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  1. Built the same ship and put it asea on a base with water made out of paper mache, paint, and future. That is, I had one until the ex-wife dropped it and destroyed it.
  2. Pete
  3. sour apples
  4. I Walk the Line - Johnny Cash
  5. Jake's is awesome. I think I could just make a meal of those sweet corn nuggets! Good stuff. What part are you in?
  6. Welcome! Did two tours at Norfolk. I need to get back to Jake's BBQ! A lot of great people on this board. Welcome, again!
  7. peaks
  8. Don't take your guns to town - Johnny Cash
  9. General Lee
  10. Well, guys, I'm returning to form and am in as good as a place as I can be considering all that has been going this past year. Turns out that my soon to be ex had an affair that lasted quite some time and she got busted big-time. Oh well. She made her bed and I'm no longer tending it. The divorce is going full steam and unfortunately she won't reconsder. I have learned to grow very thick skin but got pushed a little too far by one of her family members the other day and flat out asked him if he wanted me to send him the extremely naughty pics that were sent to me...that shut him up! Even after all the bad things she has done and all of the lies, I still don't want to ruin her. Go figure. I've come to accept things without her and have turned a new leaf. I feel as if I have grown tremendously both as a person and a Dad. The kids are my life, you know? The sad thing is, she is content with being a part-time mom yet she gets upset when the children favor me more than her. I do the best I can for them and its very hard sometimes and I question if I am doing the right things. But they are happy and sing a lot, so I must be doing an ok job. Anyway, I thought I'd drop a line to say I'm back and look forward to rejoining the crew on this great place!!!
  11. I have used a Crasftsman compressor for 10 years or so and use it with an Iwate HP airbrush. Never had any problems and does all I need it to. Heck, even used it air my vehicle tires, too!
  12. Have you thought about contacting Zvezda itself to see if they sell replacement parts? You could always fib and say it was damaged or the like... If you are in the U.S., the Zvezda site is
  13. surrender
  14. girl fight
  15. Hank and Joe and Me - Johnny Cash