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  1. I understand you moved my post to a appropriate area but may I ask where did you move it to and has any one replied to it because I can not find it now thank you Ronald
  2. Hello there I am working the model space Victory and would like to know how to make the sharp bend in the planks for the stern area of the ship for the bottom when I reach that part of the instructions and most certain that the instructions will not explain how to do it, the video does show a little of how it is done but not very understandable so that is why I am here any suggestions would be most appreciated thank you Ronald
  3. HI Mike great job on your completed victory may I ask when you was cutting out the entry ways where the dimensions 12mm width wise like the gun ports I want to make sure before I get to that part of the build I'm doing the model space kit version but based on the AL kit like yours Ronald
  4. HI Laurence your victory build is exactly like my model space victory you are doing a great job and was wondering if you ever looked at the caldercraft victory build from other members, if so you notice the entry on there's compared to yours' which is finished even though the two kits are different in scale the entry doors are different, which bring me to a confused question before I reach that part of the build is the instruction correct that the entry doors dimensions width wise are 12mm the same as the gun ports but on other victory builds the entry doors are smaller the gun ports that is why I am asking around now so I can get the accuracy right Ronald
  5. it not really about the kit it self but the actual the accuracy of the real thing it doesn't matter who's kit it is even Gill Victory the entry door looks smaller then the gun ports but any way I ask Kevin Ronald
  6. Hey Gill 

         I have another question would you know if the door entry on the model is a tad smaller then the 

     gun ports width wise, reason I ask is in the instructions on my Victory kit which is a model space 

     parts build kit the entry way width wise is the same width as a gun port that can't right  what you  think even if yours and mind are different scale the accuracy would be wrong, I getting close to that part of the build is why I'm asking now 

  7. HI Jerry great job you are doing on your victory I have a confusing question what is the accurate door entry to a gun port now I know your victory is much bigger then mine I'm dong the model space Victory I'm taking that into account, reason I'm asking is I notice the door entry is smaller then the gun ports what are the dimensions of the gun ports on your model mine is 12mm but the confusing is in the instructions for my model the door is 12mm wide just like the gun ports should the entry be a tad smaller thank you Ronald
  8. Hey Tom I have another question for you on page 27 I could not make out the cannons on the top deck what kind of cannons are they that hardly have any wheels if they do have wheels I can hardly see them the lower deck have cannons with wheels how come the top ones have funny carriages thank you Ronald
  9. Thanks Tom for the info and a good idea, it figures that they stop a good thing like selling sets of certion thing
  10. ronald305

    best constitutions wood kit

    hello there was wondering why no one can answer this question I asked on July 14 who makes the best USS Constitution kit thank you Ronald
  11. Hi tom I just caught your build log of the Connie you are doing a great job on her may I ask you why you purchased more cannons didn't the kit come with canons thank you Ronald
  12. too bad it would have been a nice feature Ronald
  13. HI Gil I know the Victory has been finished for some time but would like know how did you figure out the height for the dowels for making the jig in order to hold the victory up side down for planking and plating the bottom I want to do that for the Victory I'm doing do they have to be a little bit longer so the ship sits on the support base like in the photos Ronald
  14. he's right there isn't any
  15. Caption Steve could you send me the reply back about my post I got a message saying you responded but I can not find it did you delete it I only have Jim and johns replies Ronald

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