.5mm card in the kit for things like the decks and superstructure. Hope you have fun with your Bismarck. I also hope they fixed the issue I had with the mis-matched colours of the main decks. If you didn't get the laser-cut options I would STRONGLY recommend that you put the model on hold and order them. Danny
  8. I had planned to make the roof removable to show off the interior, but it turns out I can't. So I decided to make the four hatches with working hinges so some of the interior will be visible. Here are the first two - they work perfectly : Danny
  9. Maybe. I'll have to actually install the barrel and then make some modifications to the elevation pivot if needed. Now we're really getting ridiculous. These are by far the smallest diameter tubes I've ever had to roll - a mere 0.6mm in diameter. They are the handles for control wheels, and are rolled around a 0.4mm drill bit (a 1.0mm drill bit is shown for comparison). The second pic is of three sizes of tube for the gunsight assembly, with the largest being 1.5mm diameter : The gunsight and gunner's seat completed and glued in place : More pieces of the breech fitted, including the catch basket for expended shells : Danny
  10. The main gun assembly was particularly difficult to work out due to the VERY poor instructions. I'm not at all happy with the effort, or rather lack thereof, that GPM put into these. Why on earth would they bother "detailing" how to assemble a bucket, axe and German helmet for instance, but show only a very basic drawing of the really complex assemblies? Makes my blood boil 🤬. Not to worry, I eventually worked it all out . The pics below are of the breech and the elevation/sweep support bracket. I've managed to make it work both ways. I used a piece of 3mm PVC tubing for the elevation pivot, as the kit probably didn't allow for this assembly to actually work : This whole assembly, including the outer skin, is still only dry-fitted, there is quite a bit more work needed before I can permanently mount it : Danny
  11. Thanks for the compliments Doris, I'm nowhere near your level of skill with card though . Hi David and welcome to my build log. Chris has given you good advice about not jumping straight into Bismarck as a first card build - it's not an easy one by any means. Card glue is fine for these models. I had one or two issues with the kit, nothing major and I think I covered them in my log so you may be able to avoid some of the errors I made which I later corrected. If you want a copy of the Part Finder spreadsheet I made, and also the translated instructions, send me a PM and I'll email them to you. The spreadsheet is particularly useful. Danny
  12. Hello Dan have you any more pics of GPM 1/200 Bismarck (finished)


     thank you David.

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    2. David1962


      Cheers Danny thank you for your help.    Got the log pics.. wow!  



    3. David1962


       Got them in the ogCheers Danny thank you for your help.  



    4. Dan Vadas

      Dan Vadas

      No worries David. Just contact me if you need any help that I can't do in your Bismarck build log, which I'll be following ;).



  13. The driver's seat : The engine has a few details, most of which are completely hidden once it's fitted : I found out a bit too late that I'd fitted the engine a bit too far toward the rear. There were no pics or diagrams anywhere in the instructions as to where it should have fitted . It SHOULD have been hard against the firewall. I had a fair bit of modification to do to the radiator later on to get it to fit : The radiator and fans. The centres of the fan spindles took a bit of work : No parts were supplied in the kit for these two exhaust pipes, so I made them from PVC tubing, heated with a hot air gun to get the bends. It took a few goes to get two pieces which looked the same and actually fitted : My progress to date : Danny

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