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  1. Ok thanks Roger Ronald
  2. Hello there I am working on the anchors for my 1/84 scale Victory by model space and would like to know if anyone knows the thread size for binding the stock on the anchor I feel I am going to run out I don't think the kit does not give you enough thread the color is not important the anchor will be painted when finished thank you Ronald
  3. all righty thanks Gary I'll stay with the black wheels Ronald
  4. black wheels Gary I am not doubting you but the photos on the real Victory show a grays color wheels I can go with black if it is correct aesthetically Ronald
  5. Hi there I am getting ready to work on some of the Victory's cannons and notice on the photos of her cannons the wheels are a gray's color not black why Model space victory's cannons are black I do not know anyway I would like to how to achieve in getting the wheels the correct color of gray, plus I would like to know if the seems are suppose to be visible on the carriages or a solid yellow Ochre like on the real cannons thank you Ronald
  6. ronald305

    cutting out the gunports

    thanks for the knife links
  7. ronald305

    cutting out the gunports

    the blades 39-925 you mention Tom I already ordered them from micro-marks LOL and also ordered the 1/4 Forstner bit as well Ronald
  8. ronald305

    cutting out the gunports

    how do I find his store are you talking about a drill bit or a special knife
  9. great idea pm using a forstner drill bit for your gun ports may I ask what size bit you used to drill for the gun port holes I need one that is under 12mm
  10. ronald305

    cutting out the gunports

    yes I saw the post and it is a good idea if I can find that bit I will try it, but I also drill a few small holes under the main dimensions as well thank you Ronald
  11. Hello there I am in the process of cutting out the second level of gun ports on my model space Victory and found that the x-actor blades are not cutting to good even being new the instruction say to cut diagonally to the center hole and dig out the rest and to leave enough wood to sand to the right dimensions which would be 12mm X12mm, but it is taking way to long my question is there any super sharp blades that would cut thought balsa or what ever the planks are made of to fit a #11 handle will scalpel blades work better I know they are extremely sharp any suggestions would be fine thank you Ronald

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