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    • Dubz

      Hello fellow modellers   02/04/2018

      We would like to present on our Facebook page more regularly pictures of your work. If you would like to participate, and we would appreciate that as we wanna promote the forum this way, please visit https://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/17711-your-images-for-our-facebook-page/

    • kurtvd19

      An Incentive to Start A Build Log - New Plan Set from the NRG   03/17/2018

      An Incentive for Starting a Build Log

      The NRG’s Generic East Coast Oyster Sharpie plan sets have been selling out – we had to reorder prints 2X already.

      BUT nobody has started a build log yet.  As an incentive we have decided to reward the first three (3) MSW / NRG members who purchase the plans and start and continue* actual build logs** from the plans. 

      The build logs should be started in the scratch built forum and labeled with Generic Sharpie – by “your ID”.  When we have six or more build logs up and running we will set up a group build area for the Generic Sharpie build logs.

      The winners will be able to pick any one of the prizes listed below:

      Free registration for one day at 2018 or 2019 NRG Conference                  ($145 value)

      Shop Notes 1 and 2 set                                                                         ($60 value)

      Nautical Research Journal – all content set                                              ($145 value)

      4 CD's or 1 flash drive         

      Continental Galley Washington Plan set                                                    ($65 value)

      1 year NRG membership or extension                                                      ($50 - $62 value)



      *“Continue” means that multiple posts containing build log content must be made for a minimum of 30 days after the initial post.  Logs will be tracked by starting date and the first 3 that have continued for 30 days following their initial post will be declared the winners.

      **Note the words “actual build logs” – no fair showing a few pieces of wood and going no further just to win. 


      The NRG has a new set of plans available for purchase with a free 200+ page full-color monograph .  Check the NAUTICAL RESEARCH GUILD NEWS forum below for details.  This plan set is developed for the first time scratch builder with limited tools and experience.  All materials are standard strip stock available from hobby wood suppliers.  However, it is also a great project for the more experienced builder looking for a smaller project to take a break from the bigger builds.  Remember MSW Members who provide us their real name are considered members for the discounted price.  An email or call to the office before you order with your real name and MSW user name before you order is needed for the discount code.

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  1. Sopwith Camel 1/16 by Mike Dowling

    Why? Are you entering it for awards? Make that thing pop!
  2. Future floor polish (the acrylic kind) is the best. Can be brushed or airbrushed. It levels very well and provides an excellent base and reduces silvering. Also a great setter, too. Once is dry, it can take any covering.
  3. Sopwith Camel 1/16 by Mike Dowling

    Great job! I thought about this kit, too. However, that engine and all the other white-metal pieces looks almost toy-like and having no life. Even if you are going for an unpainted look, every metal used wasn't the same exact color all the way through - the gun metal most certainly wasn't the same as used in engine as used in cowlings, etc. Paint/wash/drybrush/etc to bring things to life. I mean, why paint the engine mount (looks to be almost a WWII era interior green color - was that how the originals were painted or just something different?) and not the guns, engine, struts, etc.? Would really bring things to life and make it look like a real plane but without its skin. Great job on all accounts! I love it and don't mean to sound harsh...
  4. DSCN3676

    Built the same ship and put it asea on a base with water made out of paper mache, paint, and future. That is, I had one until the ex-wife dropped it and destroyed it.
  5. Favorite old timer quotes

    Yesterday we had in interesting conversation in the office concerning the things old timers say. So naturally, it got me to thinking... Time for a new thread! My Grandfather was a funny, funny man. He would have the best one-liners, sayings, or whatever. I don't remember all that much though because he passed away around 15 years ago. I sure do miss him. Anyway, there was this time I was helping him fix a part on his tractor and I wasn't exactly holding the part still as he was working... he stopped and looked at me and said "You shake like a dog sh***ing in a briar patch." It was a good five minutes before I could compose myself enough for us to go on. Everytime he would think I was BSing him, he would always say "Don't pee (insert proper word) on my leg and tell me its raining." I wish I had written down some of his stuff. I remember an old Master Chief who would always say "F*** 'em all but six so they can be your pallbearers." Sailors tend talk salty, you know... That guy was funny! He once told this E4 (she looked like she was sick) that she looked like death eating a cookie. I guess you just had to be there... I love hearing the stuff that old timers would say. Anyone got anything to add?
  6. Word Recognition game

    Here is another game besides the song title and keep a word games we play on a slow day at work. Ok, so here's how this works: I'll start it off with a word, say "Tacoma", and you then say the first word that comes to mind, like "Truck", and the cycle continues forever. So here we go, I'll start... Mustang Edit: Please keep the response to ONE word.
  7. Song Title Game

    The movie game got me to thinking of another game that may be fun - song titles. Just something we do in the office to pass the time... Here's the rules: We start with a song title. Then the next post has to have a word in it from that song title. If i put Flight of the Bumblee by Korsakov, then the next post could be Flight of Icarus ~ Iron Maiden. ALSO NO ONE NAME SONGS So here we go........ It's Five O' Clock Somewhere - Allan Jackson

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