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  1. Antonio C. Mendez (a scratch builder extraordinaire in Mexico) was a man after my own heart in that he was very adept at making his own tools and jigs out of whatever was at hand. He often took one tool and converted it into another; like making an old rotary shaver into a ropewalk, or an old pencil sharpener into a miniature precision planer. That was the mindset I used to come up with my plan holder. I had an old no longer used adjustable clothes drying rack that I took apart and remounted onto the side of my assembly table with a few spring clamps used for hanging brooms and mops. As you can see, it can be very easily adjusted or removed without tools. If I have a larger plan sheet to mount, I can raise the cross bar, attach an extension to the bar, or both. Being in a wheelchair, my reach is very limited, so having it within easy reach was very important to me. By the way, Antonio wrote a book titled William Frederick’s (1874) Scale Journey: A Scratchbuilder’s Evolutionary Development, in which he provides detailed info with many photos and drawings describing his techniques. I would highly recommend getting his book, as it’s full of ideas for model ship scratch builders.
  2. Is there a true POF kit in the market?

    Mark is correct. One of the sponsors, Bluejacket Ship Crafters , has a 1/4" and a 1/8" scale kit of the 2 masted schooner yacht America. They also offer a 5/32" scale kit of the 2 masted Baltimore clipper type revenue cutter Jefferson Davis.
  3. I am allergic to spider venom , so if I SEE a spider it"s a DEAD spider!!! I believe in a preemptive strike!
  4. I am also a long time subscriber to "Ships in Scale" and this news is a little unsettling. Hopefully they are merely updating their website. I just reread the last issue and was unable to find any reference to any upcoming major changes.
  5. Your favorite saying

    I worked for years trying to accurately estimate construction projects but all I would hear from everyone in a big hurry to get their estimate was JUST GET ER DONE! To which I would reply. "Why is there never enough time to do it right the first time, but always plenty of time to do it over?" I just used my saying most recently on someone hired to stain our house as he would hurriedly apply some stain and then pull a wet stained rag out of his pocket and try to wipe off half of that stain that was slopped onto something he was not supposed to stain. He would spend 4 or 5 times as much time cleaning (quite poorly I might add) as he spent staining! How does one consider this working fast??
  6. "Submarine" in a bottle

    And just how did you squeeze that submarine in such a shallow puddle?
  7. Thanks Kurt, that's something to keep in mind in the future. Normally my wife would come along with me, but this past weekend she was closing up her hair salon after 13 years and just had too much to take care of and too little time to do it.
  8. The video worked fine on windows seven. I would have loved to go but was unable to attend as I could not get a copilot to go along. (with my cars' wheelchair lift set up I need someone to hold the umbrella while I transfer in and out, as it takes awhile and I would have been soaked on my own) Rain ,snow or ice is hard to work with when in a wheelchair anyway. Maybe next year!
  9. thin wooden mast reinforcing

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys! I considered substituting metal for it but I would have a hard time tapering it. Cutting it into two pieces and inserting a metal rod on such a thin piece of wood would be tough also, as end drilling a 1/32" dowel would require much more precision to drill than I could handle. The top mast will be a varnished finish so I may just try a few coats of varnish and see how much strength is gained. The wood I have is beech which has a fairly high rating for bending strength, but I have some hard maple which has a little higher strength rating and similar appearance. Maybe I can locate some hickory which has a much higher strength rating but a very inconsistent coloring. If I'm picky in my selection I can select a piece that has a similar appearance to the beech. Does any one have a source for some hickory or any other wood that could qualify?
  10. When you have a very thin upper mast, is there something that will make a wood mast stronger? I have a topmast dowel that is only 1/32" at its fattest and thus much thinner as it tapers. I'm afraid that the least little tug on the rigging would snap it off. I had thought of soaking it in some kind of varnish or similar product that may harden the wood. Anyone with any other suggestions? Dave
  11. FA 1816

    Boy, that is a spectacular job! If only I could ever do so well.
  12. 178043 4670232306938 421555973 O

    As I have built this same kit and sold it many years ago, I was amazed at all of the extra details that you were able to add to it! When I built mine, I strictly followed the kit plans and directions. The guy that I sold it to was happy with it but after seeing your version, I think I would like to do it over.
  13. 8

    This is quite an impressive project! You seem to have spent a lot of time putting a wealth of very fine detail work into it. I'm only on my second wooden ship model and just getting the feel of working on small scale woodworking projects, but you have shown me just how much detail can be put into them. The carving work alone is very finely done.
  14. sp001

    Very impressive ship. You did a very professional job of it. I especially liked the carving job you did on it. My grandfather was born and raised in Sweden till he was 22 when he came to America. He was a finish carpenter/ builder and very good at carving. We have a house full of some of the furniture he made from scrap materials collected during the depression with many details that he carved by hand. I would bet he would also have been impressed by your work.