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  1. thanks for the clarification. one cabrapente greeting
  2. I do not know how to add pictures
  3. Hello everyone. I have not used the forum for a long time. Is very changed. How do I send a private message? Thank you
  4. Hola, ¿de dónde sacas esas grandes monedas?
  5. Hola Gaetan. . viendo su forma de trabajar, parece fácil ... Muchas gracias por compartir. saludo uno cabrapente
  6. Resin of what kind? Can you dye it in black? Where can you buy? thank you very much. one cabrapente greeting
  7. If I have the same gouges... Awesome and perfect
  8. Hi, Chuck Seiler. It's true that I started three months ago. I have had problems, and I have repeated the drakar on a larger scale. I have to find the photos of the beginning of the construction. For the bolts, I am using round head nails.
  9. Hola AnobiumPunctatum. The plans, not their origin. I got them online
  10. and I have placed almost all nails
  11. I changed the gaff rig. the measures were poorly
  12. Thank you very much for your comments. finish rigging. start the helm