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    Do you have animals to 'help' you build?

    Sorry Brian, can't put a like for this fellow. As a charter member of the hate spiders club, can barely restrain myself from invoking my long standing policy of: see spider, kill spider!
  2. Join the club! Some of us here are charter members. After having a severe allergic reaction to the venom of a common garden spider, that thankfully I was seen by a doctor within about five minutes, I have come to have a policy concerning spiders: if I come across a spider he immediately becomes a DEAD spider! Should spider disappear from sight, (especially if it was seen indoors) it is immediately hunted down and my policy is put into effect. (I believe in a preemptive strike, as it may return unseen later.)

    Chebece 1750 by Forlani Daniel

    That is an ingenious little clamping system you've got there for making your frames! And while most people using those layout forms actually try to cut notches for the frames, you just use spacer blocks. It appears that by leaving the smooth curve of the hull form intact makes it easier to get your frames to also remain aligned in a smooth curve. Smart!

    A $14,000 model kit

    Just found an old Revell plastic model kit of the Kearsarge on E-Bay today that for a mere $1,000.00, you too can own. I'll bet he never paid $50.00 for it when he bought it! Quick, get out your calculator guys and see what kind of mark-up that comes out to.

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Another update on the progress (or lack of) on my elevator replacement. Today was just another one of those days where no one showed up again. They sent no E-mail or phone call letting me know this either. I may have reached the point now where I have become the squeaky wheel as I sent them the following not so pleasant E-mail: As it is now 1:00 and no one has shown up yet, am I to assume that no one will today? I need to have some kind of updates, as I don't appreciate being kept in the dark! Without updates I am basically pinned down here at home and unable to plan to go anywhere. My patience has become very frayed at this point, as there just seems to be a continuing pattern of new delays every week. It has now been 37 days since this job (originally expected to run from Oct. 10 to Oct. 19, allowing for a total of six working days) started, and there is still no end in sight! I'm not looking for excuses anymore, I just need some results! For me to pay over $24,000 for this job, I don't think that I am being too unreasonable to think that I deserve more urgency than has apparently been applied to my job so far. Too much or not enough? The boss in charge of their projects sent the following reply: I just tracked the part through FedEx, it's showing estimated arrival by 2:50 pm. Without that part that connects the car operating panel (COP) to the controller, the rest of the work can't continue. I know you are immensely frustrated, as am I, because it's my job to see these jobs through to completion. I spent about 2 hours Wednesday morning from 8:15 - 10 am lighting some fires at Savaria to get this part replaced and expedited since they shipped the wrong one on Monday 11/12. I have Greg and Tyler scheduled to resume the installation Mon 11/19. Onsite by 9:30 am I'm thinking not enough at this point. Besides the fact that they have never been on site by 9:30 yet, (more like 10:30 to 11:00) leads me to believe that I'm just being pushed aside once again. I'm thinking of contacting the BBB on Monday if no one shows up again. On one other occasion I contacted the BBB about a dispute about some car damage that resulted from their mechanics in their shop. About an hour or so after I called it in, I received a phone call from the shop asking me to bring the car back in to be repaired at no charge. Sometimes you can get some results.

    1st Prize.jpg

    That's quite a rakish look to this vessel, looks like she was built to be fast. Is it some type of fishing vessel? The sail arrangement is kind of unusual too. Curious as to what those two horizontal wood bars on the sides are for. I also noticed the split wood logs on the floor. Hope they aren't for making a campfire on board! Looks to be well deserving of the gold.

    General / organisation of wood

    He must have hundreds, if not thousands, of hours invested in making this model. Or should I say work of art!
  8. Apparently that is the case. I just revisited the gallery and my comments are now there.
  9. I agree, makes it look an armored vehicle of the Africa Korps plucked right out of the desert!
  10. Tried again today, same problem. I guess I just need to be a little more patient, there must just be a delay before they register.


    Leaving the key on a hook by the padlock kind of defeats it's purpose though.


    That's a much better picture today. (Much better than a blank!) Did you use the plane on the scene lumber?
  13. I am also having a hard time entering comments. Some work, some don't. I type something in the comment box, click submit and it shows on screen, but if I skip to another picture and back again it is not there. I have also noted that if I leave the site and come back 20 minutes or so later it's there again. Maybe you need to enter the comments and return much later for it to register?


    That looks like one of my clamps. I wondered where I put it!


    It looks like he needs a better saw, those are pretty rough cuts there. I could use one of those tools to fight the rat for the doughnut though!

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