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  1. Hi Peewee. my first bandsaw was the same size as the PROXXON. then I bought another a little more. It is wonderful. near my house, there is a manufactures saw blades. (much cheaper than PROXXON) you can put more wider or narrower leaves. Your first option seems like a good idea. the size difference in the two machines is very low. but much mayores.creo benefits is the most important tool at the workshop. one saludo.cabrapente
  2. hello modeler 12 just read your comment. on this page, you can get it, free shipping. one cabrapente greeting
  3. Hello Floyd. I also think that is an easy machine to use. I think the buy, even if it comes in Chinese. hehe. I just think that to manufacture the machines tuned, it is easy to put the measures once, and serve for many years without using translator. greeting one cabrapente
  4. Hello everyone. I'm hoping to collect a few delays, and I want to buy Byrnes Thickness Sander. I have a question for Mr. jim. ? Could also make their machines with measurements in millimeters? I would like a lot. greetings from Seville (Spain) cabrapente
  5. today is the first time I hear about tools Donna and Jim. after reading the comments from happy customers, I hope to acquire Thickness Sander. I think the price of transport to Seville (Spain) will be worth it. greetings and happy birthday. cabrapente
  6. Hi Meredith. my first band saw was the orange, which is the same size as that of PROXXON. I do not know if the machine was bad, but departed the saws. spare parts were very expensive. after I bought the red machine. is a little higher, but the saws, I the made ​​to measure. the saws, are used by butchers, and fishmongers. is used to cut frozen fish. I've tried several, and cleaner cut makes this a greeting cabrapente
  7. this is achieved, giving little by little and with some practice. the straight cut, only you can do it with the band saw. I had a small as PROXXON, and the blades cost money . now I have this red which is small, and very good. you can put different width blades
  8. I think the same. of all jobs, 1% use the jigsaw. everything else, I use the bandsaw.
  9. no problem. still much work to FLEURON. thanks for sharing. a greeting cabrapente
  10. hello ed. I'd like to get your book. Is there a Spanish edition?. google translator is not effective with nautical words. a greeting cabrapente