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  3. I set up this drilling jig with rubber cemented scraps and mounted it on my Proxxon X-Y table as shown. The knees were all placed in the jig as shown to place the bolts consistently. I drilled the holes clean through for a .023” x 1/4” steel brad in each leg. I soaked the brads briefly in a full strength solution of Brass Black and let dry. The brads were then pressed through the legs of the knees. The brads were slightly too long, but rather than trying to cut them shorter and risk having them disappear, I just put them in my vise to file off the excess. The knees were then glued in place with some medium CA. Now I came to realize that the beams had not been sized to scale, as they were originally not going to be visible, but now that this had changed, I thought they needed to be reduced in depth. You will notice that a line was now drawn on the face of the beams here. With a good deal of trouble they were reduced in place with scalpels and chisels. This also would allow a little more to be visible inside the hull, so I thought overall it was a good thing. Also, in this view from above, you can see that the bottom of the hull would be visible. Taking another section of the pre-made decking, I marked the treenails and plank ends on this sheet. This was finished the same as done previously. To make this sheet of planking conform to the bottom of the hull, I made numerous shallow cuts in the backside of the sheet parallel to the deck boards. This allowed the sheet to flex enough to match the curve of the hull bottom. The sheet was slid in from the stern, and held in place by using a pencil eraser down through the hatch. I then dribbled some thin CA down alongside the gap in the hull walls that secured it in place. The next thing to do now is to set up for the LED lighting.
  4. Now here is my knee production method. First off, I took a billet of basswood of the desired thickness and cut triangular pieces with the grain running parallel to the long edge. The remaining edges of these pieces were squared up with my sanding fixture as shown here. Then I drew a rough outline of the shape of the knee on all eight triangles to help keep track of their orientation, as one leg was longer than the other. These were grouped in sets of four that were glued up with a thin coating of rubber cement on all the facing surfaces and clamped in place overnight to dry. The next day I drew the pattern on a stiff piece of manila folder and cut it to shape. Holding the pattern in place on the face of the glued up blocks, the pattern was traced onto the top blocks. I clamped the blocks in my vise and using a small back saw trimmed off the majority of the waste. The blocks were then sanded close to the outline of the knees on my 2” belt sander being careful keep the block flat on the table. Now, using several grades of sand paper on sanding sticks the blocks were sanded to their final shape. Now the blocks were separated from each other with a chisel driven into the glue joint. Even though I only used rubber cement to join them together, they were still held together surprisingly well. Now I had the eight knees duplicated to the same shape. Using a fine sanding stick, I eased the exposed edges of all the individual knees. Here are all the knees cut to final shape and given a coat of stain and two coats of polyurethane. I still need to add two bolts to each knee, which will be included in my next posting.

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    Looks like we need a boost here. 49 Bye-Byes - Crosby, Stills & Nash

    What have you received today?

    I just got back from four days in Door County to find several orders arrived in the mail for the Wanderer. Two cans of Tamiya TS-80 spray fixative and two spray can guns. (I don't have enough strength in my fingers to use the can with one finger alone, so now I can use four instead.) One can of Testors Copper spray paint for the copper plates on the hull. Two 1.8 mm flickering orange LEDs with extra wire, a switch with a 3V coin cell battery holder and some shrink wrap for the lower deck lighting system. My wife also found a used hair dryer for me from her salon, so now covering the wood portion of the hull with the vinyl foils can be started in earnest. Can't beat getting all this for only about $40 including delivery and tax!
  10. Although my shop is spacious compared to most members, I am just as cramped because of my wheelchair. Sometimes I feel like a bull in a china shop with all the room required for me just to move around, especially when backing up! It may be quite a while before I will risk using the power chair down there as it definitely can't stop on a dime when using it under power! I caaaan use it manually, but since I can't reach the wheels to maneuver, I can only use my feet. The wheels don't swivel like a chair, so it makes moving the chair around a very cumbersome task.


    Great job on this new kit Chuck! It looks like a fine kit for those of us who do better with woodworking and not so much with the rigging as there is a minimum amount of it on a boat like this. By the way, it really shows to advantage your rope for the rigging.

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    Sorry to get so far behind, was spending a few days in the Great White North of Door County for a few days. Although not so white right now, just cold. Go And Say Goodbye - Buffalo Springfield

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    Titanic 1.jpg

    It's a shame that such a magnificent ship had such a short a service life and met such a tragic end.

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